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Steven Tyler Destroyed Aerosmith

Updated on June 10, 2011

Well.. Their legacy, anyway.

.. And he did it around 1993.

What? Did you think I was going to say recently?


I thought I'd take this opportunity, while the mainstream media is lodged deep inside Mr. Tyler's rectum, to say that the real damage was done ages ago, and he should have been doing all of this solo, hacky, self-promotion nonsense twenty years ago, directly after Aerosmith released their last great album. Heck... I'd even go so far as to say their last good one. Pump (1989) was the last Aerosmith triumph before they were sucked into the MTV Pop Culture Vortex.. They had only been flirting with it throughout the 80's, and made the jump to officially "Going Steady" with it by the time Permanent Vacation surfaced in 1987... With Pump, they finally put out. But nobody could have imagined that after feeling that sweet penetration fully for the first time, that a band as revered as Good 'Ol Aerosmith would have so quickly, and without shame, become such whores. Tyler especially. At the very least, it was the swan song of their relevant artistic integrity. I suppose Mr. Tyler isn't the only one to blame for not walking away when folks still had respect for them. The whole band is at fault. They had plenty of money, notoriety and respect. Had ego, greed and musical complacency not transformed them into a cartoonish, campy, This R Rated Movie Has Been Altered For Network Television parody of Aerosmith, the chances of them still getting into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame on time and us hearing "Sweet Emotion" during time outs at every professional sporting event for the rest of eternity were still pretty decent.

At the conclusion of the tour to support that record , Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer should have went their separate ways forever. Never to be heard from collectively again.

Instead, what the public has received in lieu of the real Aerosmith is, well... To put it lightly... A disgrace. An abomination. Pop Rock drivel from a band whose modus operandi had clearly shifted from making great music, to appeasing the masses in a calculated attempt to swell their bank accounts.

Get A Grip (1993) was decent enough, I suppose. When I was 15. As I became older and, to a certain degree, wiser.. It was apparent that the lure of boatloads of cash to ham it up on MTV had become too enticing to pass up. I mean, come ON. "Cryin'", "Crazy", "Amazing"? Please, Mommy... Make them stop. Of course, those mediocre ballads turned out to be enormous hits, and the rest, as they say, is history. There was no stopping.

Seriously... I realize they aren't the only ones to do this. It's unfair to single them out. AC/DC should have closed up shop after Back In Black. Someone in Guns N' Roses should have OD'd right after GN'R Lies was released. Cliff Burton's death should have been the end of Metallica. Don't even get me started on Van Halen. It may seem wrong, or even a bit morbid to long for these things, but I kinda like being left wanting more a tiny bit better than "Jesus H. Christmas, these guys need to give it a rest already"... There is nothing worse than watching an artist that was once so dangerously brilliant devolve into a soulless hit machine long after their original fire has been extinguished. The "Bad Boys From Boston" had a great run in the 70's. They were extremely fortunate to still have some gas in the tank after they got clean. But when it was truly over... They never got the memo. And as a fan, it breaks my heart to see what has become of them.


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    • Furbush profile image

      Furbush 6 years ago from Dirrrty Franklin, New Hampshire

      Maybe I just take this crap too serious. When a band loses it's mystique, I get all sad inside.

    • Matt in Jax profile image

      Matt in Jax 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Is it fair to say that a band should stop at a particular CD? The majority of bands will not go out on top because it's not profitable to them. And they truly love their jobs I'd assume. At least the greater number of bands, so why stop? Because CDs after "Back in Black" or others aren't as good? It's near impossible to top a classic.