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Suicide Sqaud: Film Review

Updated on August 20, 2016

A few days ago, I saw 'Suicide Squad'. Today I will be writing my review.

I wouldn't say I'm a massive fan of Suicide Squad but I have read a few of the comics, and I did really enjoy them. Who could disagree that getting a bunch of villains to work for the government is anything less than genius?

This article is not written by a professional film critic, but simply by a huge comicbook geek who enjoys Suicide Squad.

Stuff that wasn't so good.

Prepare yourself for some serious nit-picking! Before I talk about what I enjoyed, I'm going to have to discuss what I did not.

Firstly, the idea behind Waller forming the squad was that the next 'Superman' might have very different morals from the last. But wait…
Does Amanda really think a bunch of villains (some of which don't even have any powers) would stand a chance against a man with super-strength, bulletproof skin, and laser eyes? He could destroy them all in less than 5 seconds!

Secondly, surely Enchantress would be able to easily kill them all. She's a witch for a Christ sake!

Thirdly. Where the Hell did Joker and Harley find a massive room, filled with giant vats of bleach, with no lids, left unattended?

Finally, The Joker. Leto didn't do an awful job, but The Joker is one of the (if not the) most iconic comicbook villains of all time! He had massive clown shoes to fill, and although he clearly done his best, he didn't quite fill them.


Although the characters have received a fair bit of criticism, I personally think that they are all extremely well thought out, each with a unique personality and many with intricate back stories that you could make an entire movie out of!
Take for example 'El Diablo'. Unlike most villains who just kill anyone and don't think twice, he is a man who has made massive mistakes when he acted out of anger. And now he has to deal with the consequences.

The actors were also fantastic!
Sometimes when comicbook characters are put in a film, one of two things happens. Either they are nothing like how they are in the comics (which isn't automatically a bad thing), or they are but they simply don't suit the silver screen.
All the actors managed to make their characters stay true to their comicbook counterparts whilst still being able to adapt them to the big screen.

The characters were complex, realistic (in a way), and played extremely well! Which is actually quite surprising considering, a) Most of them were unknown to the 'non-comicbook-reading public', and b) They had to introduce an entire team of characters in one movie!


As I said earlier, the reason why they got assembled makes as much sense as putting a reality TV star in the white house!
But once you get past that, some of the plot points were actually fantastic.

Some moments were funny, such as when Harley stole the purse. Other moments played on the heart strings, such as when El Diablo was explaining his past. And a few moments were just straight up awesome, such as the fight scenes.

Although I don't really like the reason this team was created, I love fact that they were! With superhero movies becoming more popular that ever, it's refreshing to see a change from the usual 'hero who does good because it's his duty'.
One thing I think everyone can agree on is that Suicide Squad is very unconventional. But thinking outside the box is a key part of making a good story!

Stuff I liked but couldn't write enough about to occupy a whole paragraph

The Script. Although it wasn't perfect, it was great. It was filled with all sorts of emotions, and had a few really powerful quotes.
I also enjoyed the effects; vibrant, well made, and borderline realistic. Something DC has always been better at than Marvel.

Finally, the music. Maybe it's just because I'm such a big fan of soundtrack music, but I really liked it. It always suited the scenes and was pleasant to listen to!


This film was far from perfect! And the worst thing is, none of the flaws were particularly big. They were all tiny problems that could've been fixed easily.

But despite it's many issues, Suicide Squad is a well scripted, enjoyable, entertaining film with outstanding characters, and crew who clearly know what they're doing!

I'm giving it three and a half stars!


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