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Stranger Things: A Love letter to the 80s!

Updated on August 3, 2016

Stranger Things: 5 Stars!

This is our first Netflix show review, and after a day of binge watching all 8 episodes, it warranted me coming on here to tell you how I felt about it. As you can see it got the highest rating on here that we can give on A.F.G, so that should tell you I loved every minute of this program. Something about the 1980's gives me a warm nostalgic feeling of home even though I grew up in the 90's. Maybe because everything that came out of the 80's spilled over into the 90's and beyond. That decade set the footprint for the world we live in today from Video games, VCR's, CD's, and HBO. Even things that came out essentially in the 70's were taking flight in the 80's like Dungeons and Dragons which brings us to the start of the show. Four middle school boys playing D&D in a furnished basement are forced to end their game after they have been playing for 10 hours as Mike pleads with his mother a little longer.

One boy named, Will is riding home after the game from his friend, Mike's house as the two others, Dustin and Lucas go their separate ways. Will has to cut through the woods to get to his home when he is chased by an unseen force that causes an electrical disturbance. Will makes it to his house but no one is home. His mother, Joyce, played by Winona Rider is working late, and so is Will's older brother, Johnathan. Will tries to defend himself against what is coming after him, but mysteriously he vanishes.

When Joyce realizes her son is gone she immediately seeks help of the local town police chief named, Hooper. The whole town rally's in support of Joyce as everyone attempts to look for Will. Even the three friends sneak out of their houses at night to ride around looking for their friend. At that same time a little girl in a hospital robe shows up with a shaved head. She has a tattoo on her arm which says, 011. Government agents then come into the picture looking for the girl who stumbles upon the three boys in the woods looking for Will, and from that moment all their lives are changed. I will stop here to save you from any spoilers, but eventually the boys do find out that this girl and the disappearance of their friend are connected. Several other disappearances bring in other characters into the story which gives us the craziest final episode of a single season leaving us with more questions than answers.

The scenes of the four kids hanging out together, riding their bikes, taking jabs at one another can be traced to films like The Goonies and E.T.. Some of the scarier elements in the show invoke similarities to, The Thing and Poltergeist. Also throw in, Stand by Me and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and you have this show, which is all of the best parts of those movies while still bringing us things we've never seen before and classic original characters. The Duffer Brothers who are the creators of this show grew up in the time period we are discussing. So it is clear they have been wanting to do something like this for a long time as they pay great respect to the era the series takes place in.

Winona Rider makes a spectacular come back with this heartbreaking performance of a mother who would go to hell and back to get her son. Netflix has not yet confirmed a season two even through the creators are ready for it. The show already has a large following that it would be surprising if they don't renew it for more seasons. If they don't, I'm sure another company would be happy to pick it up, but that would be incredibly stupid, and Netflix doesn't seem like the type of company to give up a golden goose.

I am with a majority of people who have seen this show and is craving more. Until a new season is released, I think I'll just re-watch season one over and over again to get my fix. I don't care what you think. Go ahead and judge me, or see for yourself if you haven't already. I highly recommend it if you have a Netflix account.


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