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Straw Dogs - A Review by InkyBlueMind

Updated on May 26, 2014


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Straw Dogs - A Review By InkyBlueMind

This movie starts with showing both Amy and her husband, David Sumner, headed back to her home town of Blackwater, Mississippi, after leaving to go to LA to pursue an acting career, landing herself a role in a soap opera, to which she met husband David, who is a writer etc. etc.

The only reason they are going back is because Amy's dad dies and leaves her the house, they go back, I'm not sure with the intent to stay forever if not just for a little while so David can get some writing done.

By the sounds of it Amy is the popular girl, who got out of a small country town, did big things with her life and she really doesn't want to go back, I can understand this and definitely relate to her on the aspect of her awkwardness at returning home, she must feel like she is much bigger than a Podunk little town that she never fit in or outgrew anyway.

Lookit that fancy Jaguar

Amy and David return to Blackwater, Mississippi
Amy and David return to Blackwater, Mississippi | Source

First day back

So the first day back they for some reason go get a drink at the local, I think I missed some dialogue during this time as to why, but this is where Coach Hedden and Eric are introduced, you can definitely tell there is a past between Amy and Eric and during this point David goes to get another drink.

Coach gets rather violent but ends up paying for David's drink to show some sort of southern hospitality, somewhere along these lines the town simpleton comes in and gets kicked out with his dog and then sometime after that Eric is hired to finish the roof on the barn.

Well howdy

Eric - played by Alexandra Skarsgard, David - played by James Marsdon and Amy - played by Kate Bosworth
Eric - played by Alexandra Skarsgard, David - played by James Marsdon and Amy - played by Kate Bosworth | Source

You're a little early!

They end up heading to the house, find Amy's dad's cat which is called "Flutie" I believe, don't hold me to that I'm just going with what it sounds like and doesn't look like David is a big fan and nor he of David.

That night, they play chess until they become frisky and christen the house.

The next morning they wake up to raucous noise, loud music and a lot of banging to the point that I get the impression that its only just dawn, David goes outside and talks to Charlie and asks him to come a little later tomorrow to which he agrees.

David does some writing, I don't remember what Amy does, but David gets a little pissed when one of the workers / Amy old school mates comes rocking in and takes a beer out of the fridge without asking and then has the nerve to comment on the temperature. Like dude, did we say you could come in?

Amy doesn't have an issue with it but when she realizes David does, she tells him to go outside, be a man and talk to them about it, he does, to which he is kind of met with more hostility and countered with being asked if they have done anything to deserve not being trusted and of course the answer is no, so David kind of has to leave it be but still not happy about it, personally I would have said something like, "It doesn't matter, please knock if you want to come in."

Your move

First night foreplay... I mean game
First night foreplay... I mean game | Source
Dude just don't come in uninvited okay?
Dude just don't come in uninvited okay? | Source

Creepier and creepier

So the next day when they come, they come later as promised and Amy is jogging back to the house, with head phones on so she doesn't hear the truck behind her, they basically drool all over her and Charlie finally tells them to stop it after some lewd comments, they honk at her to get her attention and she moves out the way.

As she gets back the house there are some more lewd comments and they are more than suggestive, she goes in the house and tells David who basically just tells her to put on a bra as she brings it on herself. I get pretty pissed with him at this point and agree that he is a coward, it doesn't matter how she dressed it doesn't mean she is asking for it, end of story and I pretty much just lost all respect for him right there.

She goes upstairs and then gives them something to look at, I don't agree with her behaviour here because if she didn't want them looking why do that? I'm a little confused and it makes her look a little bipolar and I don't think she is.

The boys comment about that not being right but they don't say anything else and Charlie gets a really strange, almost possessive look in his eyes, which doesn't sit right with either because high school was a while ago dude, just because you dated for a hot minute doesn't mean she is still yours or anything.

Please turn down the music

Sleeveball look
Sleeveball look | Source
They're right behind you
They're right behind you | Source
WTF are you doing chick?
WTF are you doing chick? | Source

Let's Go To Church

Sunday comes around and they go to church like good little Southern people that they're pretending to be God fearing Christian church goers that they are, David leaves half way through the Preacher's sermon which leads Charlie to get pissy and finally David says something to Charlie about the bible saying not to covet thy neighbour's wife and Charlie basically suggests that the wife is trying to covet him, this is when Amy returns to the car and they all bid farewell politely.

