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Super Review

Updated on March 28, 2013

Super Review

Directed by James Gunn

Starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon

When Sarah (Live Tyler) leaves Frank (Rainn Wilson) and falls under the influence of drug dealer Jacques (Kevin Bacon), Frank decides to do what ever he can to get her back. In his case, this takes the form of becoming a Superhero.

Just like its more well known predecessor Kick Ass, here we have a Superhero film with ordinary Joes without super powers, going out and taking out the bad guys in any way they can. And again the violence is toned down in no way!

Every time I saw Frank on screen I was thinking this guy probably has lost a few of his marbles, but you could sort of understand why he was on his mission.

From the time he sees The Holy Avenger on TV and decides that this how will get his wife back, we know that there is going to be trouble. His research takes him to the local comic book shop and encounter Libby (Ellen Page) who schools him on Superhero etiquette and pushes him the right direction. Frank's incarnation, The Crimson Bolt, then goes on what can only be described as a one man pipe wrench wielding explosion! Any one causing misdemeanours ranging from child molestation to cutting in line is dealt with in the same way, pipe wrench to the head!

After making the local news, Libby makes the connection, and when Frank gets injured and ends up at Libby's house to disappear, she then launches her surprise, Boltie!! Now we have a crime fighting duo, and the carnage is doubled! During their encounters with the criminal element it is hard not to think that they are both lost to the blood lust, and especially Page, the look on her face when she crushes a baddie against a wall with a car is frightening but brilliant.

The film has a bitter sweet ending, but fits really well. Both Page and Wilson deliver great performances, but it is Page who shines for me. Her character should be seeking therapy, at times during her crime fighting she is definitely enjoying it far too much, but this makes the performance truly bewitching.

I really enjoyed this film, it had me laughing, cringing and enjoying seeing the bad guys getting a well deseved pipe wrench to the head!




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