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Suite Life on Deck “Smarticles Particles” Episode

Updated on September 15, 2009

"Smarticles Paticles" Episode Wrap Up

The “Smarticles Particles” episode of Suite Life on Deck first premiered on the Disney Channel on September 11, 2009. Zach is getting ready to play a prank on Woody. It ends up attacking the captain of the wrestling team instead, who is a female bully. Mr. Moseby gets her to put him down before she hurts him, but she tells him to come back at 3pm.

Moseby wants London to better in school in order for him to not let her father down. He does not see much hope when she is heading to a quiz with supplies for a nap and a magazine to read while in detention for the nap.

Zach is scared about the upcoming fight. Woody teaches him the armadillo defense of curling into a ball. He thinks it is ridiculous, but when Moseby sneaks up on him he thinks it is the bully and does the armadillo.

Bailey and Cody study for their homework together. London comes in talking about her not being a good student and not to blame her if Moseby goes missing. Bailey bets Cody that she can get London up to a B average. Cody takes the bet because he has tried to help London before and failed.

Bailey tries to teach London. She tries to make a math problem relatable to London by changing the circumstances, but London just keeps distracted and soon calls a study break and leaves. Bailey then is inspired to come up with a placebo effect.

In the fight Zach tries to make peace with a handshake, but instead Becky brings him down with a firm grip. She then sits on his ribcage. He starts to sweet talk himself out of the fight by telling her he has a crush on her. He ends up with a date with her on Friday at 8.

Bailey makes London think that special perfume will make her smart. London thinks it has smarticle particles. She says she feels smarter, but then walks into the closed door.

On his date with Becky, Zach gets annoyed with Becky lifting him up all the time. He gets roped into going to her next wrestling match to cheer her on with the other guy’s girlfriends and bring the team snack.

London ends up with a C+ on her quiz. Bailey tries to convince Cody she did it with regular study techniques, but London gives up that it was the magic perfume.

Cody really wants to break up with Becky, but he fears getting beat up, so he tries to make her not like him by making himself ugly, but he decides it cannot be done. Woody gets Zach inspired to make her not interested in him by making her fall for Woody instead. Zack tries to teach Woody to be smooth with the ladies and he fails.

London shows up with a new smart business type outfit. Cody thinks Bailey should tell her the truth about the perfume being a placebo. London overhears them talking and is crushed to learned she is not really smart.

Woody flirts with Becky, but she does not want to give in because she is with Zach. Woody then trips and ends up in her arms. Zach takes this as an opportunity to break up with her because it seems like she is two timing him. Woody is then afraid he is going to be beat up for causing the break up and takes the armadillo stance.

London confronts Bailey about tricking her with the perfume. London is upset about not being smart anymore. Bailey tries to explain she was smart on her own, but ends up resorting to coming up with her lipstick being smart. London totally goes along with it, but makes herself look like a clown with a lot of lipstick on her face.

Becky shows up actually dressed like a girl. Zach now thinks she is hot. It turns out she does not care for him anymore and her and Woody are in love.

London surprises Moseby getting a B+ on her math final. Cody pays up for Bailey winning the bet of getting London to get a B. It is simply just giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Overall this is an interesting episode. It is odd to see London suddenly get good grades while still being sort of an airhead, but then again I know plenty of smart people with no common sense, so she totally could be that kind of person. The whole plotline with Zach and Becky could have been more in depth and better. It seemed kind of rushed through. There was way more potential for interest in that. I was really hoping to see him end up with the girlfriends cheering on the boys while he was the lone boyfriend cheering on the girl at the wrestling match, but that did not happen.


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      8 years ago

      what is Becky's real name ?


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