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Stevennix2001's thoughts on possible directors that could end up making the next Star Wars film

Updated on November 25, 2012

As most movie fans know, Disney has recently bought Lucasfilm Studios for over four billion dollars; which includes the film rights to anything the studio owns and etc. After the buyout, Disney recently announced that not only will all the previous films still see a 3-D conversion rerelease, but we can also expect a new movie in 2015; which is said to be the first for a whole new Star Wars trilogy.

Although Disney has stated that the next film will be an original story, and won't be based on any of the expanded universe novels that have taken place after "Return of the Jedi." But then again, movie studios are infamous for lying all the time to throw fans off, so this next movie could be based one of the expanded story lines. However, nobody will know for sure until the film gets released officially.

Since this announcement, many rumors have been spread about who could potentially direct it, and what the possible plot for it could be. Heck, there's been a lot of blogs and etc, where fans have clamored naming whoever they think would be great to direct the next Star Wars film ranging from Joss Whedon to Quentin Tarantino. Yes, there are fans out there that think Quentin Tarantino would be perfect for the job, but we'll be going over my thoughts on that in just a minute.

Although it's way too early to tell who should be cast in this film yet, as nobody really has any idea on what characters the new trilogy will focus on; unless you happen to be one of the lucky few to have read the actual script that's in development as we speak. Therefore, I'm not going to even speculate on casting at this time, but I will be sharing my thoughts with readers about some of the directors that fans have been naming to be the next Star Wars director, and whether or not I agree with it. Plus, I'll even try to throw in a few suggestions of my own that people probably haven't named yet.

Anyways, without further delay, lets get down to brass taxes.

Quentin Tarantino

To be honest, I don't even understand why some fans think he should direct the next Star Wars film. Nothing against Tarantino, as I happen to be a huge fan of his work. I loved "Inglourious Basterds", "Jackie Brown", "Pulp Fiction", "Reservoir Dogs", the "Kill Bill" series, and etc. However, the sad reality is that Tarantino's violent gritty humorous style of directing wouldn't mesh well with the Star Wars family friendly space adventure that many fans grew up with.

Granted, Tarantino could prove me wrong, and become another Robert Rodriguez, a director that has proven he can make films for adults (Machete), while still knowing how to make movies for kids (Spy Kids). However, it's kind of a long shot, as most directors aren't that versatile when it comes to their unique style. It's nothing personal against him, but I honestly can't see how Tarantino's style would work with Star Wars; unless Disney wanted a "r-rated" version of it, which I doubt.

But, this is all null and void, as Tarantino already confirmed that he's not the slightest bit interested in directing the new Star Wars film anyway, so I doubt this we'll be hearing about him sitting in the director's chair.

Christopher Nolan

Again, I love Christopher Nolan as a film maker. Heck, I was a long time fan of his way before he even agreed to make "Batman Begins", and he was still making movies like "Memento" and "Insomnia." However, in light of his recent success since "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", "Inception" and etc, it seems like Nolan is arguably the hottest director out there that every movie studio may want. I'm sure Disney would love to steal Nolan away from Warner Bros., but would he necessarily be a good fit for making a Star Wars film?

Well, it's hard to say at this point because there's been nothing, but hearsay and rumors about the possible plot for episode 7. If I had to go off his style, then I would have to say no. Again, no offense to Nolan, as I personally feel he's one of the best directors out there. However, his style of directing tends to lean towards being a bit dark, at times. Not saying he couldn't do a Star Wars film, and we all know what tremendous success he's had handling another big named franchise (i.e. Batman).

However, unlike Star Wars, Batman had a tragic backstory with a lot of underlining psychological pathos that were never explored as deeply before in a film before Nolan handled it on the big screen. Heck, most psychologists can even cite comparisons to the villains that Batman fights with today's real world psychopaths; which makes Batman almost a perfect franchise to work best with Nolan's style.

