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Suicide Squad- Good or Bad?

Updated on August 19, 2016


Jared Leto as the Joker
Jared Leto as the Joker | Source

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Good, Bad, or In-between?

DC Cinematic Universe

The DCCU has put out another movie to their new take on the DC superhero world. Suicide Squad follows Batman V Superman (BvS) after it flopped hard for the critics receiving a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes and a fan review 65%. Yes I may have made up for itself in the Ultimate Edition but that left viewers a little scared for what was to come of the follow up film this article is about, Suicide Squad. Well right now Suicide Squad is challenging BvS for who can be rated worse standing at a solid 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and having a viewer rating of 69%. Now a lot of people will argue that Rotten Tomatoes is fixing the game for Marvel, like say the petition that was started to get rid of Rotten Tomatoes. Well lets's just take a step back and go through our pros and cons of the the movie. Warning there will be spoilers for those still waiting to see the film.

Pros and Cons

Let's start with some pros throughout this movie. Also you main not agree with these pros and cons but I am listing off my opinion and the popular media opinion of this film.

The Trailers

We can all be honest that the trailers had everyone extremely hyped for this movie especially after the downfall of BvS. Suicide Squad definitely got the market done to the T on this project. Drowning the audience with characters and classic rock songs who wouldn't be pumped for this movie? Sadly the trailers will pop up in the con section as well.

The Joker and Harley

These two stole the show really. Jared Leto did a fantastic new take with pieces of the old takes when it came to the Joker. People were very upset when that first photo released of him covered in tattoos. Once again the internet lit up and wanted Leto removed and the Joke redesigned. Now the viewers are saying he was one of the only good parts of the movie. His team up with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was just about as good as Adam West's Batman and Robin. They played off of each other so well and the fans loved it. The use of the costumes to pull at the hearts of comic book lovers. And, to finally be able to see Harley on the big screen after all this time. Again sadly the Joker will also be put on the cons list.

Captain Boomerang

A lot of movie reviews are really hitting CB hard saying he is a pointless character to have in the movie and doesn't even belong in the Squad. For those that haven't read the comics CB is a major member of the Suicide Squad and for one without him this movie the comedy relief would be dwindling close to that of BvS. CB brings his little pink unicorn with him to fight a war, that alone screams that he belongs in this movie for a reason. The wise cracker and spirit lifter may not really have any superpowers besides being able to throw boomerangs really well but what he lacks for in power he makes up for with one liners and beer drinking.


Yes Batman is in the suicide squad and it is rather pleasing to see him. He makes minor cameos such as dealing with Joker and Harley, arresting Deadshot, and if you stay till after the credits to form the Justice League with papers from Amanda Waller. It is a great sigh of relief to see him in the suit and in regular action rather than grim face Bruce Wayne, which he is for 95% of BvS. He may even be in costume for the same amount of time that he was for BvS and all he did were some cameos.

Will Smith

Will Smith's Deadshot is easily the main character focus of this film. He is the unverbalized leader of the squad and has the most backstory along with Harley. He holds the team together and is really the only voice of reason for the entire movie since he was surrounded by lunatics. He even went on to say that he doesn't like Jared Leto for his method acting ways and the stunts he pulled all around the set on the crew. One downfall to Deadshot is that his signature mask is only worn for a short period of time. It seems the Hollywood case of making the heroes take off their masks is still in affect.

The Soundtrack

This you already knew about since the trailers hit. The soundtrack is nothing short of amazing featuring songs like Eminem's Without Me, 21 Pilot's Heathens, Panic at the Disco's Bohemian Rhapsody and many more. You should definitely go check it out if you are looking for a compilation of good tunes to listen to.

Deadshot and Harley Quinn

Will Smith as Deadshot
Will Smith as Deadshot | Source
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn | Source

Cons of Suicide Squad

Now lets jump to some of the main cons since there are talks of so many issues with this film.

