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Super star Rajesh Khanna in KUDRAT - 1981

Updated on May 10, 2010

Kudrat - 1981

Star Cast :

Super Star Rajesh Khanna :  Mohan Kapoor/Madho

Raaj Kumar :  Choudhury Janak Singh

Hema Malini :  Chandramukhi/Paro

Vinod Khanna :  Dr. Naresh Gupta

Priya Rajvansh :  Karuna Singh


Movie Details : 

Language: Hindi

Release status and date: Released on Apr 03 1981



Chandramukhi is a pretty young woman who lives in Bombay,

India, with her mom, Sarla, and dad. They decide to go on a holiday to scenic Simla,

where Sarla meets her childhood friend, Kanta Gupta, who lives there with her Psychiatrist son,

Naresh. Chandramukhi and Naresh are attracted to each other much to joy of their respective parents.

Then on the first night in Simla, Chandramukhi has a nightmare where she sees herself chasing a man.

The second night she has the same nightmare, prompting Naresh to hypnotize her,

and walks her through her adult life, then to her younger years, and then to her past life.

Unable to proceed further, as he has no experience in this field, Naresh stops.

Then Chandramukhi's condition keeps on getting worse,

she feels herself being attracted to former resident of Chandigarh,

and now Simla's Public Prosecutor Mohan Kapoor, who is to marry Advocate Karuna ,

the daughter of wealthy Choudhury Janak Singh. When Mohan begins to fall in love with Chandramukhi,

and tells about this to Karuna, she decides to step aside and let him marry her.

when Karuna invites Mohan and Chandramukhi over to her father's house -

the very day he has decided to announce her engagement with Mohan -

Chandramukhi reacts with a terrified scream in Janak's presence -

an incident which will result in the investigation of sexual molestation and the subsequent

murder of a village belle named Paro over 20 years ago.

The perpetrator of these crimes is still at large with very little evidence to show that he actually did  rape and kill Paro.



Kudrat - 1981

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