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Star Trek Beyond Film Review

Updated on November 9, 2016

This third installment in the newly rebooted franchise is clearly different than the first two; it is better in ways and also worse in ways. One thing for sure though, “Star Trek: Beyond” is a fast paced sci-fi adventure with epic action scenes and a lot of funny and emotional moments. One of the most important questions of the 2016 summer season is why did “Star Trek: Beyond” flopped? It was expected to bank at least 150 million $ more than it did. Unfortunately out of the many blockbusters that came out, this one did not deserve that fate but if we look deeper inside the movie it becomes clear why did this one underperform even if it is by no means a bad film.

Justin Lin, the director who revived the fast and the furious franchise brings his furious and exciting action expertise with him to the Star Trek universe, his actions scenes are massive and great to look at. The film delves into the action quickly and things start moving swiftly in the Trekkie universe that we Trekkie fans love very much and this one happens to be closer to the original feel and stories of the older series. As a Trekkie fan, this one is a nostalgic trip for me and surely it will be in my film collection. It is an old fashion space adventure with state of the art effects and epic action scenes. It is not an interesting story like the first part and it is not a dark sci-fi like the second part, it is a vivid and a straight forward space opera.

The film feels loose not very tight, Justin Lin is good with action but he doesn’t give the movie any unique touch or brand, it is largely generic but at the same time it holds the Star Trek legacy in its core which is a good thing. Beyond is like a long Star Trek episode from the 90s with amazing up to date visual effects which is good for Trekkie fans but might not resonate well with everyone else, a regular film goer will mainly see this one as an ok sci-fi adventure but nothing to recommend. The first two parts provided a more interesting premise with a unique feel; this one is a throwback with a very simple story. Outside the action scenes and especially in the mid-section of the movie, Lin loses some steam on his way to the grand finale as if he is saying bear with me and I will pay you back for your patience, and this works with Trekkie fans who enjoy watching those characters anyways, but for everyone else it might be asking too much.

It is unfortunate when a bad film like “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” makes three times as much money as “Star Trek: Beyond” which is at least twice as better in every aspect. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to success, and being a good movie is just one of them. A good but not a great movie released in the wrong time and appealing to mostly the hard-core fans is gamble that might not go your way.

Rating: 7/10

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      24 months ago

      Great review!


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