God fearing folk here in The South

Awkward much
Awkward much | Source

What did Jeremy do?

So pretty much Jeremy pops up several times after this and Coach Hedden's daughter, Janice, played by Willa Holland, which is little Caitlyn Cohen from The OC in case anyone was wondering, she is like totally stalking Jeremy though everyone in the town is scared of him being around any girls or whatever, he keeps getting in trouble for calling them his girlfriend but she doesn't give up.

I understand not being afraid of him because he obviously hasn't got a mean bone in his body he just has a lot of strength, I'm sure whatever he did wasn't on purpose - maybe reminiscent to the big dude from The Green Mile.

Comparison to John Coffey from The Green Mile

Janice Hedden or little Caitlyn Cohen :)
Janice Hedden or little Caitlyn Cohen :) | Source
Jeremy, simple and accidentally killing whoever he was supposed to have?
Jeremy, simple and accidentally killing whoever he was supposed to have? | Source
John Coffee similar to Jeremy?
John Coffee similar to Jeremy? | Source

Let's Go Hunting!

So don't get too attached to the cat, Flutie because somebody hangs him and David finds him in the closet, he tells Amy not to look but when there is obviously something wrong she decides to look, traumatized and she accuses the guys and tells David he is to find out.

He is trying to, asking way too nicely and apparently taking way too long because Amy interrupts, gives them all milk, you know because they have to stay big and strong? Anyway, she asks them if they had seen her cat, to which they all answer negatively and then Charlie insists they all go out hunting.

I'mma goin' huntin'

Dude, don't shoot me!
Dude, don't shoot me! | Source

While you were out. (Warning)

Please be prepared for the next part, I personally wasn't expecting it, but while David is out hunting, Charlie and the sleezy dude that was driving and perving over Amy, double back, Charlie forces himself into the house and rapes Amy, not as graphically as in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but still, rape is rape.

Then Charlie and dude have the nerve to apologize for her cat but not about the most obvious non-consensual sex that just happened between them.

Sooo do you even know how to use that thing?

Would you like a ride home?
Would you like a ride home? | Source

Out of Season

So as it turns out, after they nearly shoot David claiming to be aiming at a buck, there was a buck but when they have been hunting a very long time so since when does your aim suddenly start sucking after how many years of hunting and he is wearing a bright orange reflective jacket? David don't be a fool!

Anyway, he tells the two dudes that are left, other than Charlie didn't really pay attention to the other guy's names as they were only Charlie's lackey's anyways and if you're gonna be asshats then you don't deserve names - /end rant. :)

Okay so David is walking home, on the side of the road with the gun he got given, Deputy Burke, who I actually think is a really nice guy who was former military as they mentioned previously he was in Iraq, anyway, he pulls over and starts spouting a bunch of code violations at David, who has no idea what he is talking about. Turns out, he had been walking along the highway with the safety off and out of hunting season - which is against the law and this is where David starts to realize Charlie set him up.

Uh oh


To conclude

So my overall opinion of the movie is that I actually really kind of liked it, it wasn't as dark and gritty as the usually psychological thrillers I watch but by the end it had a lot of nice gory scenes, it had an interesting storyline, the acting was great, the actor's did what they were supposed to with the parts.

At first, David is a cowardly, chauvinistic ass hat but by the end of it he actually turns out to step up but what annoyed me was that it wasn't his wife that finally made him grow a pair of balls as it should have been, this is why I think she didn't tell him about being raped because she didn't ever expect him to do anything about it, plus all he did was tell them to stop doing the roof and got conned out of more money than work they had done.

Anyway, it was quite a good movie, I would watch it again if only for the gore at the end and with someone that hadn't seen it before, not something I would re-watch just for the sake of it, but still overall, a very good movie.


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4 stars for Straw Dogs


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    • InkyBlueMind profile imageAUTHOR

      Jo B 

      4 years ago from USA

      Ohhh I did not know this but now I will have to check it out! Thanks billybuc! :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Good review. I didn't know this movie was out. Did you know this is a remake? The original had Dustin Hoffman in it I believe, and it was set in England....same exact story line and it was brutal and disturbing. :)


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