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Supernatural: Speculations about Season 8 Finale!

Updated on April 15, 2013
Sarah Blake, the girl from "Provenance" is coming back!
Sarah Blake, the girl from "Provenance" is coming back! | Source

Sarah Blake and the Season 1 Veterans

Jeremy Carver, Supernatural's current showrunner, has currently released some information on the penultimate and final episodes of this season of Supernatural. Earlier today, he told TVLine that Taylor Cole, the actress who played Sarah Blake, will be coming back to reprise her role in episode 8.22, "Clip Show". (x)

For those who don't remember, Sarah Blake was last seen (and mentioned) all the way back in Season 1's Episode 19, "Provenance". She was a pretty girl whose family inadvertently sold a haunted painting that killed its owners, and she and Sam Winchester certainly felt a connection during this job. Remember that this was probably a little over half a year since Sam's girlfriend, Jess, died tragically so that he could continue hunting supernatural creatures.

Even though Sarah Blake was never heard of or from again, the fandom took off with her - besides Jess, Sarah is probably the girl most often paired with the younger Winchester. Perhaps the Supernatural crew finally caught wind of this and finally decided to treat their fans with another episode with her! Of course, this probably won't end well; characters that aren't the main characters (and even the main characters) have a very low chance of surviving the end of any episode. Sarah was introduced when most "characters of the week" didn't face such a staggeringly high mortality rate.

Furthermore, Carver doesn't necessarily ease the fandom's worries when he states "the appearance of old friends is somewhat related to the trials, and not in a very good way." (Emphasis mine.) He also mentions that Sarah Blake isn't the only character from way back when to reappear in this episode: “I can tell you that if you think we’re going far back [in the show's history] with Sarah, keep going. We go back further than Sarah.” (x)

Further than Sarah? Since Sarah was introduced within the first 19 episodes of Supernatural, there is a very limited number of characters that could possibly appear alongside her that go "further" than her. Could this possibly mean that Jess will in fact be coming back again? One can only hope. Another fan favorite from Season 1 was the sassy but sweet Missouri Mosely, who helped the Winchester boys save a family currently living in their old home and free their mother's spirit from the house. Other characters, like Cassie, were more connected to Dean than his brother Sam, so it is unlikely that Carver is talking about them, though with this show, anything is possible.

A "clip show" is often an episode that is comprised mostly of scenes from previous episodes, which explains why we are going to see all of these characters from the early years. Carver jokes that this episode is going to be full of "nothing but flashback moments to our favorite hugs and kisses," but the Supernatural writers are known for their mercilessness in ripping out the hearts of their fans, not throwing them a bone.

Furthermore, he has stated that this episode will be related to Sam's myth-arc, which is closing the Gates of Hell by completing three trials set by God. The first trial included killing a hellhound and bathing in its blood; the second consisted of taking an innocent soul out of Hell. So far both of these trials have taken something from Hell: a hellhound, then a soul. Could Sarah, Jess, or Missouri have anything to do with having something in Hell? During the first season of Supernatural, not many demons showed, so if the next trial was something like purifying a demon, the writers would most likely bring back Bela, who sold her soul back in Season 3, not any of the previous three.

What will he do next to defend his kingdom?
What will he do next to defend his kingdom? | Source

Crowley's Hell

Carver also mentions Crowley, and how he will "rise to a new level of ruthlessness" to defend the Gates of Hell and his position as the King of Hell. He has already brutally tortured Samandriel, nicknamed "the most adorable angel in Heaven," tortured Kevin by cutting off his finger and (possibly) psychologically torturing him in his head, and killed several future prophets. This is by far much more ruthless than we've seen him in the past, when his idea of Hell was waiting in line. How much more ruthless can he become?

He also states that Crowley will be "presented with a new twist on things that will affect him forever, as well.” What could this mean? Could the Gates of Hell truly be closed? Could he perhaps be trapped outside of Hell, forever exiled from his domain? Or will he be forced to reveal that he is not in fact demon, a popular theory running around in the Supernatural community?

Anyone who has any thoughts or theories of their own should comment below. I'm interested to see what everyone thinks about these new developments!


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