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Sausage Party Movie Review - A South park feature film we always wanted

Updated on August 14, 2016


What happens when all the items in a supermarket (especially food) comes to life.They believe that when someone buys them , they are being taken to heavens where gods (humans) take good care of them. The hot dog (Seth Rogen) is sceptical about this theory and goes in search of proof that the gods actually kill the food after they take them. His journey to seek the proof and what kind of action the foods decide to take forms the rest of the story.


Sausage party takes a dig at the commonly recurring theme in Disney and Pixar where household objects / animals come to life. Case in point being Toy Story (Toys), Cars (cars), Secret Life of Pets (Pets)... There is a scene in the movie where one of the cars has a sticker saying "Dixar".. The characters in the movie swear a lot, and I mean a lot..It is funny in the beginning but gets tedious after a point though.I don't even know what to say about the climax, one of the craziest scene I have scene in a long time. The film does have its issues.My main issue with the movie was that it had no direction or purpose. What really can the food do once they find out the truth? Can they escape their inevitable death? Also why was Douche still angry at Sausage after finding out the truth? Despite all this, I was pleasantly surprised by the social commentary in this movie. I generally hate when movies try to preach but Sausage Party cleverly incorporates a lot of social issues in its humour.Some of them include slut shaming of women , LGBT issues , Israel-Palestine issue, obesity and many others. If only they had some more time , we could had a few Mr.Trump jokes in there.


I went into Sausage Party expecting it to be a crude , crass comedy but came out having watched an intelligent comedy. It definitely has its issue but I would say Sausage Party is a good watch for the summer if you are ok with a lot of swearing and some very very weird sex scenes


I tend to finish my reviews by ranking the top five movies to watch this week. Obviously I can only rank movies I have watched...

My top 5 for this week are

  1. Swiss army man , if it is still playing ( and if you are ok with watching unusual movies)
  2. Pelli Choopulu , A Telugu movie ( if you are okay watching foreign movies)
  3. Sausage Party ( if you can handle crude humour)
  4. Lights Out
  5. Star Trek Beyond


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