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Suicide Squad Review

Updated on August 5, 2016

Three strikes and you're out in baseball. This could be said about a lot of movie franchises. However, DC's universe has been scheduled for more movies than it deserves. This comic-book franchise has been derailed by the one and only Zack Snyder and it looks like it will never be fixed. The Suicide Squad trailers tried to prove a lot of the haters wrong. It's marketing was perfect as it showed a funny spin on the universe. It got a lot of the critics of the franchise on board as well. It surely did its job to try and manipulate audiences into believing that this universe wasn't a complete disaster. Unfortunately, “disaster” is the exact word to describe this movie. If Warner Brothers and DC wanted this movie to change the critics minds, they failed.

Suicide Squad is directed by David Ayer and produced by Zack Snyder. Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis) is trying to get a team together to fight threats that could potentially harm the world. She wants this team ready so that if another Superman comes down, their will be a team that can stop it. Waller gets the help of some bad people that will do a lot of good. Enchantress is one of these villains but she doesn't want to follow orders and creates a plot to create an army to destroy everything. She's a mystical witch that releases her brother. Her brother helps her in her effort to take over the world. The Suicide Squad has their first task in taking down the threat. However, they soon realize that not only are the bad guys in front of them, they're also the ones pulling the strings.

Suicide Squad’s biggest failure is in the character department. The big selling point of the movie was that audiences were going to get great characters that were interesting and fun. What we got were characters that were boring and wooden. There are only a few of them that get a backstories (of course these are the three major stars in the movie). Most of them never get any character development. They're tossed a side for no reason at all. Majority aren't interesting enough to care about to begin with. This has to do with both bad screen-writing and a lack of talent in the acting department. The dialogue doesn't help these actors, but a lot of the acting is god awful. The three major ones that are quite awful are Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne), Boomerang (played by Jai Courtney), and the Joker (played by Jared Leto).

Leto doesn't do a terrible job with the Joker but the character is so bad that it becomes nauseating at times. He's not the Joker that's been seen in any live-action movie yet. He's a gangster with a gold tooth and a whole lot of tattoos. Leto is given a character that seems to scare everyone around him but never feels menacing at all. The over-the-top performance doesn't help, but Leto isn't given a character he can shine with. The worst acting in the movie is Courtney’s performance. Courtney is a terrible actor to begin with and this movie doesn't prove that wrong. His delivery of some of lines is cringe-worthy at best and he's constantly aggravating throughout the entire runtime. Delevingne’s performance isn't much better. It's over the top, loud, obnoxious, and overall lazy. She's out of her element and it shows in her performance.

Suicide Squad has a lot of directional and screen-writing errors as well. A scene where the squads chopper is shot down by someone we never see. Though the movie doesn't really pay a lot of attention on the crash in the first place as it just cuts to the team walking down the street with no transition shot. Action scenes are shaking and sometimes hard to follow. Enchantress’s heart is her only weak point, then it's not, and then it is again. Enchantress is in control of a person’s body. If she dies, the body dies. This was the overall message throughout the whole movie until we needed tension and a fake-out death scene. There was an annoying amount of fake-out death scenes in the film. It seems like DC’s new trend. Though the worst offense is when a group of non-meta human villains was able to take down a demonic witch and her brother. Their no match for them but somehow pull it together and win. It's done in the most lazy way possible (wont tell you for spoiler reasons).

There’s a lot these inconsistencies with a lot of unrealistic moments in Suicide Squad that turns the movie into a joke after while. It's like a punchline of a joke by the Joker. Nothing in the movie impressed me. Nothing in the movie was groundbreaking. Nothing was fun to watch. DC might be able to disguise this crap better with some audience members. However, it's still crap at the end of the day.

Overall, Suicide Squad is the biggest disappointment of the year. The beginning produces some promise, but it's just a glimmer of hope that fades when the second act starts. What could have been an interesting film, fades into oblivion with a terrible performance by everyone evolved with the film. This new universe DC/Warner Brothers have created, has another strike under its belt. It's time to just scrap this new universe and reboot. However,the box-office numbers will state over-wise.


Three strikes you're out

This new universe has created one of the worst films ever. Its also the only major franchise since Transformers to have all rotten scores on RT. The last hope is in Wonder Woman, which isn't produced or directed by Snyder.

How do you feel about the direction DC/Warner Brothers is taking?

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