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Valerie Azlynn: Sullivan & Son's Red Hot Redhead Hottie

Updated on February 9, 2013

In July 2012, TBS launched a new sitcom called Sullivan and Son. The premise of the show is that Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne), a young corporate lawyer, returns to his Pittsburgh home and buys his father's bar. His father (Dan Lauria) is supportive of his decision but his Korean mother (Jodi Long) feels he has thrown away his life. She attempts to correct this by attempting to control the decisions that Steve makes leading to many hilarious hi-jinx.

Yes, what we have here is a run-of-the-mill good-for-killing-a-half-hour sitcom that is above average but far from classic. There is, however, one thing about the show that makes it shine a little brighter than some of the other new sitcoms out there. Her name is Valerie Azlynn.

Valerie Azlynn was born Valerie Asselin on November 25, 1980, and began her acting career in 1998. Throughout the next decade she appeared on many sitcoms in guest starring roles including episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Joey, Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. She also appeared on dramas such as CSI: NY, Cold Case and Castle. At the same time she had numerous film roles including small parts in Tropic Thunder and Surrogates. But certainly her new role on Sullivan & Son is her biggest to date.

On the show, she plays Melanie, a love interest from Steve's past. She is now a paramedic and appears in her snug-fitting uniform -- very hot! As the season has progressed, the sexual tension between the two has been played off as a developing subplot leaving viewers to wonder will these two eventually find happiness in a romance that everyone around them feels is inevitable.

Any heterosexual man watching the show would have to be questioning why Steve is taking so long to make his move. With radiant auburn locks framing a lovely face highlighted by a beautiful smile, Valerie has the good looks and raw appeal that any man would have a hard time resisting. We can only hope that as the season progresses Steve will wise up and Melanie will become a more integral part of the storyline, paving the way for more screen time for lovely Valerie.

Hopefully the series will be a success and bring some attention to Valerie's career as it would be great to see her landing bigger roles on television and getting some quality time on the big screen. With her drop dead good looks and abundant talent, Valerie is poised to hit the big time as soon as the right opportunities come her way. Those of us lucky enough to catch her in these early days will surely always fondly remember watching this beautiful woman rise on the path to stardom!


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