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Steven Universe vs Gravity Falls

Updated on May 5, 2016

My old hub

Now, a long time ago I loved Gravity Falls and kinda liked Steven Universe. But then, Steven Universe started growing on me from its intense drama and songs, but gravity fall's to great to get over quickly. On my old top 5 cartoons of the 2010s, Steven Universe was an honorable mention, now its fighting for the lead.


My first subject will be the inspiring and heartwarming characters. So in Steven Universe we have the crystal gems, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven. Garnet makes a good character, with two personalities, anger and kind while having her own elements, in a sorta mix, and its sometimes good to be two-faced. Amethyst isn't my favorite character, but she has her goods. She sometimes lets her temper get hold of her, but shes usually okay and seems to be more chill than more of the characters. Reminding me of our next character, Pearl is a great character. Though occasionally salty, Pearl manages to get to my heart because of her atmosphere and her charm. Shes also to protective over Steven, giving her mothers love that Rose should've given Steven. And of course Steven, a 14 year old boy who always looks on the bright side and loves cookie cats. And there are the side character, Connie, Peridot and good old Lapis Lazuli. Then in Gravity Falls' corner, we have lovable Dipper, a boy who searches for mystery, adventure and is also very clever. Mabel, our happy, generous girl who thinks all ideas are good ideas and has a pet pig named Waddles. And of course Stan, a misfit guy who loves stealing and ripping of customers. It reminds me of Homer (P.S i'm getting to Futurama VS The Simpsons) and gives a feel of comedy. Then there are the amazing side characters, like the living mole rat Soos. Wendy, a girl who wants to kill and chill. (Get what I did there). And so many others, such as Bill Cypher. To conclude, I think if you want better characters, Gravity Falls. But if you want unique characters, Steven Universe. Unlike usual moments when I tell you my ultimate favorite, ill leave it up to you.


Now Steven Universe has its fair share of laughs and giggles, but most of the comedy goes to Gravity Falls. While the twin siblings have there comedy spotlight, Stan Pines gets the win for the great comedy and the illegal twists to the show. He made me laugh in all of his crazy plots to destroy, to steal and to even swear, sort of. The main reason why I love Grunkle Stan is because he always has to steal the twins hearts. But I cant argue with Mabel, making me cry of laughter because guess what "All ideas are good ideas". But some characters try to be funny but never are, like Soos. I like the character, sort of, but when hes trying to be funny he fails. Also, for some reason the personalities always describe the kind of comedy they tell, meaning Grunkle Stan might mad a inappropriate joke, while Dipper will make a cunning one. In Steven Universe, all characters are funny during funny episodes (ex: Cookie Cat). And only occasionally has comedy is serious episodes (ex: The Answer). I find myself laughing more at Gravity Falls then Steven Universe, but the comedy is still hard to beat in Steven Universe. Still this is only my honest opinion, you get to really choose what is better.


Now both of these shows are sad, happy and emotional, but the reason I come back to Steven Universe is just the way it makes my heart thump, and occasionally bring up a few tears. The characters all have backstories or lives that makes you feel happy or sad. Steven lives with these weird people and his mom is dead. Stevens dad is trying to overcome his depression of Rose Quartz death, along with teaching his son. Garnet has to keep herself from getting to angry or sad, or else she might unfuse. Amethyst lives with the sadness of being a mistake and her temper getting ahold of her. And Pearl lives with the death of her crush, and is basically crazy. Connie has to keep her overprotective parents from finding out what she does with Steven. The list goes on, but I also wan't to focus on the happy parts. The moments when Peridot and Steven connect are great, Lars and Sadies romance is good. Even Ronaldos craziness gets a smile out of me. Its got an even balance, of ridiculous episodes and sad episodes. Gravity Falls doesn't have that balance, being more of a happy show, though I can see when it tries, and it makes sad moments sad. Like in Summerween, Mabel shows great betrayed feelings when she finds out Dipper just wanted to go to a party. Of course, you choose in the end, because it's to hard to choose between both of these masterpieces.


This might actually be a tough one, considering both Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are filled with great action and creative enemies. Considering the fact that Steven Universe has really creepy and mutated gems, it comes close. Plus, they made a great attempt to make some enemies good in the end, which gives Steven a kind feel. But then Gravity Fall's monsters are creative and hardcore. Both shows have great enemies, such as the shapeshifter from Gravity Falls, or Jasper from Steven Universe, and still Gravity Falls has more action, better suspense and a whole lot of creepy and strange things that lurk around there backs without them noticing. But in Steven Universe the characters have great backstories and personalities. Peridot is a wise-cracking lunatic who reminds me of Invader Zim for some zany reason. Lapis is forced to fight Steven, and Jasper will go out of her way to destroy Steven, because he resembles Rose in some way. In my opinion, Gravity Falls has better style, but Steven Universe has better villians. Though you shall choose which has better action, this is just my honest opinion.


These shows both have glorious storylines both sad and happy. The story to Steven Universe is that there where originally many gems in the universe, but then one day Rose Quartz had an epic battle with home-world gems. It ended with Rose sacrificing herself to save 3 of her closest friends. She died, but gave her body to Steven who grows to use his powers to save the world of Earth. Guarded by the three friends, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. That's the basic heartbreaking story of the grand Steven Universe, but much more comes up with the Gravity Falls backstory. In Gravity Falls, Dipper and his twin sister, Mable visit Gravity Falls, a small town in Oregon, with there laughable, greedy grunkle Stan. Of course, Dipper thinks mischievous things are going down in these spooky woods, where he explores and finds the 3rd journal. After that, they discover the overwhelming and strange secrets of Gravity Falls, making different friends in the progress. The main villain, being the triangle shaped Bill Cipher summoned by Gideon Gleeful. The other crazy adventures of both Gravity Falls and Steven Universe await you. And while the gem Gravity Falls came to an unexpected end, Steven Universe is still running more smooth than the Simpsons. Well thats all for this hub, tell me your favorite in the comments or the box, and please follow for more content. Bye!


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