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Stuff To Do When Your Bored At Home

Updated on March 5, 2011

Things to do when you're bored at home...

So you're bored at home, and want some stuff to do to keep you occupied?

Well you've come to the right place! I've compiled a list of things you might want to consider doing to stave off that boredom.

Start a Blog

Blogging is now easier then ever, with Google's blogger and other sites such as Wordpress. If you don't have one already, consider starting one up! You can write about anything that interests you, or even use it as a way for friends and family overseas to see what you are up to. There are a lot of great templates out there, so almost no HTML or website building knowledge is required!

Plan a Trip

Plan that trip you've always wanted to take! Wanted to go to Europe, Australia, Antarctica? Do some research into prices for flights/hotels/camping and see if it is feasible at all in the near future!

F2P PC Games

F2P (Free To Play) PC Games are certainly not a rare commodity, and are a great time sink if you are feeling bored. Although quality of the games can certainly vary, there are a few great options when it comes to F2P. Check out games such as League of Legends or Lord of the Rings Online.

Write a Book

Almost everyone at one point or another decides they are going to write a book. Well don't procrastinate about it! Start one! Brainstorm some ideas and start jotting them down. Alternatively you could set yourself a goal to write some short stories. Set yourself a challenge and give yourself a word limit like 100 or 500, and no matter what, your story cannot go for longer!

Build a Computer that Operates as a Home Theatre System

Still on the old DVD player? Have a computer but it's in the other room and you would like to keep it there? Well investigate how to build yourself a Home Theatre System (they are basically Computers anyway). There are lots of things you can do with it. It will allow you to play downloaded files through your TV, as well as Blu-Rays/DVD's or movie files from a USB stick. You could even setup a wireless system so it is networked to your main computer and you can stream files straight to your TV!

Learn a Language

Been thinking you should learn another language? Well, don't put it off! With the Internet - self education is a breeze. French or Spanish are always a good place to start, or you could aim for something a little more obscure like Dutch (click link for my thoughts & opinions on whether Dutch is hard to learn) or Greek.

Watch all Internet Memes from the last Decade

An Internet meme is something that is spread rapidly via the Internet. Think viral videos like the 'rick roll'. If you are really feeling bored, then familiarise yourself with the best memes from the last decade! There sure are a lot of them, and it should keep you busy for quite a while!

Learn to Draw

Learning to draw is always a useful skill. Not only will it impress the ladies, it's something you can do anywhere at anytime (as long as you carry around a sketchpad and a pencil). There are a lot of online communities dedicated to drawing, or alternatively buy yourself a book about drawing, and get sketching!

Do a Painting

Painting can be FUN. If you approach it with the right frame of mind (that is you're not trying to create a master piece) it can really be a blast. You'll be surprised - I bet you or someone in the family has some paints/brushes stored at the back of a cupboard somewhere. Get a blank canvas, mix some colours and paint away. If you're really feeling adventerous try using some everyday objects to paint with, such as a toothbrush or an old pair of socks.

Origami Swans

Steeped in Japanese history, Origami swans can be graceful and elegant, all achieved with a bit of paper and your own hands! Don't let that boredom of yours disappear without learning such a useful skill.

Build a Paper Plane

If Origami is not your cup of tea, then Paper Planes surely will be! EVERYONE loves Paper Planes? Remember making them as a little kid? Well they are just as fun now as they were then. Have a competition with your family or friends, and see who can build the best plane that flies for the longest!

Invent a Boardgame

Feeling particularly bored? Well invent a Boardgame then! Have a quick look at your current boardgames and see how they are put together, then get to thinking about what sort of boardgame YOU would like to play. Then make it! But maybe you are feeling bored and lazy rather then just bored, in which case just play a boardgame that you already own.

Juggle 3 Balls

Juggling three balls is always a winning party trick. Plus, if you ever find yourself homeless and on the street, you can always start busking for coins! A couple of hours of hard work, and you should be juggling three balls in no time!

Start a Website

Look at building a website. Go and see if your own name is already a registered domain, see if you can obtain Learn to build one for yourself, or build one that is just for you and your friends! If building a website interests you at all, well you will never be bored again!

So there we have it. A nice list of things you can do to stop yourself getting bored at home! If you enjoyed the list please feel free to leave a comment, or even make some additions of other things to do if you're bored at home!


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    • profile image

      Blaaaa 4 years ago

      I dk wat to do

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 5 years ago from Singapore

      It's 4 more days to Chinese New Year and everybody does spring cleaning before the new year. So, if you are feeling bored at home with nothing to do, I would suggest taking a look at all your old stuff and throwing away those that you no longer want or need.