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Sucker Punch, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules: 2 Great Movies

Updated on March 29, 2011

You gotta see both, IMO. 


You just know that, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules" or Wimpy Kid 2, will be hilarious in many scenes, just like Wimpy Kid 1. This is already a franchise and you know every year there will be one showing the coming of age in your middle school years. It is like a modern "Leave it to Beaver". Big brother, little brother = War. Revenge. Satisfaction. Some reviewers have said Wimpy 2 is not as good as the Wimpy 1, not so. They are equal, especially the funny chocolate in the wrong parts stain while in public, what does one do?  I am still laughing when I think of it. Both movies will be timeless even 20 years from now because what happens to Roderick now in 2011, happened to Beaver in 1959. Kids are kids and how they approach issues, like talking to a new girl who is a fox (building up the nerve, trying to be cool, not act like a dork) in public simply NEVER change. Oh my, does Roderick find this out the most embarrassing way with parents nearby. For the older bro, there is nothing worse than being outwitted by your punk brother who is only 3-4 years younger. But, those few years are like centuries when growing up. Then, the parents go away and big bro throws a party and little bro thinks its cool being with real teenagers in High School until it unravels with a single phone call from mom, "We're coming home early". The cover up is almost a success but for one thing. Then, Dad interrogates cunningly looking for clues. Of course, both deny, deny, deny, deny, deny. That is there operational plan-deny. At the start of the movie, big bro and little bro were bitter enemies. However, by the end, they realize that while they still frown at each other, they can be allies against a common foe: Mom and Dad. 


I could not help but wonder how this film was made as I watched it. For the actors, most of the shots had to be with blue and green screens because much of it is like cool video game, the kind guys (or, some girls) like. The CGI effects are nothing short but stunning in their detail and realism. The film is about how each of us have all the tool we need to be a success or free from whatever closet horrors or fears each possess. The film is clean as far as language, sex. Its rating is derived from the shoot and scoot war scenes, all well crafted and interesting because of the mix of eras: WW1, Vietnam, Star War-like. The music is a mix from different eras as is the dress, which seems to be the early 60s. 

The main focus is on Barbie doll who arrives at an asylum after she attempts to kill her stepfather and accidentally kills her sister. The opening sequences are a bit heavy, although, nothing is shown, but you know what is going on. There she meets other troubled teens (all of the actresses do a most excellent job in their roles) and Barbie discovers her ability to mesmerize (like a cobra dance) the men of the asylum by dancing. The viewer never sees any dance. When she dances, she escapes into another world with the other trouble girls except the one that needs to find one of five things that will set them free (map, key, knife etc.). To get to this item, they must battle the enemy (this is where the battle scenes appear). Once the item is seized, the battle ends as does the dance.

Not everything goes as planned. Not all of the teens make it out to freedom, in fact, only one does and it is not the one you think. The teens themselves are dressed provocatively because it is their job to entertain (dance), but is just eye candy, a way to distract their enemy. It reminded me of the two cartoons: Totally Spies and Powerpuff Girls, in that, all are strong, determined, smart and willing to fight. All are "hot" as well.

It is a movie worth seeing for the visuals and the theme: fight for your freedom.


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