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'Supernatural' Season 13 Episode 08 Review: 'The Scorpion and The Frog'

Updated on December 3, 2017
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Afshan Jaffery is a mystery writer. When she is not busy penning her next novel, she writes reviews and fan theories about popular tv shows.

The eighth episode of CW’s show Supernatural, ’The Scorpion and The Frog’, brought back many memories from previous seasons. Sam and Dean worked alongside with a crossroad demon named Bart. Back in Season 5, Dean had to lend a hand from Crowley to kidnap Brady. It was a similar episode, except the emotional quotient was low and, naturally, no one can replace Crowley.

Story of Bart, the brave

Bart, the well-wisher demon called Dean Winchester on his cell phone to make a deal. Bart was no ordinary demon, yes, was. You caught it right there. Spoiler Alert: He is no more.

Alright so Bart, the good-guy-demon, grew up listening to the tales of the denim-wrapped monsters who killed his kind, the Winchesters. When he got a promotion to be a crossroads demon, he planned to be the good guy and tried to work with Winchesters, much like his predecessor. Tragically, his good heart led him to an early grave, much like everyone who ever worked with Winchesters.

The above story will be told to little tyke-demons at a summer school in Hell.


How Dean of you...

— Bart

Smash and Grab

Bart proposed a deal to Sam and Dean to get their hands on a spell which can track down Jack. In exchange, they had to crack down into a vault of an old man to extract “something” for Bart. As a gesture of kindness, Bart also provided them with two accomplices for the heist. Remember, he was the good guy.

Meet Smash and Grab.

No, that’s not a title of a music concert; however, it summarizes the whole episode pretty neat. The entire episode is about smashing and grabbing, with some slashing. Smash, as evident by the name, was expert in cracking safes, and Grab was a demon who could bypass supernatural security. In a nutshell, Grab could find the vault, and Smash could crack it open.

Then why did they need Winchesters?

The entry of the vault was secured by a Harry Potter-ish style lock. It could only be opened by the blood of a man who had been to hell. Luckily, there were Winchester brothers, where not only one of them as the episode showed but both had been to hell and back.

The Collector: Luther Shrike

Luther collected supernatural objects, much like Dr. Eleanor Visyak in Season 6. He also happened to taken up residence in a grand mansion. Well, after all, you need vast space to showcase your collection to the world. However, unlike Dr. Eleanor, Luther was very much human, except for a catch. He could not be killed till he stayed inside the grounds of his mansion.


Ocean's Four

The heist began, and Sam went to Luther’s place under the pretext of selling some family heirlooms which could interest him. Dean, along with Smash, quickly sneaked out once they reached the grounds of the mansion. Once inside the building, Dean performed a ritual to call Grab by their side.

Sam had got his hands full as he had to keep the old man busy while Dean finished his break in. Nothing went according to the plan. The old man didn’t buy Sam’s alibi as he already knew that Bart was going to send him visitors. He also tracked down Dean and the co-conspirators.

Smash and Grab fled the crime scene, but Sam saved Dean in time telling him not to waste his bullets as Luther was immortal on his residence. However, together they managed to tie him up while they discussed ways to crack the vault.

The twist in the tale was kind of expectantly unexpected. The trunk Winchesters were supposed to steal contained nothing but Bart’s bones which were not lovely at all. Luther was saving it to get even with Bart as he broke his deal with Luther when Luther sold his soul to keep his son alive who, nonetheless, died sometime later.

Sam and Dean refused to work with Bart which would mean that they could not have the complete spell to locate Jack. And, you know very well about Winchester’s way of refusal; the less said, the better. Overall, it was a fresh episode with some touchdowns.

Supernatural returns on December 7th at 9:30 pm on CW.

Final Verdict

4 stars for Supernatural 13x08: 'The Scorpion and The Frog'

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