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Step Up Revolution Movie

Updated on July 31, 2012
The men in black suit dance number
The men in black suit dance number
The leads in the movie
The leads in the movie

If you have a teen in the house or just like choreography in dance routines, you know about the Step Up dance movies 1 through 3, now there is 4. While the formula is all the same in all of them, the execution is not. The first Step Up was great and fresh. Step Up 2 was okay, Step Up 3, forgettable,

Step Up 4 (Revolution) returns the franchise to what it does best: a love story, a little rebellion, knockout male and female leads, and dance routines. However, unlike all the others, this one takes it to a higher class, reminding me of being equal to Broadway routines and layout. It is not just all the gritty, thumping, street rappers doin their thang. Like before, like Elvis movies, the dance routines mushroom in some implausible areas aka High School Musical. However, a few of them are stunning broadway-like productions, like the jellyfish at night dance and then the superb "men in black suits". It was refreshing to see non-rap dance moves and routines and more classy-ballet-like dancing.

Much of the dancing is not ghetto-like to obnoxious thundering sound, although, it is still there, along with the gyrations of pelvic moves. They toned it down. What I liked was the fact the group, called the Mob, had something to say and performed in the most unexpected places (a restaurant, an art gallery, an office). In reality, of course, it would be difficult to pull off, but so what? Done all for getting the most viewers on YouTube to win big bucks.

The final dance sequence, however, didn't wow me over as several earlier ones. Sure, there were some cool things in it, but as far art dance mixed with rap, the jellyfish and men in suits were a thousand times better in originality and style.

It was great entertainment, clean entertainment, I might add. Very little bad words or innuendos nor nudity. Sexual dance moves, but anyone over 12 yrs. has seen or heard it before.

I give it three stars!


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