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Supernatural Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot -Review

Updated on June 16, 2015

I decided to watch Supernatural again, as well as Buffy that I'm working on, and figured I may as well write review for it as well. I love this show. Ive seen seasons 1-10.I've seen this show more recently than Buffy, so my thoughts on it will be different,and so will the reviews. I didn't grow up watching this show like i did Buffy, but I have greatly enjoyed it since I first started watching around 4 years ago. I've enjoyed watching this show maybe more than any other show I've seen lately. even Walking Dead. i think its partly; because of the subject matter, and partly because I'm a sucker for brother stories. I'm estranged from my brothers now, we don't talk much. But we were close growing up, and I still long for that again deep down. So I'm a sucker for brother movies and shows: Four Brothers, Inyuasha, Devil May Cry, etc. Add that to the supernatural element and the urban legends and folk tales, and I'm one happy camper.

Watching this episode after 10 years of later story and growth, is trippy. The brothers look so different now. And feel different. Even if you knew nothing about the story, just seeing the pictures of season 1 next to season 10, will make you think "Those boys have seen some shit in the last decade". And that is part of the awesome that is the show. The way the few central characters evolve and change season to season. Even when they're occasionally acting exactly the same as before, we can still see the hell they've lived in their faces and body language. It's also a testament to the very underrated acting skill of the core people in the series.

I get really sad anytime there are flashback scenes of the Winchester family. Knowing all the things that go wrong for them make it a bittersweet experience. Can you imagine actually walking into your kid's room and seeing your wife pinned against the wall by some unseen force, and then set on fire? Most of us would shit ourselves. Not John fucking Winchester, though. He gets upset but then does what needs to be done. Jessica is beautiful. I've grown to like that actress. Glad she's now on another show I love, Agents of SHIELD. I kind of would love to see an alternate timeline story where Sam actually became a lawyer. A supernatural lawyer. It sucks that they gave us a really likable character in Jess, then kill her in the same episode, so Sam has some more motivation, and it keeps him free to get caught up in other romances. Same thing happens a lot in the show. Almost every character the brothers have a relationship with ends up getting killed. I understand the need for that, but it's irritating sometimes when my favorite female recurring character gees offed. The monster of the week in this episode is interesting. And a bit scary. The actress who plays her is beautiful, but I don't think she has enough acting moments in this one story to say if her acting job is really good or not. The fact that this show was actually scary was a bit of surprise. As much as loved some previous "horror" shows, very few of them were really creepy or scary. Even when I was a kid. Keep in mind that I never watched Twilight Zone, or The Outer Limits, or Tales from the Crypt.So I'm referring to a list of limited shows. This show has the same things I liked about those, and adds creepiness and some major scare moments. The humor in it surprised me at first, but I came to love it. Mixing periods of mirth with periods of creepy.

The idea that there are many versions of the Woman in White stories all over the place, is really cool. There are. There's one in the town I'm living in right now. Been here since the 60s or so, I think. That is supposed to be a high school girl who was killed by a drunk driver on prom night, though, so I'm not sure if it really qualifies by the show's definition. Every other part of the story lines up, though. I buy into the WiW's character in this epoisode, so I guess that means the actress did a good job with limited screen time. The kids are creepy. Kind of feel bad for the ghost, and mostly feel like she had it coming.

The first appearance of Dean's Car. That car becomes as much a character in the show as the actual sentient beings. The actress playing her does a smashing job of it.

This episode was a good intro to the series, and season. Let's us know all the basic info we need to get into the meat of the story for the next few years. Gives us plenty of reasons to want to see what happens next. A great start to a long, enjoyable ride.

Overall: 9 Acting:9 Story: 10 Humor: 7 Horror: 8 Acton: 8 Drama: 9 Dialog: 9 Importance: 10


Directors:David Nutter

Writers: David Kripke

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