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Stunning Things About Mike Connors You Never Knew

Updated on May 31, 2015
A clean-cut Mike Connors in his early acting career.
A clean-cut Mike Connors in his early acting career.
Connors starring in "Bend in The River."
Connors starring in "Bend in The River."
Connors starring in "Brien's Drive-in Theater."
Connors starring in "Brien's Drive-in Theater."
Great characture of Mike Connors.
Great characture of Mike Connors.

Remember Mike Connors?

I would wager that of all the he-men, hard-drinking, two-fisted, divorced, street-tough, private eye's to make the television screen, Mike Connors for a long time didn't get his share of the "stardom gravy." I would guess too that this is insulting to someone who worked as hard as Connors did in show business.

Connors' went only by "Nick," in the fast-paced, suspenseful "Tightrope," which sometimes pitted "Nick" against underworld thugs who were out to give him a pair of "cement shoes," and clients, mostly adoring blonds and brunettes who fell in love with him perpetually. What a life.

In a more-sophisticated detective drama, "Mannix," Connors was know as "Joe Mannix," a maverick detective working for a huge, computerized detective agency headed-up by Joseph "Lew Wickersham" Campanella who was always arguing with "Joe" about his detective tactics and ethics. But when all was said and done and all of the papers were stapled-together, "Joe Mannix," saved the day with that toothy-grin that the lady viewers loved.

Hope you enjoy.

Fernando Lamas and Connors in a suspenseful-show.
Fernando Lamas and Connors in a suspenseful-show.

Connors: Amazing actor.

Mike Connors was multi-talented. No argument. But aside from his acting-skills, he had the ability to bridge the gap between the private eye shows of the late 1950's and the modern private eye who rebelled against the technology of his big office and handled cases in his own style. Only Connors could have pulled it off.

And as much as you and millions more loved Mike Connors, I would bet you that you never knew about these

Stunning Things About Mike Connors You Never Knew

Modern "Joe Mannix."

Connors looking confident.
Connors looking confident.
Connors and wife, Mary Lou Wiley.
Connors and wife, Mary Lou Wiley.
Joseph Campanella who starred as "Lew Wickersham,"  "Joe Mannix'" friend and boss at Inter Tech.
Joseph Campanella who starred as "Lew Wickersham," "Joe Mannix'" friend and boss at Inter Tech.
Connors with Gail Fisher as "Peggy" on "Mannix.
Connors with Gail Fisher as "Peggy" on "Mannix.
  1. Connors despised bologna sandwiches. He once said that they reminded him of poverty.
  2. Connors was not crazy about being in the spotlight on "Tightrope," and "Mannix." He preferred that his co-stars, (e.g. Gail Fisher, "Peggy," on "Mannix") got credit for their talents.
    Although Mike Connors had to fly many times to film locations, he feared flying to a fault.
  3. Connors also had this secret phobia about getting his pearly-teeth cracked in action scenes or by some troublemaker.
  4. Connors had a great talent to duplicate several dialects such as a southern-based riverboat gambler in the film, "Bend of The River."
  5. Connors held true to his hairstyle over his career in show business. The long-hair look did not appeal to him.
  6. Mike Connors seldom talked about camping to his friends due to his secretive personality.
  7. Connors and his off-screen friend, Joseph Campanella, once discussed doing a "Mannix" remake, but not use the original "Inter-tech" name. The only snag was Connors having to use another name besides "Joe."
  8. Mike Connors had a short-fuse and always had to fight to keep himself under control.
  9. Some influential people around Hollywood (in Mike's day) said that Connors would make a fortune selling foreign cars for he had that "magic touch" to reach people.
  10. In his latter career, Connors made a few cameo's on "Two and a Half Men," as "Charlie" and "Alan's" mother's lover who didn't have that many lines.
  11. Contrary to popular opinion, Chuck Connors, "Lucas McCain," "The Rifleman," and Mike Connors were not related. And as a bonus fact, Chuck was NOT gay.
  12. Mike Connors maintained a moderate-exercise program to help him keep his athletic-body.
  13. Mike Connors never appeared in any early sci-fi films depicting men from mars as evil.
  14. Mike Connors' only vice was drinking black coffee.

Note: I thought you would enjoy a trip back down "Early Hollywood Lane," and a behind-the-scenes look at Mike Connors. Sorry. No mysterious facts on Gabby Hayes.

Thank you for reading this hub and I pray that you all have a

good week.




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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      I put myself in Connors' place here. Teeth, especially perfect, white teeth like his, I would consider part of my career investment.

      Makes sense, huh?

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      3 years ago from California

      Great! Especially the tidbit about Connors having a short fuse and keeping it tighly under control. Very necessary trait for someone who was afraid of breaking his teeth.


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