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The CW's Supernatural Cast: From Jensen Ackles to Alona Tal

Updated on October 3, 2019
Supernatural: Season 1
Supernatural: Season 1

Season 1 follows Sam and Dean Winchester in their 1967 Chevy Impala. These brothers travel the country fighting monsters and saving people. Originally brought together to search for their father, John, it becomes something much more. Packed with gag reels and extras, this Amazon feature is well-worth it's price.


Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke and was first aired on WB in 2005. The story follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, on their countless road trips to save people from "monsters". These monsters range from werewolves, to Djinns, clowns, demons, angels, vampires, shape-shifters and everything in between. This television series is unlike other ghost-hunting shows; these monsters are based on real myth. The creators and writers take to the books and internet to find the background of their material. At the same time, this series has a fully developed plot with complex characters. Coupling sentiment with humor, these actors fully embody their roles - sending viewers on a whirlwind of emotions as they become invested in these characters.


Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester - the younger brother who's infected with demon blood as baby and who's forced to live with the consequences ever since. Sam Winchester struggles with the constraints of the "family business". Unlike Dean, Sam gets away, if only for a time. The death of his girlfriend, Jess, in the pilot episode launches Sam back into business with his brother, on a journey to avenge the monster that killed his mother and now Jess.

Jared Padalecki was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. His career took off with the popular TV series, Gilmore Girls. Padalecki starred as Dean Forester, the first of Rory's love interests. He then starred in several films including, House of Wax and Friday the 13th before becoming the lead in Supernatural.


Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles stars as Sam's brother, Dean Winchester. Always trying to impress his father, Dean has grown up entrenched in the motto "shoot first, ask questions later". His life revolves around protecting his little brother, Sammy, even going so far as to sacrifice his own soul. Often portrayed as the comedic womanizer and backbone to the brothers credit card scam - Dean's complexity lies far beyond the exterior. Dean's compassion grows, along with the hardness in his eyes as the season's wear on.

Another Texas native, Jensen Ackles got his start as a model. He later moved on to soaps, starring as Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives and C.J. in Dawson's Creek. Ackles first movie was Ten Inch Hero where he played punk rock chef, mohawk and all. Jensen proves that he's not just a pretty face in Supernatural.


Biggest Fan Favorites

  • Misha Collins
  • Osric Chau
  • Mark Sheppard
  • Alona Tal
  • Felicia Day
  • Richard Speight, Jr

Misha Collins

Misha plays the Castiel, an angel who doesn't always follow the rules - choosing humans and free will, over his coven. Castiel is introduced as the fiery no-nonsense angel who pulls Dean from hell. Soon, however, Cas makes the decision to go against his leaders and jump off the heaven band-wagon. From apocalypse to civil war and even Dick Roman, Cas always tries to make an appearance. Angel or not, the boys have grown to accept Castiel as family.

MIsha Collins is a Massachusetts native who attended the University of Chicago. before Supernatural, Misha played minor characters in several crime shows including 24, NCIS, CSI and Monk. Some of his others works were in Charmed, 24, and Nip/Tuck. Aside from acting, Misha writes poetry and takes part in volunteer service, specifically his own organization, Random Acts. Misha Collins is a fan favorite who was immediately accepted into Supernatural. A true comedian, Misha is a man of many talents and a truly genuine actor.


Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver plays the father-figure role of Bobby Singer. A fellow hunter, Bobby has forever been in the boy's lives. He is their go-to man for mythology, and the first person they call when they get in trouble. Bobby also has an integral role in the lives of other hunter's - always being of service to a trustworthy friend.

Jim Beaver is originally from Wyoming and has quite the lengthy filmography. From Deadwood to Day Break and Days of Our Lives, Beaver has portrayed a variety of roles. After serving in the Marines, Beaver received a degree for theater at Central State University. He also writes plays and contributes to the George Reeve's Project between acting.


Mark Sheppard

British actor, with a trade-mark voice, Sheppard plays Crowley on Supernatural. Crowley, aka The King of Hell, is both a burden and a help to the boys. One minute he's tricking the Winchesters, the next he's helping them end the Apocalypse. Surprisingly, Crowley has become a fan-favorite. It may have a little something to do with his dry humor and recent rescues.

Like Beaver, Sheppard's filmography is extensive. Most famous for In the Name of the Father and The Unstoppable, Sheppard has acted, produced and directed a multitude of films.


Osric Chau

Kevin Tran: honors student, devoted son, math prodigy. Chau depicts the typical high school student; well, the typical high school student who becomes a prophet. Kevin works alongside the boys to translate the "Word of God", hoping to help Sam and Dean shut the gate for hell. If that wasn't enough, the demons are on his tail, trying to get Kevin to work for them.

Chau is best known for Kung Fu Killer, where he portrayed Lang Han. He's also starred in 2012, Mister French Taste, and Fun Size. Chau was introduced to the series at the end of season 7. Like Misha, he has become a fan favorite, gaining wuite the Twitter following and attending the cast on their convention track.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays John Winchester, the boy's father on the hit series. John pushes the boys towards a lifestyle of hunting after his wife, Mary, is killed by the yellow-eyed demon over Sam's crib. Morgan becomes a serious hunter, often sacrificing his boy's for his revenge. Sam and Dean live a life on the road, going from one school to the next, while their father slaughters monster after monster.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is best known for his role of Denny on Grey's Anatomy- Izzie's patient and love interest. He's also starred in P.S. I Love You, Magic City and The Burning Zone.

Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal
Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal

John Winchester's journal is a must-have for any Supernatural fan. This book gives you all the secrets that the boys themselves use in the series. John reveals all in his journal so you too can join in on the adventure.


Genevieve Padalecki

Genevieve Padalecki stars as Ruby, Sam's demon side-kick. She fuels Sam's drive for demon blood and preps him to kill Lilith - the woman behind the Apocalypse. Ruby often saves the boys, even giving them the demon knife. However, she leads Sam on a destructive, questionable path that ultimately lands the boys in a pit of trouble.

Genevieve Padalecki, wife to Sam Padalecki, has starred in several TV series including Wildfire and FlashForward. Beginning her career as a stage actress, she made her debut on screen as Amber in Death Valley.

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino stars as the famous fallen angel, Lucifer. The devil is released when the gate to hell is opened, and he's on a mission. He's looking for his vessel, a vessel that will take him to the end of the Apocalypse where he will fight his brother, Micheal, to the death. Even after his death, Lucifer sticks around, taunting Sam with his dry humor and stubborn desire to drive the boy mad.

Mark Pellegrino is known for his roles in The Big Lebowski, National Treasure and The Number 23. His lengthy filmography also reveals his appearance on multiple television series including NYPD Blue, The Practice, Dexter, Lost and The Closer.


Alona Tal

Though Alona Tal plays the minor character, Jo Harvelle, she has seemed to grip the hearts of many viewers. Intended as a the female version of Dean, Jo is desperate to get into the business, going against her mothers wishes. She lands herself in trouble in multiple occasions, ultimately being saved by the boys. Jo is no damsel in distress, however, she is a strong-minded character who holds her own in the hunting arena.

Alona Tal is known for Broken City, Burn Notice, Cult, Veronica Mars and Ha-Pijamot. Originally from Israel, this actress has proven her acting skills in Supernatural. Though she has only appeared in several episodes, she is forever remembered by not only the other characters but the many fans.



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