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5 Great Comedic Action Scenes From Bollywood Movies That Are Just Brilliant

Updated on December 30, 2015

What a great day and age we live in when we can see the Hulk pummel a cocky Loki into shutting right the hell up. Or observe the motivational “You think waters fast, you should see ice” speech given to us by Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea right before a genetically enhanced shark interrupts it in a hilarious way. Oh Hollywood with your great action scenes, you have been good to us. But we’re not here for you today, we’re here for Bollywood and the amazing action scenes that will have you salivating for more long after you finish watching them.

1. Enthiran

Did are eyeballs just eat a churro ? Right from the get go we have a man who jumps over his speeding cars windshield and Superman’s it through the rear window of the cop car ahead to only exit out the front riding him like a bloody surf board. These are the things action fans wet dreams have wet dreams about. There is so much action in the first 2 minutes of this scene that if after the 2 minute mark it cut to a scene of 2015 Steven Segal trying to do a back-flip, we would continue watching it of course, but for other reasons than action cause that quota would of been filled already.

2. Singham

Good gravy this dudes mustache looks fierce. That thing would have a movie of its own if it wasn’t already attached to such a bad-ass looking dude. All sexy staches aside lets jump into the meat of this action packed scene in Singham, the slap. No not the amazing NBA Jam dunk to the back of the head our hero put on one of those poor unfortunate fellahs as funny as it was. The other one. Yes that one. The graceful 180 mid air slap that he laid down after the dude tried to flee sending him corkscrewing through the air. The lion roars right before the smack down is the perfect set up to the hilarious sound effect they added for the slap. Listen to it again it’s hilarious. If you happen to pause this clip at the 3:53 mark you can see the look of terror on that dudes face before it happens. Now that’s either some great acting or hes genuinely frightened of filming this scene in the movie cause he knows suffering an embarrassing slap like that on screen will set his career back indefinitely.

3. Aambala

Look at him. Chilling like it’s just another lazy Sunday while riding the hood of a freaking SUV as it sores through the air. Take note of that look on his face as he relaxes on the hood. You can’t miss it. The camera actually splits that take into three parts and then even pauses it for you to see it. That’s the look of someone who can give you a glass of watered down tang and have you slurping it down like it was the best damn juice you ever drank. He enters so coolly that you know greatness will ensue.

4. Khiladi 786

Now the best part of this video is not the incredible and magical jeep burnout, or the face hes making as hes doing it as if to say not even the laws of physics can’t touch me. Its not even the fact that he somehow jumps out of the jeep while mid 360ing it, only to land in a Spider-man esque pose in front of the unfortunate group who dared to stand in front of the presence of him. It’s what happens right after. Khiladi, as we have come to learn is his name due to him yelling it out, with the speed of a saiyan, backhands a mofo right the hell out of the shot. It’s so comical and perfectly well timed that if you blink you would miss it.

5. Chandramukhi

As you grasp your mouth and say to yourself under your breath “what the f was that? What the hell did I just watch?” Well we have no f’n idea either but we bet you enjoyed it. This dude kicks so much red hot ass that he had to pair a light blue T-Shirt with a denim suite to cool himself down from going over the ass kicking limit.


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