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Startimes Nigeria bouquet

Updated on March 30, 2013

Startimes Nigeria is a pay tv service company that has varying subscription plans suitable for different people and that's why they've grouped these tv plans into what we call bouquets and I just want to list some of them here.

Bouquets on Startimes Nigeria:

  1. Basic bouquet: 31+ channels for N1000 a month
  2. Classic bouquet: 47+ channels for N2000 a month
  3. Classic plus bouquet: 59+ channels for N3000 a month
  4. Unique bouquet: 70+ channels for N4000 a month

Channels on Startimes

The channels can be grouped into the following categories: Nigerian stations, news, music, movie and drama, kids, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and documentary and religion

Channel categories:

The channels on Startimes Nigeria can be grouped into the following categories below:

  1. Nigerian stations
  2. News
  3. Music
  4. Movie and drama
  5. Kids
  6. Sports
  7. Entertainment
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Documentary
  10. Religion

Channels available on Startimes Nigeria:

  1. TBN
  2. Iqra
  3. Crime explorer
  4. Nat Geo gold
  5. Nature and history
  6. Discovery world
  7. Fashion tv
  8. Star plus
  9. FX
  10. E entertainment
  11. e
  12. Fox
  13. BET
  14. MCS Extreme
  15. Setanta sports
  16. Baby tv
  17. Nickelodeon
  18. Kidsco
  19. Stargold
  20. True movie
  21. Bollywood
  22. E-star
  23. MGM
  24. MTV Base
  25. Phoenix tv
  26. Al Jazeera
  27. France 24
  28. CCTV News
  29. NBC News
  30. BBC World news
  31. TVC
  32. NTA entertainment
  33. Real star
  34. NTA sports 24
  35. NTA Knowledge
  36. Orisun
  37. Kennis music channel
  38. NTA News 24
  39. Galaxy Television
  40. Silverbird tv
  41. Channels tv
  42. NTA
  43. STV E2
  44. STV Kungfu
  45. STV E1
  46. STV Music


With Startimes, many Nigerians now have a wide ranger of tv channels to watch besides normal local tv and at an affordable price too. The cost of subscribing to a minimum monthly plan starts fro mas alow as N1000($6.25). So whether you are a news or sports love or just want your kids to watch something educative and entertaining, Startimes is a cool service to subscribe to.


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