I know some fans will say, "What about Star Wars? There's some dark back stories in that franchise too!" You're right. There are some dark back stories in the entire Star Wars mythology. However, we're not talking about any of the expanded universe stuff. No, we're only talking about the film franchise itself. And, if you watch how all the previous Star Wars films have been marketed, it's been marketed as an epic space adventure that can easily appeal to both kids and adults alike. It's a unique franchise that's not only lends itself to many commercial possibilities, but it's also one that I'm sure Disney would want to take advantage of as well.

Granted, "The Empire Strikes Back" was a dark film, but it wasn't too dark that it killed any of it's appeal to younger audiences. Hell, would you honestly say that it was as dark as say, "Pulp Fiction?" If not, then I clearly rest my case.

The fact is that Nolan's style might be too dark for a new Star Wars film, as I honestly don't see it working. However, if Disney decided to produce a dark Boba Fett solo spin off film, then I think that would have a lot of possibilities, as I can definitely see Nolan handling that character rather well in a solo movie. Plus the character does have a dark back story, so it's easy to see Nolan working with that rather well. As for directing the mainstream Star Wars episode 7 goes, I just don't see it, but I've been wrong before.

Now, I know some fans will bring up "Inception"; while saying how supposedly that it proves he can direct a science fiction film. Not disputing that either, as he definitely proved that he can direct a science fiction movie with "Inception." However, that again had some dark psychological pathos that were explored that might be too complex to introduce into a film franchise that's normally known for it's simplistic style of story telling; while introducing many universal themes.

However, as I said before, I've been wrong before, but with Nolan, I just don't see it working. On the other hand, I would like to see him direct a movie with Boba Fett, as the main character though.

Joss Whedon

Millions of fans keep saying Joss would be perfect to direct the new Star Wars film, and to be honest, I don't disagree. If Joss proved anything with his last blockbuster, "The Avengers", it's that he knows how to tell an epic sci-fi/fantasy story that features an array of complex characters; while still giving audiences enough action to be entertained. In fact, he'd be my first pick to do this film, but I doubt he'll be able to. Unless he suddenly decides that he's not directing the next "Avengers" movie, which comes out the same year as the new star wars film, then more than likely he's going to be too busy directing the sequel to "Avengers."

Plus, he's also working on the new Marvel Studios TV series "SHIELD", so it's highly unlikely that he'll have time to direct the new Star Wars film, but you never know.

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams has already confirmed that he has no interest in directing the next Star Wars film because he's too big of a fan of that franchise; thus he wouldn't want to mess with it. He also cited that he was never a huge Star Trek fan; hence why he didn't have a lot of problems changing things up in it to make it appeal to younger audiences. Wow, I'm surprised millions of Trekkies haven't done a lot of rants over that statement yet. Oh well...

Anyways, I honestly think JJ Abrams would be perfect to direct the next Star Wars film. If the reboot of Star Trek proved anything, it's that Abrams knows how to create an intense action packed sci-fi epic featuring iconic complex characters; which is exactly what the new Star Wars film needs from a director. Sadly, he's not interested, so it'll never happen. However, I do feel that he would definitely give the franchise justice if he did change his mind.

Peter Jackson

If there's one man that knows how to make an epic franchise work with various complex characters, then it's Peter Jackson, as "Lord of the Rings" has become arguably one of the greatest fantasy franchises of all time. If not, then arguably the greatest. Therefore, it would be very interesting to see what Peter Jackson could do with Star Wars. After all, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy not only had many universal scenes that audiences could relate to, but Jackson knew how to make the franchise appeal to younger audiences; while still offering a touch of dark elements to add to the drama of the story.

However, I doubt he'll be the next director of Star Wars, as it's already been announced that the new "Hobbit" films will be expanded into a trilogy. Therefore, if Peter Jackson decides to direct all three of them himself, like he did with "Lord of the Rings", then chances are he'll be too busy as well to commit to a new Star Wars film. Shame, as I would've been interested to see what he could do with it. But then again, you never know, as Peter Jackson might not direct the sequels to the "Hobbit", and end up directing sequel to episode 7 of Star Wars instead. After all, the original trilogy didn't use the same director for each film, so it's possible.

