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Strange Response To My Michael Jackson Hub

Updated on October 17, 2009


I wrote a short letter to Michael Jackson and posted the letter on a hub. I am a writer that does not plan what I write, it just flows out. I have been doing extensive research about the Michael Jackson passing or not. 

I have been a researcher for many years, and my facts are based on property records, public recorded records, transactions and extensive digging. During my research I reached a point where I discovered some facts that I felt were better off not written and not made public.

I had written several hubs, and I believe my main purpose was to let Michael Jackson know that I knew why he had to fake his own death. I will admit, I was a bit obsessive, and I needed to prove a point. I linked the vanishing and announced terminal illness of E-Casanova, who by the way was the same height as Michael Jackson, and many other strange facts all together.

I really did not care if the public believed me or not, but I did not expect to receive the weird response to my hub page. I am not able to fully figure out what the response actually says. It appears to be written by an adult, yet like a child. The person that wrote the response has no hub page connection, and they are revealing some type of strange messages.

The really weird part is at the end when they list their email address. It is almost like someone is enjoying playing with me. An adult with a child like humor. Wonder who that may describe. I did respond to the email address, just to see what happens.

I am really finished with the Michael Jackson saga. I feel that he really did not have any other choice, his sister Latoya knows the truth, and it is better off to leave it alone. I will let him continue his work and his music, and be able to live a serene life. Perhaps one day our paths will cross.


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