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Steven Universe a Poorly Animated Poorly Written Overrated Faux American Anime/Cartoon

Updated on June 6, 2020

Steven Universe Another Terrible Modern Cartoon

The characters in Steven Universe are all fat or skinny androgynous ugly CHUD weirdos with no sexually distinctive traits humans are sexual creatures and are thus sexually dimorphic, it's science you can't say it's a social construct it's biological you can't change your chromosomes only your appearance and that's only skin deep. The show is written by a moron who makes terrible pseudo or faux anime or fools anime you could say which is popular now among cartoonists who double as far-left propagandists.

The main character is a fat loser who has to be saved by ugly aliens every episode the crystals are also either fat, skinny and flat-chested, or just plain ugly. The show is boring the villains are one note and dumb all the characters are unappealing unrelatable and unlikable. The music is terrible too cartoon network has fallen from the days of yore ofEd Edd n Eddy, Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack, Metalocalypse, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and many other shows that came out before 2012, before the dark times.

People can like this show but liking this show also means you're a moron considering the fan base is full of bullies who attack certain artists for drawing characters as attractive and thin, and not fat. They also engage in NAMBLA activities and are pro-NAMBLA and similar organizations. Also, the guys who made Rick and Morty are perverts Roiland is an anti-social hateful alleged child molester and Dick Harmon made a skit about himself as a pervert assaulting a baby to save it from becoming evil and possibly a scatophile judging from his IMDb profile. Sorry I got a little off tangent there its that Roiland is friends with several of the people who make all the new cartoon for Disney nickelodeon and cartoon network so he the same as them and I'm sick of it, we need new talent.

So in conclusion stop watching this show and stop watching other shows like it on cartoon network nickelodeon and Netflix so that better more worthy cartoons get made instead. Stop watching the terrible shows on cartoon network and tell your kids there are better shows for them to watch than all the drivel on Cartoon Network Nickelodeon and the Disney channel. Support good shows try to get Metalocalypse back and watch the new samurai Jack and other cartoon TV shows not made by agenda-driven talent-less deviants that still force Koreans and other Asian people to do most of their animation because they suck.


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