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Super Heroes Now And Super Heroes Then

Updated on May 30, 2014

Super By Accident?

Let me take an example, say Hulk, our very own Green Super-Human with strength beyond imagination. Hulk is basically the alter ego of Bruce Banner, who is a shy and conservative Physicist and couldn’t even harm a fly. While saving the life of a teenager from an accidental detonation of a gamma-bomb, he exposed himself to a copious amount of gamma-radiations and eventually became hulk.

Bruce Banner does not look at his giant Green alter ego as any gift, instead he hides himself from the world as once he gets angry or under some specific circumstances, he involuntarily transforms into The Hulk, over which Banner has no control, and may become the cause of massive destruction.

Let’s consider the case of SpiderMan. A stressed, down-trodden, bullied, geek teenager, Peter Parker, gets bitten by a spider at a science tour and acquires unmatchable reflexes, great healing powers, strengths and of course on discovering all of that, he designs for himself a gadget that allows him to fire web strings. Swinging around the city he is misunderstood by the people and the police as a Masked-criminal initially. Later upon saving the lives of many citizens of his cities under dangerous circumstances, he acquires great fame but continues to keep his identity a mystery.

After All these accidental Super Heroes came in the self-made heroes, men who wanted to make a difference.


Self-Made Heroes

After All these accidental Super Heroes came in the self-made heroes, men who wanted to make a difference.

Batman was one of the first self made superheroes to gain huge popularity. Bruce Wayne aka Batman as a kid was terror-stricken as he saw his parents, being murdered by a mugger before his eyes. He grew up determined to fight crime in the GothamCity. He wanted to strike fear in the minds of the criminals, he wanted to be a creature of the night, black, macabre and terrible. So he decided to take on the persona of a Bat.

He was in a wealthy family and upon the death of his parents, being the only heir inherited a lot of wealth and had easy to access to fancy crime fighting setups and weaponry. His ride is known as the Bat mobile.


Iron Man The New Age Hero!

Iron Man is definitely the new-age superhero! Tony stark a Billionaire, Industrialist, Ingenious Engineer and a ladies’ man, kidnapped by terrorist who force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. His captors injure him and he suffers a chest injury. Stark creates a Palladium mini Arc reactor to power the electromagnet keeping the shrapnel from reaching his heart, with the help of a car battery.

He designs a suit of armor for himself to escape captivity.

There is extensive media coverage of Stark’s Suit and is immediately given the name IronMan. Iron Man becomes a rage, who helps protect the world.


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    • Writershub profile image

      Ishita Kataria 3 years ago

      @billybuc Hahaha! ALOT of money!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I wish I had my old comic books from back in the 60s. Might be worth some money now. :)