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Top Ten Most Over Hyped Films of All Time

Updated on August 6, 2013


I'm sure all my readers have come across movies that perhaps a lot of their buddies may have told them that it was a great film for whatever reason, and then when you finally watch the movie come find out how over rated it truly is.

However, that's not to say you end up hating the film, as you may finding yourself liking it. But, you might think it's not as great as your friend may have made it out to be. For example, one of your friends could be a die hard "Star Wars" fan, and praise the hell out of the "Star Wars" prequels that you haven't seen yet. Therefore, you decide to check it out based on your friend's recommendation, and you find out how over hyped the film actually was. A movie that was so glorified to the point that you were led to believe it was a perfect film in every fathomable way, yet the results don't quite meet up to the hype. Well, that's kind of how I feel sometimes when it comes to movies.

Anyways, without further delay, let's get started with the list. Also, I've decided to include a clip from each movie, for my readers to see.

10. War Horse

Okay, I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for mentioning this movie, as I know a lot of people wanted to see "War Horse" win "Best Picture" at last year's Academy Awards. Don't get me wrong, I can see why people like this movie, and I personally thought it was a good film too. Heck, I gave the damn film a three out of four if I'm not mistaken, which is very high.

However, I'd be lying to a lot of readers if I said this film wasn't a tad over rated. Sure, the cinematography is well done. The editing is great. I even loved the direction of the movie, and how it managed to make the viewer know exactly what the horse was going through even though he couldn't talk, as I found that to be very interesting.

Sadly though, no matter how you want to look at it, "War Horse" is still just another run of the mill "boy and his (insert random pet here)" story. You know there's going to be some boy with a bland personality, and he's going to end up with a pet, who seems almost like a brother to him. Somehow something is going to happen that causes them to be separated until they're reunited again. You get all these cheap cliched "aw" moments to appease audiences.

And from there, people shout out saying, "It's the most touching film ever made!" When in reality, it's not. The story has been done over a million times before. Seriously, how many "boy and his pet" plot devices have we've seen in the past? You know what's going to happen throughout the entire freaking film, and you know that the only reason the boy has such a bland personality is because he serves as something of an avatar for the viewers.

In the end, "War Horse" is a good film, but it's not a great one.

9. Jerry Maguire

Although this film's hype has been dying out in recent years it seems, it was a very popular romance film when it came out. Not only becoming widely embraced by both critics and audiences, but it gained quite a bit of hype with the Oscar nominations as well.

Granted, I can see why people love this movie, as I do too. In fact, I would even put this film in my top fifty best romance movies of all time if I had one, but the reality is that it's over rated. However, before we dive into why I think it's over rated, I'll start off with what I actually like about the film first.

For starters, I love how this movie delves into how there's a difference between saying you love someone, and saying it while actually meaning it. When you stop to think about it, some people throw around the word, "love", all the time, but seldom few ever actually mean it whenever they say it.

Another interesting fact about this movie is that it also explores the many different types of love out there like the love between a two friends, the love that you may have with your family, the love you may have with your lover, or even the love you have for your job. Any one of those types of love would've been able to merit it's own movie to be based around, but "Jerry Maguire" chooses to address all of those. In fact, I love that about this movie, but it's not as great as the hype makes it out to be.

Without going into too detail as I do plan to review this someday, "Jerry Maguire" suffers from having one dimensional characters that aren't interesting, and falls into every single damn cliche in the book. Not to mention the over the top cheesiness factor of the movie tends to be a bit much at times.

8. Free Willy

Like "War Horse", this is another damn "boy and his pet" plot device, where we see a kid befriend a whale. They become close...big shock...and something happens to where the boy has to help the whale before it's too late.

It's films like "Free Willy" that tend to make me wonder if there's something wrong with me as a person, as I just don't get it. Granted, I can see why some people would like it, but it's not as great as everyone glorifies it to be.

The story is extremely predictable, and it's drenched in cliches. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy watching the film whenever there's nothing better to watch, but this film isn't even close to living up to the hype that it generates.

7. The Santa Clause

Every year, I always find myself hearing people go on and on...and on...about how great this movie is. Hell, I've met several people that keep telling me how this is a great film to show the family around the holidays, while saying it's up there with such classics like "Miracle on 34th Street", "A Christmas Story", "It's a Wonderful Life" and etc. Granted, I do respect people's opinions whenever they put "The Santa Clause" up there with those movies; even though I strongly disagree, as I find it kind of an insult to those other films mentioned, but that's just me.

And don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad in this movie for kids, as there's plenty of clean wholesome humor that'll appease your kids around the holidays. Heck, you can even tell how hard Tim Allen puts into the role; in spite of the fact that he's given such mediocrity to work with. However, this film is over rated as well.

