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Updated on July 26, 2016
JayD19 profile image

I am Jay Doshi, a Movie fan. I've been watching films from as young an age that I can remember. It's something I dearly love.

"A great script directed perfectly"

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Script: 9.1/10

A beautiful script with great structure. This defines Sultan in its written essence. The transition between the three acts is smooth and by the interval/midpoint the film is beautifully poised. The characters of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma are strong and craftily written. Anushka's role isn't just to add glamour. She has a strong female lead like she did in NH10. By the third act climax, Sultan becomes exciting & Salman's character comes into his own.

I am still wondering why many critics have given Sultan a poor review. It is hands down one of the best scripts Salman has picked.

Acting & Dialogue: 9.2/10

Apart from Anushka's less convincing wrestling, she has a great role she brings into her own in her own quirky way. Her and Salman's Haryanvi accent portrayal is genuine and beautifully acted out. Salman's physical transformation throughout the film stands out and is his testament to dedication. Amit Sadh who we've seen in a big film after Kai Po Che has a supporting role that he performs in his own style. What is commendable is that Anushka has been given a enviable female lead and she makes the most of it.

Anushka is not just there to add glamour, she is a star of the film like Salman.

Direction: 9/10

What is incredible about the film is that it has been about a protagonist who is quite realistic in his problems. We can all relate to Sultan. The vision of this character and his story has been directed to perfection and the director will thank his cinematography team for their shooting of the fight scenes. The script has given certain opportunities to the director and he directs like a true class act. Sultan in its essence becomes a real and believable true story all because of the great execution of vision and some inspiring shots of the MMA fight scenes.

Director has realised he has a great script on hand and he hasn't let the opportunity go away. He's directed a beautiful film.

Soundtrack & Film Score: 9/10

Sultan's soundtrack has been composed keeping in mind the film's setting in rustic Haryana. The composition has a village feel that is quite necessary and makes a big impact on the film. Other than the song "Bass pe" which is a great add, the music is positively rural in its portrayal. The films score has a great impact during the fight scenes and is greatly improved upon by execution of perfect sound editing.The positive of the music is that in spite of being awesome, it doesn't take your eyes away from the main story at any point. It is in no way distracting. and is in fact, complementing.

Sultan's music has been purposely given a Haryana village feel and rightly so. It sweetens the film like sugar in water.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Sultan has released during Eid and will make a lot of money. Salman's film are guaranteed to box office success but Sultan is not just that. It's great script and probably really helped by Yash Raj producing. In it's essence it's a blockbuster running not just on star power. It has great content and incredible direction/cinematography.

Review by
-Jay Doshi

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Personal note: Sultan is entertaining, emotional and teaches you about sacrifices in sport. It is a great script executed by a brilliant team.


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