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Streaming Music & "Give Them Two Ears"

Updated on July 22, 2015

Sam Tumblin Logo

I personally listen to a whole lot of music throughout the week. Some of this is done by way of radio or streaming sites such as Reverbnation, Sound Cloud, STREETSEEKER and RadioFlote just to name a few of off the top of my head.

Another passion that takes up some of my time is listening and reviewing music on sites such as MusicXray, N1M, again to name a few and also some that I receive in MP3 format by way of e-mail.

I really enjoy listening to the massive amount of music that I choose or come my way. I find it helps me in my own endeavor sometimes when I create new lyrics or beat. You might ask how? Well maybe hearing a fresh take on something it might jolt my creative juices so to speak, or help me see another perspective on what I’m working on.

Have you ever checked out any of these streaming sites? There are some real good gems on these sites. Look if you have not had the chance to ever check out any of these sites my personal advice to you… is to turn down that radio station every now and then and hop onto the internet and give these artists two good listening ears. Again can’t help but stress there is some real good display of talent and skill set from these artist no matter the genre from country, hip hop all the way to rock n roll. Now some may need a bit of polishing off or some maybe well-seasoned, just needing some direction but the point is there style of music is fresh or new because often times they are trying to find themselves and an audience.

Another reason I like these particular sites is when you listen to the lyrics of lot of the new artist or Indies it is well written. Sometimes if you break down the lyrics it tells of past stories, phase in life or coming and goings of life that motivated them to pursue their love of music.

Anyhow… that’s my personal take on streaming sites that feature Indies and upcoming artist or those finding themselves. So break out you IPhones or Android many of these sites have apps or use the trusty laptop. Hey just give those site’s a chance “Give Them Two Ears”!


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I'll have to check some of these streaming sites out.

      Informative hub.