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Sunday Morning Praise Party with TruSoulDJ 2-28-16

Updated on May 7, 2016

We all need that one on one time with God ... To drown out the noises and distractions of the outside word. Oh how good and pleasant it is to fellowship with our Lord and Savior; letting him minister to us through songs and his actual words from the bible. Listen as ZACARDI CORTEZ speaks on this very subject.

When the spirit of the Lord ... When His love and truths have been deeply rooted in you from birth ... It's difficult to stray, but it can happen. Yet, I'm here as a witness to affirm that even when you stray ... The voice of God is nagging at you, tugging at your heartstrings to do right. Because its not so much about the religion, its about the relationship you have with your Savior. And let me tell you, He's not gonna let you go without a fight.

Are you feeling homesick? Many are homesick for Heaven; mentally longing for that very day when He cracks the sky and calls his children home ... No sickness there. No sadness there ... No one says it quite as well as the dynamic KIM BURRELL AND LALAH HATHAWAY by the way of KIRK FRANKLIN'S pen. Take a listen.

Can you play the background? Can you make yourself smaller so that God can be magnified? Because its not about you and building you up, its about Him be praised and worshipped. That's why when you fall ... When people who know that you're supposed to be a Christian see you with a beer in your hand or a cigarette in your hand ... This reflects on God. Because now they're thinking that everything they thought about Christians being hypocrites is true ... Now God is cast in a bad light because of your mistakes. But its alright. Because like Oscar Goldman, you can rebuild.

The songwriter said, "while you're trying to figure it out, He's already worked it out".
See, all you really have to do is be still and know that He is God. That's all. Just that simple formula. And when those storms come -- and believe me, they will -- you can just hide yourself beneath His wings of love. Here's some more Kirk Franklin.

Phillipians 4:6-7 admonishes us to not anxious for nothing. Which means to not consume your time with worry about things that are out of your control.

Let Him be the very air you breathe. Long for Him. Be desperate for Him. He will handle the biggest and smallest of your concerns. Believe that.


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