Although the film is a safe family film that would lend itself to being a holiday favorite among most families, the sad reality is that's also part of the problem. Everything about this movie is too damn safe and conservative; which makes the entire movie completely forgettable and uninteresting. There's nothing special about the film that would make it stand out visually from the other thousands of movies based on Santa Clause, from years past.

Sure, there's the story aspect about making Santa seem more like a job for a person versus an actual person that lives on forever. But then again, didn't "Ernest Saves Christmas" basically do the same damn thing with it's story based on Santa Clause too? Gee, I guess that means that Tim Allen's film rips off "Ernest Saves Christmas" then, huh?

I guess that also means that the one aspect that would've made this film original, in terms of story wise, is non existent then. Add in the fact, that like most holiday films, you have a bunch of generic one dimensional characters, and smart a** little kid who's more annoying than he is charming, and you have arguably one of the worst holiday movies ever made.

Don't get me wrong, I know this film tries to appeal to a lot of people, and the effort in this movie really shows. However, the script for this film is just freaking terrible, as the characters are poorly developed in an cliched and uninteresting way; while offering nothing in terms of visuals, or story wise, to make this film seem different from any other Santa movie we've seen in the past.

Granted, I don't have a problem with anyone that chooses to watch this film around the holidays for laughs, but it's not one of the best holiday movies out there. Not even by a long shot.

6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I said this before, and I'll say it again. If this film had nothing to do with "9/11", then nobody, and I repeat NOBODY, would be praising this movie as being anything close to great. Yes, the film focuses on a young boy losing his father, in the horrific "9/11" tragedy, and that would've been a great story to explore, but "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" never takes advantage of it.

If anything, the film focuses on the kid's quest to go on a scavenger hunt that he believe will bring him closer to his deceased father, and some of the adventures he gets into along the way. Sure, they bring up that his father died to make the audience know the kid's pain, but the "9/11" aspect itself is rarely ever brought up.

Hell, if this film had changed the way the father died to something as simple as he died in a burning building instead, then would people still hype this film as being great? I mean think about it. Really think about it, as this film is not even close to living up to the hype that it got last year.

5. Titanic

Yes, I'm listing "Titanic", so all you readers that are p***ed off, then please start sending your hate mail now. Seriously, start writing them, as I know a lot of the fans of this film will hate me for even bringing this movie up.

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that I did give this film a three out of four rating, when I reviewed it's "3-D" re-release a while back. I even went onto praise the movie for having so many memorable moments, and visuals. Heck, even the soundtrack for the movie was arguably one of the best out there.

Hell, I even applauded James Cameron for the attention to detail he put in to making the "Titanic" flick seem as authentic as humanly possible. In fact, I even admitted to loving the movie as well, but it's not the all time best love story of all time that many people make it out to be.

Sure, it's in the top thirty if you ask me, but the best love story ever made? Are you kidding me? This film has more cliches than most romance films, and all the characters (with the exception of Rose Dawson and her mom) are one dimensional stereotypes that aren't really that interesting. The film drags a lot, and it's arguably the most predictable love story ever written.

Granted, I love the movie, but it's not the best love story of all time like everyone says it is...

4. Transformers Trilogy

You want to know what really p***es me off whenever people talk about this movie. It's not the fact that they tell you how great it is, even though it's not, as I could care less about trivial stuff like that. After all, everyone has a right to their own opinions about a movie.

However, I always find myself getting extremely annoyed by people that say things like, "All the live action transformers movies are great if...TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN, and then you'll be able to enjoy it just fine."

First of all, that's a very weak argument to defend any film because you can say that about ANY F***ING MOVIE OUT THERE! Think about it. I could use the exact same logic to defend something as stupid like "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" or even freaking "Batman & Robin." You see how that works?

And secondly, if you're going to use that damn nonsensical argument, then why not apply it to almost any dumb movie out there? I guess that means "Jack and Jill" is actually pretty good, as all I needed to do was TURN OFF MY BRAIN to enjoy it. Oh my god, I can't believe it was that simple! Eureka!

By the way, I'm being very sarcastic for those that can't tell, but seriously...that argument really p***es me off. Besides, if I have to turn off my brain to watch a damn movie, then all that tells me is that the film is basically a piece of s***. I'm sorry, but that's just the damn truth.

Don't get me wrong, the first live action film of this franchise had it's moments, and I'll even say that the visuals were impressive for the most part throughout the series. However, the story is badly written with a lot of stereotypical characters, and the film is poorly edited to boot, as you can barely tell what's going on half the time when the film gets to the action sequences with the transformers.

Yet, if you even dare say one...ONE...bad thing about this movie, then all you hear mostly is nonsense like "IF YOU TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN, THEN YOU'LL..." Um....NO! If I have to turn off my brain for any movie, then that just says how bad the movie is.