The Joker

Jared Leto has gone on record saying that he felt that he was mislead for his portrayal and use in the film. He went on to say he felt cheated out of how much screen time he even made. If you have seen the film he is in it maybe 8-10 minutes. He told interviewers that he had filmed a lot more scenes that ended up being cut and that he was a much bigger player than the final cut played him out to be. The trailers even had scenes of the Joker that never showed up in the movie, the burnt face scene comes to mind. So if you are going to see this flick hoping for a Joker lead villain story stop hoping.

The Trailers

The trailers yes a positive for being awesome but also a negative for being extremely misleading. They for one have parts of the Joker that weren't in the movie as talked about above. They portray the movie being extremely light hearted and comedic. We all could have assumed that this wouldn't be true after how dark BvS was. All in all the Trailers just got the hype way to built up to a point that they couldn't even hope to live up to.

The Plot and Structure

Ok so having walked out of this film I and many other reviewers on line were shaking our heads. The story starts off not to bad simple back stories of the squad but then it just dives straight into something they thought would be a good climatic story. The editing and final putting together of this film was chopping and very poor. One second a character is doing something and boom we are transported to a 5 minute later and they are all doing something else. The story is much to short for how long the movie was. The plot for this movie could have been an hour long television special. In the end the film was just a messy collage of scenes forced together.

The Villain

So as many critics had complained is that Amanda formed this crew to fight off meta humans. So making the lead villain (Enchantress) be one of the squad members just seemed lazy and uncreative. As many complained if she wouldn't have created this team then the issue would probably never have happened in the first place, you simply can't have the team you form also contain the villain they are meant to fight. Just a poorly executed antagonist.

Where is Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash?

Ok so we all know from BvS that Batman is building his own team (Justice League) to fight issues that are the exact definition of what this villain brought to the table. So many of the fans were left with the question "Where are they?" The world may never know, maybe they were just to busy comparing parent names.

Not Such a Meta Group

Amanda when suggesting her idea for the squad says we need a team of meta humans to fight the bad team of meta humans. So why then do we have two on the team, Enchantress doesn't count since she betrays them. El Diablo and Killer Croc are the only two that are meta humans the rest are just skilled people. Another question brought up is why even send these guys in there instead of a well trained military team. Also on a side note, the team puts on their own clothes instead of military grade armor. Why? we send a whole fleet of troops in then have a Harley walking in boy shorts, belly shirt, and high heels. How does that make any sense what so ever?

The Typical Slow Motion Hero Ending

This will be the last major complaint of the movie. While I was watching this movie people laughed out loud while others gave high sighs. The movie went ahead and gave the audience that glorious slow-motion ending that the audience didn't want since the movie was already dragging. It was a very long slow motion scene as well going for close to 45 seconds. It would have even better if it would have been in regular speed, throwing Deadshot the gun and him shooting with zero hesitation.

Suicide Squad Trailer


So as you can see there are plenty of pros and cons to this film. Each person has a different opinion on films so I wouldn't take a critics word for 100% truth. If you are a fan of DC and are happy to see these guys finally get their screen time then go ahead and give Suicide Squad a view. Build your own views and let me know what you thought about it and comment your pros and cons. If you have scene this film please give your input and add to the lists. Thank you for reading.

The Verdict

What was your favorite Character In Suicide Squad?

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Suicide Squad Goals

The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad | Source


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    • MizPamRoxx profile image

      Pam Freeman 

      2 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Yes, I've been hearing similar comments. We'll see if a sequel will be made...?

    • marcuscaine profile image

      Marcus T Caine 

      2 years ago from United States of America

      I disagree with the author. captain boomerang should not have been there at all. There was very little background done on him.

      All in all, it was an ok movie

    • MizPamRoxx profile image

      Pam Freeman 

      2 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Actually, I compared notes with another friend, who works in Theatre Distribution, and he said the film was actually started the 1st time about 15 years ago. Will Smith was the only actor willing to go forward with the 2nd Director, and numerous script re-writes later, and a new cast... you got Suicide Squad!

      According to Total Film magazine, this is true, as they talk with the Actors and Director who was glad for a chance to direct SS.

      Thought I'd shed some light on why some of the Fans were a little disappointed with the film.

    • Darimusb profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      The movie had a lot of style but I agree the plot was disconnected. I think the studio over thought the project...


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