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Steven Seagal- "Myth or Master"?

Updated on April 2, 2012

Fact or Fiction?

When you hear the name, Steven Seagal, you will get many answers on who people think he is? Some will say a high ranking Aikido black belt, an action movie star, an overweight mouthy liar, among others. But who is he really?

I think he is a little of everything. First off, I respect him as a martial artist. Anyone who has ever trained in a legitimate system know how difficult it would be to reach a 7th degree. I have over 20 yrs experience and I'm only a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Tracy kenpo. I trained in a lot of different arts, including aikido, but my point is you have to work your butt off to get this high of ranking, and have some serious skill level.

Let's take a look at what he has done?

He left the United States when he was a teenager and traveled to Japan because he wanted to learn a martial art from a master and not just a mcdojo that was on every street corner. This shows some uncanny determination, going to a foreign land where Americans aren't respected, at least in the martial arts world and still pursuing his dreams.

He trained hard and eventually became a 1st dan black belt and began to run a school in Osaka, Japan. He was the first Westerner to run an aikido school in Japan. I don't know if all of the stories of his altercations are true or not, but you would have to assume that he would attract trouble, since "he didn't belong"?? He also trained in kendo and became very proficient with the sword while living there.

He comes back to America and begins teaching here and attracts a lot of students, some which are Hollywood actors etc. This led to his first film "Above The Law", which showed all of America what Aikido really was. Up to this point it was all karate and judo. I would think with the different people that he trained and worked with, that someone would call him out as a fake if he was one? I believe most of his trouble comes from his arrogant personality and his mostly disrespectful attitude. Chuck Norris, who is still one of my favorite martial artists, was the complete opposite. He once was threatened in a small town by a thug who claimed he was sitting in his seat at a cafe. Chuck decided to move instead of beating the snot out of him, that's the kind of guy Chuck was. Later the guy upon learning that was Chuck Norris apologized and thanked him for not whipping him. I think if Steven would be a little friendlier that this would help him.

The rumors are countless on his supposed threats and altercations. Here are some of the most popular ones.

He is challenged by Jean Claude VanDamme and pulled a gun on him when he entered his dojo? He was choked unconscious by "Judo" Gene LeBell? He has been "called out" by a lot of modern day MMA fighters to fight and the list can go on forever. He has also claimed to be an ex bodyguard, ex CIA, Navy SEAL etc. He is a real life deputy sheriff in Louisiana, as depicted on his "Lawman" show on TV.

The truth is when you shoot off your mouth enough then sooner or later you have to back it up with action and Steven has never done that, hence his "fake" accusations.

I would love to work with Seagal and experience his teachings because I'm sure I would be amazed. It is a shame that someone with so much experience in a relatively unknown or unproven art is being remembered for all of the negativity. The guy is overweight but is also nearly 60 years old. I know guys half that age that look worse. I always liked the line "its not the size of the ship, but the firepower that matters". I've worked with some overweight masters before and they would clean my clock. Real fights don't last 30 minutes so being a world class athlete isn't a requirement, that only exists in sports. I was once taught that if the fight lasts more than 30 seconds, then your risks of serious injury greatens and I still believe that.

I wish Steven was given more respect as a martial artist and if there was a way to shine a more positive light on him, it would be nice if it would happen. His 7 children with four different mothers, as well as his sexual assault allegations don't help his reputation either. I would like him to do what many others have done, which is to write a book and come clean on everything. I think he could win some new fans and I would definitely read it.

Fact or fiction, I guess comes down to the people that really know him and what he can do. One thing is, I don't see anyone attacking him, unless its with their mouth, so there must be some uncertainty of his actual skills. You wouldn't want to be the one who got beaten by the big fat fake Steven Seagal, would you?? I choose to not test him.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Steven has matured and has grown up none of us are perfect and have our faults, and he who is with out SIN cast the first stone.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Such jealous mean immature creeps slandering a great master such as Steven Seagal. Do you guys think it is easy to get a 7th Dan Aikido black belt and be so respected in Japan, its birth place? Jokers. Who the heck are you to comment om his personal life, whether he has 4 wives or 5 wives in the past? Don't you know this jealous world is always ready to put someone down to make themselves feel better? People don't generally like confident men... go get a life!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I remember hearing about how Seagal was supposed to be some sort of "employee" of the Central Intelligence Agency. That is as fake as he is. If you were a real-life spy, counterterrorist or connected in some way, most employees have to keep that sort of environment very quiet and secure. I have seen some videos where he is sparring with known UFC fighters or supposedly training and it is just all around fake. He looks like he is one box of glazed donuts away from a heart attack. Seagal was finished in Hollywood a long time ago and he knows it. All he is doing now is just trying to jump on the UFC bandwagon of has-been losers. All these fake, full-0f-shit celebrities that you see in the audience at the events are just trying to capture free publicity or reinvigorate their careers which died thankfully a long time ago. Seagal needs to get it through his empty fatass head that he is done and more people laugh at him nowadays than anything. He is not the martial arts master he thinks he is and in a say a street fight, he would get his head handed to him.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I personally think Steven Seagal is a disrespectful fat fake fuckup. Seven children with four different women, four wives because he cheated on the first three and proven allegations of multiple counts of sexual assault ...yeah what a positive role model! The best martial artists I have ever seen are in great physical shape, no matter their age, and know multiple martial arts. The only things Seagal knows how to attack nowadays are the buffet and the dessert cart at every restaurant in the world. His acting is terrible. His movies get worse every year. He has no place in the martial arts or the entertainment industry. I saw some of his so called "training videos" with the UFC fighters and he broke a sweat just by standing up and breathing. What kind of example is that and he claims to be some sort of martial arts master?!? He is just a master of the ancient art of trying to bullshit people. If he has competed, then where are his fight videos and I do not mean some "training session" where the student or instructor knows how to fall or move safely. If Seagal were to get into a real-life fight, he would get beaten like a dog in no time. He doesn't have the balls to face say a UFC fighter in a real match. The truth is he just doesn't have the balls to be anything positive. Go have some more ice cream you fat fake fuckup!!!

    • profile image

      Flim Flam 

      4 years ago

      the art of AKIDO is purely defense,it will kill or maim,i don't think that with as many women mad at him,wants any more trouble,and lets be honest all of the phony badboys just want his money thru lawsuits,he makes these semi badass movies just to pay alimony and child support,and he doesn't give a rats about your opinion,he is a modern BUSHIDO, which means he can kill at will,i studied KEMPO all of my life and just like him,it was a waste of time,men today are pussies,been in two knife fights they move in slow motion,when you can rip their heads off at will,leave steve alone he has made his own hell,don't enter his madness you will surely get hurt

    • The Reminder profile image

      The Reminder 

      6 years ago from Canada

      I wish that Seagal was more respected today, but when I talk about him with some friends, we just can't stop laughing because he keeps doing the same hand moves in his movies!

      Great hub nonetheless...Chuck Norris approved ;)

    • strkngfang profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      If I remember correctly it was kenjutsu, which was "the art of the sword.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I did Kendo once too! Kendo is the art of fighting with armour and bamboo sword, whilst Kempo is the art of drawing the sword and using it to cut. There is an overlap between both but the first is practiced by the police force the other by very few. Which did you mean?


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