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Sunday's Entertainment Tidbits For 5/4/14

Updated on May 4, 2014

Star Wars Day And Announcement For The Big Day!

So today is May 4th and if you didn't hear already or just decided to lock yourself in a panic room today.Today is National Star Wars Day(Your damn right thats a thing).But so far all we have is an announcement for a Star Wars Rebels animated series is set for late May and for what most fans were expecting coming from the MAMMOTH announcement and posting of the cast for the new episode in the series and for some time it literally broke the internet because it caused such a buzz and uproar upon fans and geeks alike.So most hardcore's were expecting either a press conference in London with Abrams where he would announce more big names or he would give the fans a tentative title to live and talk about until its release.So I honestly waited on posting this for about 4 hours thinking something would leak involving the story but instead nothing since they are overseas and the timing is off by a few hours but nonetheless I think it was a fun Star Wars Day because Sportscenter even had some fun with it and the NFL Network did a complete first round draft involving characters in the Star Wars Universe and how they would work with the respective teams and in the game so I thought it was a nice touch to this day.Also being a kid from Minnesota we have our Minnesota Comic Con going on right now and somebody actually proposed to his wife and it even involved him being choked by Emperor Palpatine first before popping the big question.So when the word breaks on this I will add to it but for now it was a good Sunday the 4th for all geeks and fanboys alike.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Teaming Up Again In New Film

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sort of taken a break from acting in constant headlining acting roles.Pitt started his own production company Plan B that has produced such things as World War Z and the Best Picture Winning 12 Years A Slave.While Angelina has been doing some directing and philanthropy work as well as raising the 6 children they have too.But on the horizon everyone is excited to see her in Maleficent as a re telling of of a classic Disney story.So that one should definitely be interesting but hearing that this is the first film for them being able to come together in a decade maybe longer it should be a fun project to see since they do absolutely everything together and are married to each other as well.

More Godzilla Clips Show Monster Fights Coming

Due to the huge speculation in the new trailer after actor Ken Watanbe states in the film that we as people should just "Let them fight" which would be hard for humans to do it should let you know that Godzilla will be fighting against some other monsters on planet earth and destroying everything in their path.The movie won't come out until May 16th but the speculation is becoming clear and now everybody is guessing who the great monster could fight and what monsters director Gareth Edwards decided to use and revive from the classic films and possibly see how he did them because compared to the last Godzilla we saw this one is an amazing comparison and change and he is just monstrous and huge as he should be so I hope that the film soars past the already high expectations I have for it.

Bryan Singer Still On High Alert After Accusations Grow Higher

With the release of X-Men Days Of Future Past looming in the next few weeks director Bryan Singer has decided to take himself off of the market for pushing for the film and going to junk it's and so on ever since his most recent "Accuser" has come saying that he was offered many things as a minor in exchange for "Sexual" favors.Honestly hearing this around the release of the film sounds very fishy because it does sound like person who has apparently been "Handled" by Singer just wants something for his story a good 12 years after the fact of it even happening and not even telling a soul about it at all until now when he has arguably his BIGGEST film to date coming out this month with over 8-10 big name actors attached to roles of the famous X-Men.Also you would think that Singer would try and figure this out as fast as lets say the NBA took care of their Sterling zit and then he can move forward because Bryan is supposed to direct the next film as well in the series.

The Amazing Spider Man Finishes Opening Week With 92 Million Opening

The second installment in Marc Webb's Amazing Spider Man series "The Amazing Spider Man 2" Had enough people curious as to see where he went with the story next as it is the second biggest opening of the year behinds what looks to be the hottest movie of the year so far in Captain America:The Winter Soldier.But nonetheless the great film did make the money it needed to continue its success and make the Spider Man universe in Sony more full and add more standalone films in the future like how every has talked about the Sinister Six film coming and then talk of a Venom film as well.There is ALOT of what they like to call "Easter Eggs" in the film and covers a lot of what will come in Amazing 3 and 4 and the other films.

Late Actress Audrey Hepurn Turns 85 Today

Google took to making their logo personalized all about Audrey Hepburn for her 85th birthday if she were still alive today.She died in 1993 in Switzerland from Appendicular Cancer and her herself as an actress and her films will be remembered forever with classics like Breakfast At Tiffany's,My Fair Lady,Charade and Roman Holiday as some of her most remembered films.Hepburn also left her career with many nominations and 1 Oscar win to leave in her memory that is a great and sweet one at that.

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