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Step Up: Revolution

Updated on August 14, 2012

Do you love dance movies? Do you love all the Step Up movies? If you do then make sure you see the new one.

On July 27th 2012 Step Up: Revolution hit theaters. There is a dance crew called "The Mob." They live in Miami and one of the guy's in "the mob," is sean. While he is not dancing he is a waiter at an upscale club.

He comes across a female bartender Emily Anderson who is in Miami because she wants to pursue her career as a dancer. Her father however has other plans. He wants to make new development plans and in the process homes and peoples lives will be destroyed.

Emily and Sean develop a special love for each other. Her father's plans however gets in the way.

There is a lot of dancing in this one. There is also more of a story. The others had a story also but this has both dancing and a love story behind it.

Step Up: Revolution is still in theaters so check it out. The dancing is great and it is a love story.

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