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Summer Wars 2009 - Animated Film Review

Updated on November 22, 2015


When Kenji a very shy math genius is taken by a female student Natsuki to her great grandmothers 90th birthday as she told her family she had this amazing boyfriend who they now want to meet. Kenji is way out his element and the situation is made worse when he is falsely implicated in the hacking of a virtual world by a very lost and crazy artificial intelligence named Love Machine. Kenji must take control back from Love machine and with his new band of friends to put a stop and repair the damage he has done.

The Film

I had been really looking forward to Summer Wars. There was a Digimon movie when I was a kid that had the same kind of vibe to the style which had drawn me into this film in the first place and it actually turns out that the man who animated said Digimon movie actually actually animated this one. So if you liked the Digimon movie as a kid this one is a one to watch.

The idea behind the story has been done before but it obviously had a modern twist added because technology has moved on in great leaps and bounds since then.

It worked on the principle that if one server say Facebook got attacked by a nasty hacker what could that hacker get away with. For example if that hacker was able to move across that server and gain access to other servers outside of Facebook just by using people’s accounts what would happen. Imagine them taking over electricity or gas plants or even traffic control or governmental bodies. Ok so your probs thinking ‘nah that couldn’t happen’ but how many of you use your Facebook profile to log into other websites? Or how many of you have the same details on another website? Like your email for example it wouldn’t take much to move from your Facebook to your email using your email address that you login with as a connection. So the premise is much easier to imagine than you think. Not everyone in the world uses social media and some people I know refused to have any technology in their home but imagine that just because of so many other people around the world being connected in some way the world could come to a stand still.

The code which is kinda like the ‘Hacker’ in this story has a very shaky history. Everything seems far to easy to why they came into existence and why it does what it does, however everything else about this character is really cool. It does things which are not expected and changes directions so many times your not 100% certain by the end what their main objectives really are. It’s a nasty character and stubborn but rather than hating it you are drawn to them to find out what will be its next move and what exactly is it thinking. I love that part of the story the most.


The characters when we started I didn’t think were overly special. There was no outstanding about them but I have to admit that I didn’t give them a chance. The main characters are a weird pair and it took a while for me to get used to them. The lead female was very well depicted being a young girl and driven by her feelings. She never had time to settle or adapt very well to her situations but I felt it was a little hard to connect with her because of this. You felt for her don't get my wrong but I didn't feel like I had connected to her because her character changed so much. It wasn't until we were getting close to the end I finally got to 'know her' as a character because you wanted her to win so badly and stand with her to face the enemy,

The main character Kenji is a very nervous and at first I found him irritating but the character completely changes once he is in his element and it was quite exciting to watch as his little grey cells work. It created an amazing tension as you hoped he was going to be able to work out the problem in time. I didn't mind the nervousness about the character but it seem to last longer than I would have liked. It felt like he really needed to have accepted his situation sooner and try and ignore everything else around him. I think it would have made it more interesting to watch as well.


The family were all different and were all good fun and like most families there are some which you like and some that you don’t but no matter what their differences I liked that they all backed each other up in the end. Though I don’t believe that a love element between the two characters was needed they could have just been friends and enjoyed the experience but instead they had to add this awkward tension between then which disappeared when the story got intense and reappeared when the story came to a conclusion. It seemed pretty pointless and unnecessary other than that I enjoyed the rest of the family relationship.

The story became quite thrilling but I did think that they dug themselves a very deep whole which felt really awkward to get out of and I don’t think everyone would be very satisfied with the ending, as like with the Digimon film it felt like it ended too abruptly and that it was skated over a bit. The music and the way the whole thing was animated was just fantastic. There was lots of bright colours which was distracting for me in places but the whole layout of the animation coupled with the effects and the music just made you want to watch it over and over. The voice actor selection for this film was a good choice as well. I think this make or break a film sometimes, specially animated ones. If they don’t have a nice choice of characters and voices that suit them it can grate on you for the whole film. So I was glad they picked something that worked so well.


For me it was good entertainment. However I know some scenes some of the audience wouldn’t approve of but it ticks all of my boxes anyway. Its just a good all round film and one that each time you watch it there will always be something new catches your eye, this is due to the fact there is so much colour and things going on you miss things the first time so its well worth watching it again.

My rating 8 out of 10

Summer Wars and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

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