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Stranger Definitions

Updated on March 19, 2011

Some fun alternatives

Sometimes you write to entertain yourself and possibly end up writing something that others might just find humorous as well. It may also be proof that they are just as crazy as you! We do take a lot of things far too seriously.

Super moon: similar to the concept of the Earth’s moon being close up to us and appearing larger than normal, it is a vision that a sports reporter gets when any NFL lineman accidently drops the bar of soap and bends over to pick it up. Both would be memorable sightings for differing reasons.

Support forum: a list of previous responses to online customer support questions that the support team hopes you will look at before you bother them with your specific problem. Undoubtedly, these forums were designed by the same individuals that designed the grocery board bulletin board both being based on the premise that if you look long and hard enough you may actually find something useful in the midst of all the immaterial content that is in view.

Autocorrect: a function of text messaging that attempts to make up for the fact that the average human being cannot type with their thumbs using a keyboard that was designed to be used by Tinkerbelle or Jiminy Cricket. The correction is often more confusing than the original botched entry. It is also proof that text messaging is usually rushed since no one actually proofreads what they send likely fearing that it will only add to the excessive cost of sending mostly unimportant communications.

Telemarketing: a project developed by the writers of a future British television show entitled “How may I annoy you today?” This can be the only logical explanation since no one buys anything from a telemarketer largely due to the fact that they choose to call the potential customer at home during their dinner hour and speak in a language that is disguised as some form of English that is not spoken anywhere in North America.

The good thing about writing on Hubpages is that you can go back and edit your article at any time, so the list of definitions here has the potential to grow as long as the mind is willing to stay in the right balance of warped/insightful/are you crazy/able to spell/able to get out of bed.


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