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Street Fighter Legacy - From fans to fans

Updated on May 7, 2010

Well, what I should say when talking about in movies based in games, excluding few exceptions, all of them were so weak that I fell shame, the storylines are completely distorted. Well, the truth is that hollywood change what they think will give more money. And what about the fans?

I remember a classic example: Street Fighter, simply the icon for fighting games maniacs, it had this movie version in 1994, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, I'm not going to talk about this movie in this hub, I will suppose that everyone knows how bad this movie is. But someone had an idea: make a short film trully based on street fighter, and better: these guys were really fans of the game, were born Street Fighter Legacy.

The short movie were directed by Joey Ansah (Desh from Bourne Ultimatum) and writen by Christian Howard, that also plays Ken in the movie, and by the way, he really seems Ken. And the best part: they had the Capcom's blessing to do it.

Production and design

You can clearly see the care spent on this, the characterization of the actors, the fighting scene are extremelly well designed and executed,  effects (ok, the hadouken isn't perfect, but at least exists), the conversation between Ryu and Ken in japanese with some english and specially the costumes, in the videos beside you can check all this care . 

The Story

As a short movie, there's not so much story on it, but I suppose that you'r a fan of Street Fighter if you're going to watch it, so you must understand what's going on, Ryu travelling the world as a wanderer found by Ken, his old friend and rival. That's enough to say, just enjoy it.

This hub just want to help on disclosure of this good gift for the fans of Street Fighter, you can watch all the videos and the movie on the project's channel on youtube

The Movie



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    • shin_rocka04 profile image

      shin_rocka04 5 years ago from Maryland

      Man, this was really cool to watch. I geeked completely over watching the Street Fighter legacy. I really wish that Capcom would not waste so much money making a "Hollywood" movie, and spend some of those dollars on projects that are authentic like this one. I have a Street Fighter x Tekken one that's really well done, too. The guy that plays Ryu in it is actually the guy (Daniel Southworth) who played the Quantum Ranger in Time Force.

    • profile image

      rudy 6 years ago

      you can add these ryu cosplay photos, the best i ever see,