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Steffy has a Motorcycle Accident: Will she Lose her Baby? The Bold and the Beautiful

Updated on February 3, 2014
With PCH clogged with traffic Steffy risks riding her motorcycle to get home to Liam...
With PCH clogged with traffic Steffy risks riding her motorcycle to get home to Liam...

Last week, in a bid to avoid traffic on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), Steffy got on her motorcycle. Steffy was trying to get home to Liam after visiting Thomas at his new digs – Taylor’s beach house.

Hope makes up with Steffy

While at the beach house, Steffy ran into Hope, who admitted she’d been avoiding Steffy. It still hurt to see Steffy living the life Hope thought she would be leading. Hope told Steffy she would get over her anger in time. Hope told her step-sister that she wished nothing but the best for Steffy, Liam and their baby.

Steffy gave a very sad Hope a hug, and then went to head home to Liam. Before heading off though, Steffy learned there was a major delay on PCH and that it could take her hours to get home. She decided to leave the beach house anyway; partly because Hope was there and in part because she wanted to get home to Liam.

Steffy gets on her motorcycle

On her way to the car, however, Steffy noticed her bike. Thomas was keeping it for her until the baby was born. Steffy had agreed with Liam, while on their honeymoon in Aspen that there would be no motorcycle riding or risk taking until their baby was born.

With a suddenly very visible baby bump, Steffy donned her leather jacket and helmet and zoomed off weaving in and out of traffic.

I didn't see you says the driver that hit Steffy on her motorbike.  Steffy is unconscious on the road next to her bike.
I didn't see you says the driver that hit Steffy on her motorbike. Steffy is unconscious on the road next to her bike. | Source

Pregnant Steffy has a motorcycle accident

Until, a car pulled out in front of her. Steffy was thrown off her bike. The driver of the car found an unconscious Steffy on the tarmac, claiming he didn’t see her. Sirens sounded in the distance.

Steffy, still unconscious, was rushed to the hospital where Dr Meade recognized Steffy. He called Liam.

Liam answered the phone thinking it was Steffy. “Still stuck in traffic?” he stated as much as asked. Dr Meade then told him there had been an accident and Steffy had been brought to the ER.

Will Steffy lose her baby?

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Liam sits by his wife's bedside. Why was she on her motorcycle? But more importantly is the baby ok?
Liam sits by his wife's bedside. Why was she on her motorcycle? But more importantly is the baby ok?

Liam rushes to the hospital

Liam rushed to the ER where Dr Meade filled him in on Steffy’s condition. She was found unconscious at the scene and that hasn’t changed. There are no broken bones but she’s banged up pretty bad with a concussion.

Liam went to sit with Steffy. He begged her to be ok, and then asked what she was doing riding her motorcycle. Liam quickly decided that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was that Steffy and the baby were ok.

Liam paused then turned to Dr. Meade “you didn’t say anything about…is our baby ok?” Liam asked. Dr Meade turned to look at a monitor then turned back to Liam looking uncomfortable…

Is Steffy and Liam’s baby ok?

That is the $64,000 question on the bold and the beautiful fan boards and sites today, since the credits rolled without Dr Meade answering Liam’s question. Stay tuned for more….but let us know what you think in our poll!

Well, after keeping fans at bay for another day, Dr Meade answered Liam's question. The baby didn't make it and likely died instantly when Steffy took a hard impact on the road.

social media has been going crazy over this latest storyline twist on the Bold and the Beautiful. Liam and Steffy lost their baby and it looks like The Bold and the Beautiful may lose a few fans. Maybe even more than a few.....

Tell us what you're thinking!

Will Steffy losing her baby mak you stop watching The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Will Liam and Steffy's Marriage Survive the loss of their Baby?

Steffy and Liam have more to deal with than just their grief over the loss of their baby. Liam may have said it with a smile, but he was adamant in Aspen that Steffy shouldn't be riding her motorbike while pregnant.

That point came out again when Bill Spencer goaded his son into venting his feelings over the loss of his baby. Liam clearly blames Steffy for the loss of their child. Can their marriage survive this tragedy? Especially with Hope waiting in he wings for her next shot at a life with Liam....


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    • profile image

      Mkateko 3 years ago

      Steffy never had a happy childhood she deserve to be happy, actually Taylor's family were never happy as far as i remember so i think this should be their turn. Now brooke wanna get in their way with Bill child taking over Taylor's happiness writers you need to re-write the story line Steffy derseve happiness she lost so much

    • profile image

      fan31 3 years ago

      You wont loose viewers. Has everyone forgotten that Steffie slept with Liams dad??? Steffie did interfere in Hope and Liam's relationship!! Hope deserves to be with Liam. Hope did absolutely nothing wrong. Brookes kids did NOTHING wrong. Hope is nothing like her mother.

      And besides it's only a soap opera "NOT REAL" so just enjoy whatever happens..

    • profile image

      sugar 3 years ago

      Im so happy this happened because she got herself pregnant. I am looking forward to Hope taking back her position, in fact she should not go back to him because he need not have marry Steffi in the first place. Extreèèmly happy!

    • profile image

      nusu 3 years ago

      Hooooop hooop finally liam is goin back whr he belongs rite in hope's arms yea steffy deserves it ....

    • profile image

      Nicole 3 years ago

      The creator,director,producer!!Urg sooo typical!Liam and steffy should just be together leave it at that!!

    • profile image

      Zama 3 years ago

      I freaking hate this so much!!! I'm done with this show. Why can't steffy just have a happy life, I saw this coming! So irritated.

    • profile image

      zandile 3 years ago

      I'm so upset! Steffy is the one for Liam! Bold and the beautiful writers don't know what they're doing! This is terrible

    • profile image

      doris 3 years ago

      Why are you doing this to Steffy can't she just have her happy ever after..with Liam and her baby

    • profile image

      Zanele 3 years ago

      The bold and the beautiful is a crappy soapy like really now. Can't people be happy for once? I knew something was going to happen to Steffy's baby. So flippin boring. I give up on the bold and the beautiful. Days of our lives is better, take notes please.

    • profile image

      Mbuso 3 years ago

      What i think is that Hope belongs with Liam although they had let each other down in many ways but those are the challenges in love. To prove that their love is for real they never lost interest and affection on each other. As for liam, he must man up and make dicisions for himself not allowing his father to manipulate him.

    • profile image

      cleo 3 years ago

      I don't think he should end up with steffy just think about it hope was the first one to love liam and to think your own stepsister will take your love of your life I love hope's character and I think steffy should just back off now yorh. Hope was the first one for him and hope should be the last also. Hope is mature now she isn't alittle girl anymore and if you were in hope shoes when people distroded your marriage how would not like it so I think HOPE SHOULD BE WITH LIAM so liam father can also not get his way and actually trust liam decisions.

    • profile image

      sam 4 years ago

      liam belongs with steffy, hope is too immature for him.

      i know this is just another Brooke vs Taylah to producers but this is not the same!!!

      i live vicariously through this show (lol) & im backing steffy 100%

      give hope a new love interest plzzz

    • profile image

      elisha horner 4 years ago

      liam and steffy should had there baby that was very sorry about her baby/ could the doctor be worry about steffy let hope be happy with what hell it will make the soap better don't yal think so, I do, like to when liam and hope was in the office she ask him to take off his wedding ring he didn't want to he loves his wife to much