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Stranger Things Are About to Happen

Updated on February 14, 2018
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Josh is 18 years old and has recently discovered a passion for writing. He is writing everyday and improving himself. He aims to continue.

Season 3 build up begins.


The January awards have come and gone. Stranger Things 2 is no longer new. This means the build up for season 3 can officially begin. You’re probably half way through a season right now after hearing about season 3, I know I am. I’m constantly re-watching episodes trying to see hidden secrets and trying my best to think of theories.

My favorite thing to come from season 2 was by far the pairings that had been made. Season 2 consisted of all the cast splitting up into different duos, we saw Dustin and Steve (my personal favorite), Mike and Will, Nancy and Jonathon and Eleven with Hopper. I hope we more of this in season 3, especially more of Dustin and Steve.

Both seasons left us on intense cliff hangers which I loved, but it only makes me want season 3 right now. The final scene in season 2 was a great way to keep the show hyped up, and what I assume will be answered at some point during season 3. It was a great scene to end off a great season. It's had me thinking constantly.

Why the shadow monster was there?

Does it know where they are all the time?

Is there a spy?

Who is it after?

It better stay away from those kids!

Shawn Levy. Director of Stranger Things 1 and 2.
Shawn Levy. Director of Stranger Things 1 and 2. | Source

I’m constantly re-watching episodes trying to see hidden secrets and trying my best to think of theories.

Season 3 spoilers ?

With season 3 getting closer to being filmed I can’t stop myself from going back to old episodes and trying to find out if they left any clues about season 3. I haven’t managed to find any yet, but the producers have dropped hints in recent weeks.

Shawn Levy (Pictured above) recently said in an interview there will be “New forces of evil”. This could mean multiple things, and we’ll not know until season 3 is released. But in my opinion, I think they will go with the obvious choice.

They already have a human antagonist (Billy) and they have this super force of evil with the shadow monster. This makes me think an escaped test subject will be used as a new force of evil. With him saying ‘forces’ this leads me to believe it could be multiple subjects.

Obviously, it would be easy for them to bring one test subject into the show and have them take the role of a new force of evil, almost like a rogue type character who is out for bitter revenge. This is possible, but with the Duffer brother I think it will be more complicated. I think there will be more than 1 of the ‘other’ test subjects entering the show, with 008 also returning (to help Eleven).

One of these new characters will most likely have been infected by the remaining part of the shadow monster that we never saw leave Hawkins after poor Will was burnt with a steaming red-hot rod.

With Will now in the mix the writers have confirmed he will be getting a ‘break’ this season. He will be having to deal with issues with the rest, but he won’t be the blunt of the issues. I fear that Eleven is going to be the target in season 3 but only time will tell. I just know I can’t wait for more spoilers to creep through that cracks. I’ll be sure to talk about them when they do.

there will be “New forces of evil”

— Shawn Levy

Harbour and co keeping lips sealed.

Our best source of spoiler content, we’re looking at you Hopper, has now found a new way to not give us any spoilers. He just keeps his lips sealed when questions about season 3 come into the conversation. I bet he couldn’t resist telling the penguins though whilst showing them the famous Dad dance. We would really love some videos of this by the way. We hope he had fun.

We would also like to congratulate Harbour on his Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. You fully deserved it, and we loved the speech. I mean the speech alone deserved its own individual award. Although there are no other awards to talk about, and no nominations coming up, I would like to congratulate the cast and crew for there nominations. I have a feeling season 3 will be filled with awards.

It isn't only Harbour who need to keep their leaps sealed about season 3. The kids of the show usually get bombarded with questions on season 3. They had a great response during an interview at the 2018 SAG awards.

During the interview Gaten and Noah were asked about season 3 and if they know anything. Gaten replied saying "he knows a little bit". This made the interviewer ask if she can know a little bit. Their reply was amazing.

Noah came up with the idea that they can give them something 'fake' to hype the show. This fake news was 'they all die'. The show starts with the end credits. Simple as that. It would save them a lot of money on production I guess.

Sad but true.
Sad but true.

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The show starts with the end credits. Simple as that. It would save them a lot of money on production I guess.

Predictions for season 3.

Now for the juicy part of the article. My predictions for season 3. Now I’m not going to tell you too many of my predictions as I would love to save some for another day. Believe me I have an endless amount of predictions, some good, some terrible. But they’re all fun to read.

My first prediction I want to talk about is one that most people wont like, me included. I just have a feeling that we will see a ‘main’ character die this season. In both seasons we have seen someone die, but it hasn’t been a main character. This still doesn’t mean I wasn’t upset about Bob, because I was. Why didn’t he just run. But for the Duffer brothers to keep the fear factor I think a main character is going to have to die. They seem untouchable at this point with everything they have survived. If a main character isn’t going to killed off, I’m sure whatever the Duffer brother do it will still have me glued to the screen in fear.

My next prediction involves ‘008’. I think she is going to make a huge return. Judging how Eleven left things between them she is going to want to find her. I don’t think she is going to play the villain either. The way she was staring out of the window when Eleven left looked like she was starting to realize there is more to life than just getting revenge and their powers can be used for good rather than bitterness. Now there’s two ways I see this return happening. Scenario one involves Eleven being in trouble, to the point where she needs someone with powers to help her. This could involve Eleven going to find ‘008’ for help, which would be easy for her to considering she found her once before. Now the second scenario is one I would like for the show. It could involve them finding each other to hunt down Dr. Brenner. I don’t want to dig into why they need to find him, I would like to leave that open for its own story, because I have a juicy prediction for it. I just know I would love for Brenner to make a return. We know he is still alive, with it being confirmed by Shawn a few months ago. Whether he is still the evil man from season one will be a mystery until his return.

My final prediction for today is one I can leave open for discussion. It can fuel you to think of your own predictions. I predict that we will be seeing the contents of Hoppers basement boxes again. In season two we saw Eleven find the boxes in Hoppers basement, which lead to use finding out about her ‘Mamma’. Now I was unable to find an image of what the boxes where labelled, but I can tell you without the image. Okay the boxes consisted of; Dad (most likely Hoppers Dad), fragile, clothes, New York, Hawkins Lab (what Eleven picked out) and Vietnam. Now I don’t know about you but New York and Vietnam both sound interesting to me. I would love to find out more about his time in New York, this would allow us to find out more about his daughter (who I still think is connected to the whole story more than we know right now). This is where you can make your own predictions. What do you think the boxes will reveal?

Final scene from season 2.
Final scene from season 2.

What would you like to see more of?

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© 2018 Josh Collinson


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