Matthew Vaughn

Since leaving the director's chair of "X-Men: Days of Future's Past", there's been a lot of rumors circularing around about the possibility that it may have been because he's one of the front runners for the upcoming Star Wars film, and he doesn't want his schedule to be tied up for it. It's a logical theory, and if it's true, then it's definitely a good thing.

Although Matthew Vaughn may not have the clout that the other directors previously mentioned, but he's already proven to be a top notch director in Hollywood with the recent successes of both "Kick-Ass" and "X-Men: First Class", so maybe he could be a great choice for the new Star Wars film.

He's great at meshing dark undertones with complex characters, so he'd be perfect for the new Star Wars film. However, we'll have to wait and see on this one.

Brad Bird

For those who don't know who Brad Bird is, then maybe you've heard of some of the films he's directed. He used to be animation director for Pixar, where he's known for directing the hit movie, "The Incredibles." However, he got his first live action break, when he took on "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol."

For those who saw the last "Mission Impossible" film, then you should all know that Bird is more than capable of directing a solid action movie. Plus, since he used to direct animated CGI films for Pixar, it's reasonable to assume that he knows a bit about how to direct films with CGI emphasis as well.

Sadly though, it's been recently reported that he too has openly declined the directing job, so I wouldn't hold your breath on him directing either.

Steven Spielberg

What can I say about Steven Spielberg that hasn't already been said? He's one of greatest directors of all time, and he knows how to make a movie work; even when the film has a mediocre to average story arc like "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", for instance. Therefore, he'd be perfect for the Star Wars franchise, and this wouldn't be the first time he's ever worked with Lucasfilms, as he's done a great job with all the "Indiana Jones" films overall.

Sadly, he openly said he wouldn't be interested in directing it because he says it's George Lucas' genre, and not his. Um...that doesn't make sense, but I guess that means we won't be seeing Spielberg in the director's chair for the new Star Wars film.

Neill Blomkamp

Although I can't say that I've seen any of his short films that he's done, but I was a huge fan of Neill's work on "District 9." Not only was he able to present arguably one of the most well told science fiction stories of all time, but he did in such a way that it touched the heart of anyone that watched it. It was a tragic story that had a lot of universal complex themes to it, and it featured great special effects on a budget of thirty million dollars. Granted, that's a lot of money to the average Joe walking the street, but in terms of film budgets go, that's fairly impressive to say the least.

And it's because Blomkamp can produce great special effects, along with a great story on a tight budget, then that might pique Disney's interest in him. He's not only a great director, but he might actually be able to bring back emphasis on story in the new trilogy; which is something that was severely lacking in the prequels.

Jon Favreau

It's been no secret that since a new Star Wars was announced that Jon Favreau has expressed interest in the project, and to be honest, he might actually be perfect for the job. He's already proven he knows how to direct a franchise that appeals to most audiences, while mixing in both practical and special effects to enhance a story like he did with "Iron Man 1 & 2."

Plus, lets not forget, he's a great improviser when it comes to directing things on the sly. Take "Iron Man 2" for instance. Granted, that was arguably his weakest film, but that mainly had to do with the various subplots he was forced to incorporate by Marvel Studios, to set up "Iron Man" for the "Avengers." Therefore, most of the faults that happened in "Iron Man 2" had more to do with the script more than it had to do with Jon's directing. Overall, he still managed to produce an action packed sequel that was still fairly decent for what it was.

Plus, a mixture practical and special effects were a great combination back when the original trilogy was made, and maybe that's what Star Wars needs. After all, one of the many problems with the prequels is that it was so CGI based that it lost most of the organic authenticity that the original produced. Therefore, someone like Jon might be perfect for this job.


If I missed anyone that was also rumored, or mentioned a lot by fans, then I do apologize. However, these are my thoughts on some of the directors rumored to be up for the role, or who fans want to see direct the next film; along with some suggestions that I think could do the job just fine.

In the end, we'll have to wait and see, as everything is speculative at this point. However, whoever ends up with the daunting task of directing this movie, then I only have one thing to say to them..."May the force be with you."


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      6 years ago

      Good choices!

    • bat115 profile image


      6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      My picks would be Favreau, Matthew Vaughn or Duncan Jones.


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