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Superhero Characters: Quake (Daisy Johnson/Skye)

Updated on June 26, 2015
Daisy Johnson as Quake
Daisy Johnson as Quake | Source
Calvin Zabo aka Mr. Hyde
Calvin Zabo aka Mr. Hyde | Source
Nick Fury (Comics & TV)
Nick Fury (Comics & TV) | Source


Daisy Louise Johnson is the daughter of villain Calvin Zabo aka Mr. Hyde, and of a prostitute mother named Jennifer Johnson.

She was born in the Hunan Province of China (Map Pin. A) and was given up for adoption and at age seven months and was taken in by the Sutters, Gregory & Janet, who renamed her Cory Sutter. They never informed Cory of her origins and raised her as their own.

Cory struggled at school as she had a higher than usual IQ and became rebellious. At the age of seventeen she was caught stealing CD's from a store and upon becoming agitated she caused a tremor which measured 3.2 on the Richter scale. She was taken to the SHIELD facility in Portland, Oregon (Map Pin. B) and interviewed by Nick Fury.

It was at this point that Fury advised Daisy of her powers, her true parentage and offered her a position as an Agent of SHIELD. It was during her training that she showed particular aptitude for Black Ops, she finished top of her class and gained a level 10 security clearance, the highest on the planet matched only by Black Widow and Fury himself.

Tests were carried out on Daisy and it emerged that her powers weren't the cause of the mutant gene, but that it had happened due to her father's chemical testings on himself, which passed down genetically to Daisy

Daisy Johnson aka Quake
Daisy Johnson aka Quake | Source

Stats & Abilities...

Quake first appeared in 'Secret War #2' and in a total of 175 issues. She is shown as 5'9" tall and weighing 135lbs with Black hair and Blue eyes. She is an American citizen born in New Orleans, an Agent for Nick Fury affiliated with SHIELD and the Secret Warriors.

Her abilities include being able to generate and focus vibrations within objects, due to the genetic damage caused by her fathers experiments. However due to the training received under Fury's guidance and the special gloves that she uses, Daisy is able to target her seismic vibrations with precise accuracy causing her target to vibrate and explode from the inside out. She is immune to any harmful affects of the vibrations.

She also possess a psychic shield which prevents her from being harmed by psychic assaults.

Even from a distance Daisy can bring down a whole building in seconds, or focus her energy to explode a persons heart from inside or render a person unconscious by vibrating their brain.

Also due to her training under Fury she has become skilled in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship and espionage, particularly adept at undercover operations.

Lucia Von Bardas
Lucia Von Bardas | Source


Once qualified and with the appropriate security clearance, Daisy was chosen by Fury to take part in his 'Secret War' in Latveria against the Prime Minister Lucia Von Bardas.

The mission was to infiltrate Latveria and invade the Castle base of Von Bardas. Fury put together a team of Superheroes to include Captain America, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Daredevil, Spider-man, Wolverine and Daisy. They attacked the castle and Fury ordered Daisy to bring down the castle in order to kill the Prime Minister, which Daisy did. Fury then had this memory removed for the team members with the exception of Daisy and Black Widow.

However, Von Bardas survived the attack and one year later she appeared in New York with a massive bomb strapped to her with the intent of destroying all the superheroes that had taken part in her apparent destruction.

Daisy used her powers to pinpoint Von Bardas' power source in her chest area and hit it from the inside out, which surged the chain reaction anti-matter weapon, stopping her heart in the process. This killed Lucia and stopped the bomb from detonating.

This had brought the previous operation to light and upon realising that their minds had been wiped Wolverine went into a fit of rage and stabbed Fury. Daisy exploded Wolverines heart from the inside to stop him and advised the others that they would be next if they tried anything, and they wont heal.

Daisy advised Emma Frost not to try entering her head as she had a psychic shield and would end up getting hurt. It was revealed that Fury was in fact a Life Model Decoy and he continued to talk to Daisy on the radio instructing her not to hurt any of the others. Daisy left and was taken back to SHIELD HQ for interrogation by the new Director Maria Hill who threatens that Daisy is off mission and will never receive another assignment ever again.

Upon her release she contacts Fury and awaits her next mission.

The Skrull
The Skrull | Source

Daisy reunites with Fury and the next mission is to recruit the descendants of various heroes & villains into the Secret Warriors, a team being put together by Fury against the coming Skrull invasion.

Daisy takes on the codename Quake, and acting as field leader they attack the Skrulls during their invasion of Manhattan. The team turned the tide of the battle, saving the Initiative and the Young Avengers from being killed by the Skrulls. They all then assemble in Central Park (Map Pin. C) with the worlds greatest Superheroes & Villains to finally defeat the Skrulls.

The Secret Warriors continued on missions with Daisy in position as leader . She led them on missions against the Leviathan and HYDRA, also on operations through the Dark Reign and the Siege of Asgard. There were in fact three squads within the Secret Warriors, they were the Grey Squad, Black Squad and her own White Squad.

Quake did have a love interest that came in the form of her team-mate Hellfire, unfortunately Fury let him fall to his death during an operation knowing that Hellfire had betrayed them to HYDRA previously, he only told Quake that Hellfire didn't make it.

Quake rallies alongside the Avengers against Norman Osborne and finds out that there are several HAMMER agents within SHIELD.

SHIELD Logo | Source

After the mission on which Hellfire died, Fury revealed to her that Hellfire had been compromised by HYDRA. and judging her reaction to be too emotional, Fury deactivated her team and Daisy went to Hawaii (Map Pin D) with Druid to recover from the ordeals.

Fury sent his brother, Jake, to recall Daisy, and after gathering the survivors of the team, she joined the newly reformed S.H.I.E.L.D., and on Fury’s recommendation Quake then became its new Director.

Quake battling Mr. Hyde
Quake battling Mr. Hyde | Source
Chloe Bennet as Skye in Marvels Agent of SHIELD
Chloe Bennet as Skye in Marvels Agent of SHIELD | Source

Skye's Transformation into Quake

Skye in Agents of SHIELD...

In the T.V. show, Daisy is portrayed by actress Chloe Bennet and is introduced as a hacker named Skye.

Throughout the show, there is a shroud of mystery involving Skye's heritage, as she does not know who her real parents are. It is eventually revealed that Skye was found as a baby in the Hunan province of China, and that her entire village was slaughtered during an attempt to find her.

It is unsure in later episodes whether or not she is human, as the mysterious woman Raina implies that she possesses special genetic heritage, and she is later injected with a serum made from Kree blood without incident.

In the second season, she is pursued by her father, who is later revealed to be the show's version of Calvin Zabo (Mr. Hyde). He reveals that Skye's real name is Daisy, and that she is an Inhuman which would explain why her blood was compatible with that of a Kree.

After being exposed to the Terrigen Mists and undergoing Terrigenis, Daisy discovers that she now has seismic abilitity.

Hunan Province, China:
Hunan, China

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Birth Place of Daisy Johnson

Portland, Oregon USA:
Portland, OR, USA

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SHIELD Facility

Central Park, New York:
Central Park, New York, NY, USA

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The fight against the Skrull

Hawaii, USA

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Quake fled to Hawaii with Druid after the breakup of her Team

So that's the story of Daisy Johnson aka Quake.

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