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Supernatural Sat Nite: Haunting in CT

Updated on February 10, 2018
Kristina Stancil profile image

Freelance Writer, Novelist, & aspiring Criminologist....member of the Horror Writers Association, MH English, Tiffin U

The movie opens with Sara Campbell and her son Matthew are making the long drive from a cancer clinic in Connecticut back to their home in New York. Matthew suffers from a form of pediatric cancer that this clinic specializes in. Matthew is often in pain and nauseated from his chemo treatments and he suffers mostly in silence on the long car rides unless he has to throw up. His parents decide to look for rental homes closer to the hospital so he can go right to bed after one of his treatments. Unfortunately, they are already struggling to make ends meet since the father owns his own business and Sara’s niece has moved in with them while her parents divorce. Sara sees her niece being a win win as it gets her niece out of a stressful situation and allows them to save on money they might need for sitters when Matt is getting treatment and the dad is in New York working.

Matt is approved for a special experimental treatment but is warned if he starts having hallucinations that he could be terminated from the program and forced to go back to the chemo that he hates so much. There are other side effects such as redding of the skin and body aches but no nausea and he will not lose his hair like he would with chemo. Even though he’s sick he still tries to be apart of the family and takes his role as a big brother seriously. He is especially close to his cousin, Wendy.

One night when Matt is having a rough night of the new treatment Sara makes a late night, spur of the moment decision to rent the one house in their price range without her husband’s input despite previously dismissing the home because she had a bad feeling. The landlord was very nice and put space heaters and helped spread cots so the sick boy could immediately lie down and be comfortable. Sara’s husband understands the need for a closer place but seemed angry that she went ahead and signed a lease for a house he had not seen.

Matt for some reason is drawn to the basement. He and his dad both try to get the door to the mysterious glass walled room open but are unable too. He has his first vision when his mom is trying to mop his room. He thinks she’s mopping the floor with blood. Afraid that he’ll have to stop the treatment that he’s on he does not tell her. The diabolical that is in control of the house begins to prey on his illness and his willingness not to upset his family. The simple hauntings such as the images in the mirror or flickering lights go mostly unnoticed by most of the family. Matt thinks he’s hallucinating and becomes even more withdrawn as even the slightest form of affection from his family physically pains him. On days when he does not have treatment he tries to play things like hide and seek with his brother Bobby and sister Amy. He even attempts to make a joke that if they do not listen to Wendy they’ll have to deal with him, even though he cannot physically do anything to them….before they can take it seriously he tells them he is playing. The diabolical does not like this family interaction and begins to alter his personality so much the younger children do not want to have much to do with him. Wendy even becomes wary of him, at first she steers the children away thinking he’s not feeling well. That’s why hide and seek is such a big game for them. It does not stress Matt’s body and the parts of his body suffering the most from the treatment is not affected. When Amy falls through the attic floor he does not think about his aching body, he only wants to rescue his sister. This is exactly the way the diabolical wants things to go. There is a photo album hidden beneath the floor of the attic of vintage photos. Some of the pictures feature the boy who has been in Matt’s visions. They do not know what to make of the images. Matt and Wendy realize some of the people in the images are dead. They find it creepy that anyone would want to immortalize their loved ones in grotesque funeral home images.

Matt has a vision while receiving treatment and reacts but a nurse smugly says that the needle did not hurt. Which seems to be such an unprofessional cruel thing to say when even the slightest loving touch made his whole body ache on treatment days. The patient next to him is a retired minister, whose wife also passed away from cancer. He reveals that he is a good listener and even though Matt feels like he would not believe him, he confides in Reverend Nicholas that he is seeing what he thinks is a ghost. Since he is mostly seeing just the boy Reverend Nicholas suggest trying to find out what the spirit wants and perhaps he just needs help in crossing over.

Matt takes his suggestion and attempts to contact the spirit. Getting the recognition it so desperately craved, the diabolical throws the image of a more terrifying spirit at him: the image of a severely burned body with strange letters and symbols carved into its skin. Matt is so frightened that he’s almost out of his mind. His parents come home to find the chairs stacked in a strange way, almost as if Matt had tried to create a barrier to keep the spirits away. Matt’s clawed the walls so much his hands are covered in blood.

Reverend Nicholas explains what he think was going on with the boy from Matt’s visions. He was being abused the bearded man that Matt has started seeing. In one vision, the boy attempts to run away and Matt hears the bearded man yelling for “Jonah.” Reverend Nicholas thinks that the bearded man was into the occult and attempting to use Jonah as a conduit to the spirit world. The seances from Matt’s visions are the bearded man’s attempt to control the dead and cheat death himself. Reverend Nicholas attempts to help the family and when he finds human bodies in the rental home, he has them removed, and attempts to have them properly buried. For some reason Matt wakes up with the occult symbols carved into his body and his family takes him to the hospital concerned.

Reverend Nicholas visits him and the two have a shared vision. They realize that in an attempt to communicate with the dead the bearded man accident opens a portal and Jonah is at risk to being demonically possessed. Jonah almost gets away by escaping through the dumbwaiter but ends up trapped in the crematorium where the inhuman spirit ends up murdering him to take his soul. Reverend Nicholas learns that the inhuman spirit was kept at bay by Jonah’s spirit but once he removed Jonah’s remains from the home it removed the spirit that had been protecting the family. Jonah’s spirit was strong enough and with his supernatural abilities had been a buffer to keep the inhuman spirit at bay. With his remains gone it was able to fully wreak havoc on the family. Matt goes back to his family’s home and despite scaring the younger children and Wendy he uses an ax to break down the walls in the living room revealing the bodies. He is able to get Wendy and the children out of the house and locks them out. It is revealed that in an attempt to release the other spirits in the home and to protect this family, that Matt has been possessed by the spirit of Jonah. He then lights the home on fire to free the spirits and as an attempt to banish the inhuman spirit.

Matt is rescued from the fire, near death. Matt has a vision that he is standing in a cemetery with Jonah who is about to cross over from the world of the living to heaven now that he has freed the spirits that in life he’d been forced to help trap. He wants to follow Jonah but he can hear his mother crying and calling to him. Matt’s soul is sucked back into his body but it would soon be revealed the cancer is suddenly gone. As an attempt to thank Matt and as an apology for his own part in the terror inflicted on the family Jonah, as his spirit left Matt siphoned the cancer from Matt’s frail body.

In the movie it is said that the remains of the house were torn down and another built on the spot. The actual house that the movie is based on still remains in much the same condition as it was in the early 1980s when the actual family lived in the home.

© 2018 Kristina Stancil


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