Look, I'm not one of these pretentious cinema snobs where I expect every movie I see to be like one of those artsy indie films, or even a damn Oscar worthy level type movie. Hell, I actually love a lot of dumb movies too like "Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon" or even the first "Mortal Kombat" movie. However, I would never tell anyone to turn off their damn brain to watch it, as that's a relatively weak argument to defend any film.

Yet whenever you hear "Transformer" fans that defend all of Bay's films, that's the general argument you hear in it's defense. Seriously, that's a bunch of freaking nonsense, and you can use that nonsense for any damn film out there. Add in the fact that the film grosses all this money in spite of always having one of the worst screenplays to work with, and it just makes the entire trilogy seem a bit over hyped to say the least.

Granted, I can see why some people would like it, but I'll stick with the original animated film myself.

3. Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones

Although I do plan on reviewing this film when the 3-D re-release comes out, so I'll try to keep my thoughts brief on this. Great special effects as expected, but there's too much of it. The film tends to focus too much on the CGI and visuals more so than the characters themselves, which makes it hard to feel emotionally invested with the characters.

The story is abysmally weak, and poorly put together. The acting is just horrendous, yet George Lucas still managed to hype the hell out of the damn movie to where it was a hit anyway; while garnering a lot of hype with "Star Wars" fans.

2. All the "Twilight" movies

I pretty much said everything I ever had to say about "Twilight", when I reviewed each and every film a while back. Therefore, I'll try to keep my thoughts short on this. For god knows whatever reason, fan girls have made "Twilight" out to seem like it's arguably one of the best love stories ever told.

Hell, most die hard fans will kill you if you even so much as say anything bad about the franchise. Take a look at Steven King for example, as he was bashed for merely answering a freaking question about Stephenie Meyer, during an interview. And when asked about his opinion of her writing, he just claimed she couldn't write worth a darn, and went on to explain why. Needless to say, this angered a lot of "Twihards", to not only condemn Steven King openly, but also making absurd accusations about how he's never produced anything that's as good as "Twilight"; while also saying how Steven King was jealous of her success.

Yeah Jim Carey once said in his film, "Ace Ventura", "Fiction can be fun!" That's all I'm going to say to "Twihards" about that.

Look, I have no problem if fan girls want to watch this stuff, but the thing is it's not as great as the hype you people make it out to be.

Granted, I've never read the books, so I'm not going to comment on them. However, I will say that the films are badly written, poorly directed and edited, and it features arguably some of the worst acting you'll ever find in any film franchise.

Yet, fans of this series make it out to be the greatest film franchise of all time, when it's not even close. If anything, it's the most over rated, and arguably over hyped, film franchise of all time.

1. Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace

Although I pretty much said everything I wanted to say about this movie, during my review of it, so I'll try to keep this brief. When this film came out, George Lucas boasted how not only would this film introduce "Star Wars" to a new generation, but he also claimed that it would be better than the original trilogy itself.

Needless to say, old school fans like me were psyched upon hearing about this film. We were led to believe that this would be the best "Star Wars" film ever made, with all the hype surrounding it....Boy were we ever wrong...

Not only did this film fail to live up to any of the hype, but it was such a piece of crap to watch. Nothing about this film was remotely redeemable outside of the special effects and lightsaber battles. The film was an utter cliched bore, and the characters' personalities were all bland to where you couldn't connect with them if at all. Not to mention the movie's total lack of logic.

In the end, this film was just a bad movie that got way more hype and praise than it ever deserved; hence it earns the top spot at my number one most over hyped movies of all time.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      5 years ago

      Yeah, I think Twilight fans were out of line for bashing Stephen King, as he didn't even say anything offensive towards Meyer if you actually read what he said in the interview. I forget the name of the magazine, but I do remember going into a lot more detail about it in my hub that addresses both fans and haters of the series.

      Besides, why would Stephen King be jealous of Stephenie Meyer anyway? I mean the guy is considered arguably one of the best writers of all time, and he's been consistently popular for decades, so I doubt he cares what "Twihards" may say about him, as his success speaks for itself.

      Anyways, thanks for correcting me, as i didn't even realize that i was mispelling Mr. King's name, as i'm so used to spelling it with a "V" because of my name, so it's a force of habit.

      Anyways, I'm glad you found my hub interesting, and thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts with us, and voting up the hub. :)

    • Nathan Orf profile image

      Nathan Orf 

      5 years ago

      Interesting thoughts. I particularly enjoyed the one about the "Twighlight" thing that was supposedly a "saga." If all of those Twifans had read "Salem's Lot," they would understand why Stephen King is so respected, as well as what constitutes a great vampire story. Voted up and up again!


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