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Supernatural: Meg's parallel with Sam

Updated on April 9, 2013

Lately, all I've been hearing about is how much Meg's storyline parallels with Castiel's, how they are both soldiers of a war long gone, how neither have any real place in the world, so they cling and fight for what they can, trying to find their own place. And it's true. Absolutely true, and I think it's beautiful, which is why I love Megstiel as a BroTP (a strong platonic relationship). However, I began rewatching Meg episodes to reminisce on what an awesome character she is, when I realized her storyline might parallel with Sam's more than we originally think.

The Ruthless Demon and the Rebellious Son

I went back to watch Scarecrow, Meg's debut episode, and, now knowing that she's a demon instead of a random chick on the road, I really paid attention to their dialogue. When Meg opens up about her "life story," about not agreeing with her parents' expectations and running off to find her own destiny, I immediately thought 'well, obviously she's trying to mirror Sam's current feelings about his family, rebelling against John and most recently Dean.' Now, a bit more detached from the scene, I wonder if any of it is true.

We don't actually know how Meg's relationship with Azazel or her brother is, since they never actually appear together on screen. Azazel has been obsessively on the Free Lucifer campaign for the longest time, since before the actual series started, and literally just about everything he does is related to that, just as John was obsessed with avenging Mary. During the first two seasons, Meg doesn't seem that committed to the cause. Sure, she tortures Sam and Dean's friends and kidnaps John for her father, but I would attribute that to her preference in screwing with the Winchesters in particular rather than any real wish to commit herself to a larger cause.

Notice in Season 2, "Born Under a Bad Sign," she yells that she doesn't "care about the big picture," and the only big picture that I can think of is freeing Lucifer. After she runs, we never see or hear about her helping Azazel out, so I can only guess she hid under the radar from that point on. So much for the dutiful daughter.

But I think this problem runs both ways. Azazel neglects to even mention Meg, except for after Sam and Dean exorcise her, and in Season 2 seems to completely ignore her existence (as well as her brother's for that matter). However, the audience definitely sees how much he dotes on Sam, to a disturbing degree. Sam is the Adam to Azazel's John: Like John, who forced his two children to be soldiers while taking his third to baseball games on birthdays, Azazel uses his two children as blunt instruments for his cause while praising and taking care of the one he created.

It also brings the question of 'what was she doing on the side of the road?' At first I thought she was there to try to lure Sam to California, where Azazel and John were, but I seriously doubt she or Azazel predicted that Sam would separate from Dean at that point, and the audience is never shown proof that they were being spied on, so I think maybe she was rebelling, running away from Azazel (the overbearing father) and her brother (the good, obedient son), before deciding to temporarily come back to help them out, fully expecting to go back to her own life.

Sound familiar?

Honoring Their Father's Memory

Taking all of this into consideration, there does seem to be one major problem: If Meg didn't care about "the big picture," why is she such a Lucifer follower in Season 5? Well, the audience doesn't see her until her dad dies. And once Azazel dies, she suddenly comes back as some hardcore Lucifer worshipper. Remember how Sam was after John died? There was definitely a very sudden change in his actions, to the point even Dean points it out, that Sam is now trying to make sure his father's death wasn't in vain. Likewise, I think she wanted to respect her father's wishes as best as she could by devoting herself to her father's cause: starting the apocalypse and serving Lucifer.

Then after the Lucifer mission fails and after Dean sells his soul and fails to get it back, both Sam and Meg rely on untrustworthy parties to continue fighting. Meg teams up with the Winchesters to defeat Crowley, a known dissenter, and also a demon who is out for her blood as well. And dwe you remember Sam teaming up with Ruby to end Lilith once and for all, because I sure do.

In Conclusion

Just because Meg parallels with Castiel doesn't mean she can't also mirror Sam. True, Meg and Cas definitely mirror each other in Seasons 6 and 7, as soldiers who have lost their place in the world. This is explicitly explored in "Goodbye Stranger," when she asks Cas if he ever misses the simplicity of the apocalypse. But I think more is similar with Sam and her than meets the eye

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