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Steve Jones, Paula Adbul and Nicole Scherzinger Fired on X Factor

Updated on January 31, 2012

And Why This Probably Won't Help Ratings

The latest on X Factor is that host Steve Jones and judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are fired after the first season of X Factor. This leaves only Simon Cowell and LA Reid on the judging panel. Apparently, Cowell thinks the problem with lower ratings is with these judges and hosts, but it's unlikely that any such changes are going to do much to salvage the mediocre ratings of this hype-filled talent show.

The truth is, Steve Jones really was noticeably bad, so there is reason to let him go and do something different. Steve has a great voice for narration and may do well on a recorded show, but he was like a duck out of water in a live setting and particularly not that warm to the contestants. It's not surprising at all that he was fired by Simon Cowell.

Nicole is not that much of a surprise, either. The problem with Nicole is she never comes across as either sweet or a particularly good villain for the judge/mentor panel. Nicole is just kind of stuck there in the middle, and she doesn't exactly have a glib tongue, either. I believe it was clear that some of her schtick was an act forced on her by the producers, so she does not deserve as much blame as she is getting. Nonetheless, Nicole being fired is certainly no surprise.

Paula Abdul getting axed by Simon Cowell is the only real surprise. They have worked together a long time, and Paula did a decent job on the mentoring panel. She was still warm and encouraging like on Idol. The chemistry between Simon and Paula was not quite the same as on Idol, but why would Paula be getting the blame for this? Surely the producers had them downplay that to give more focus to Nicole and LA or other aspects of the show. It is possible that FOX execs have essentially ordered Paula out.

LA talked as much nonsense as anyone on that panel in X Factor Season 1, but he is a good connection to the music industry. Thus, it is hardly a surprise that he was not fired yet. Likely, LA will be given at least one more year as long as he wants to stay.

Now, is any of this going to help the ratings at all? That is doubtful. Why was Paula so much more lucid now than when she was on Idol? Why did Nicole suddenly fail to be able to make a crucial decision? Why do Simon and LA engage in one of the fakest rivalries in the history of reality TV? No. The lack of ratings is as much the producers' failure as any host or judge or mentor being fired now.

Besides that, the show is just plain cheesy and seems to target the wrong demographic. X Factor targets a younger crowd, but Idol is getting the bulk of its viewers from the older crowd. People that were saved over and over again on X Factor are the types of contestants that would have been cut in the Top 24 on American Idol. Let's face it. All this fake glitz and glamour may work in the UK. But it is not appealing to US viewers. The show needs more of a wholesale production change than the Band-Aid treatments brought by a change in personnel.

No one buys your fake hype and overbloated mentoring, X Factor. You make horrible song choices on a weekly basis. When the contestants make the choices, they actually sing well. When they have choices forced on them, they sink like a rock. The entire show is fake in every possible way, including making contestants look BAD. And why would a real mentor do that? Do I know the answers? No, I just write stupid articles on the Internet. I don't get paid millions to make a fake show like X Factor. But let's try one hint. X Factor is supposed to be a reality TV show. Perhaps we could have a little reality with our reality TV show. Maybe that will help the ratings.


MjsBigBlog: Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul All Out at X Factor


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    • profile image

      Ed 5 years ago

      should have just got rid of LA

    • profile image

      Paige 5 years ago

      I don't agree with Francesca. I think James durbin was better than anybody on x-factor.

    • profile image

      Anne Fanaken 5 years ago

      Yes, I agree with Deeeee that the X Factor won't be the same with Paula gone. She and Simon made a good pair on the judging panel.

      Nicole I think had to go because she was not able to make her own decisions.

      Steve Jones was a good host - someone very different to the now so common hosts.

    • profile image

      Francesca 5 years ago

      Although I agree, the the top 2 contestants were much more talented than anyone we have seen on Idol in the past 5 years.

    • profile image

      Deeeee 5 years ago

      Wont be watching x factor anymore with Paula out. She and Simon were the only judges that had chemistry. Too bad!