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Supernatural: The Road To 300 Episodes

Updated on September 17, 2016

Supernatural, the Winchester brothers, and the Impala have run strong for 11 seasons, and the start of the 12th season is fast approaching, which makes Supernatural the longest running show on the CW. In that run, Sam and Dean have overcome many trials and tribulations, losing many loved ones in the process. Nevertheless, the brothers have pushed forward as their journey continues to captivate fans, but every story has to end.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki discussed the 300th episode as a potential ending goal for the show. That would put Supernatural half way through its 14th season. Would that suffice fans? Probably not. Still, if episode 300 is the last, where can the show go over that two and a half season arc?


Rebuild the Men of Letters

The Men of Letters have been central to Supernatural since they were introduced in season 8. Now, it seems as though they will play a significant role in season 12, as Sam and Dean learn about a British chapter. This could be huge for the future of the show.

The emergence of the Men of Letters has been underplayed in Supernatural thus far, especially if you consider the potential of the order and how it could unite hunters. Sure, the Men of Letters despised hunters before the order was destroyed and the paternal lineage for members would have to be overlooked, but the Winchesters could be the bridge between the order of old and a new order of hunters under their guidance.

In fact, it's a surprise that the brothers haven't included more people into the organization already. If Sam and Dean were to rebuild the American chapter, they would have a legacy to continue the fight once they were gone. Perhaps, they would even have a family in a sense. After all, family doesn't end with blood.


Foster Peace Between Heaven and Hell

Brokering peace between Heaven and Hell might sound absurd, but in Supernatural, nothing is impossible, especially when the Winchester brothers are involved. They've mended other relationships like the one between God and Satan, God and Amara, and even Claire and her foster-mother Jody. Everyone knows how difficult teenagers can be. Whose to say they can't bring together angels and demons? Besides, it's happened before, like with Anna and Ruby and even Cas and Meg (think the pizza man scene).

Supernatural could definitely head in this direction moving forward. Sam and Dean need a goal to aim for in coming seasons. Not to mention, if the two brothers die or quit hunting, there will be a power void left behind. If they can unite Heaven and Hell, that void will be much smaller. Future hunters won't have to worry about the struggle for souls. Instead, they can focus on the other creatures that go bump in the night.

Also, if there is a spin off, the series would benefit if the Heaven and Hell storyline was left behind. That was Sam and Dean's journey, and it has been an amazing journey so far. However, it will be a heavy burden for any show to live up to what Supernatural has been able to do with faith and a Biblical plotline.

For that reason, showrunners should find a way to close this story out for the Winchester brothers, and uniting Heaven and Hell is a perfect way to accomplish that. Since Sam and Dean have a relationship with one of the most important angels in Heaven, Castiel, and the king of Hell, Crowley, the task shouldn't be too difficult.

Continue Saving People, Hunting Things

It's how the show started, and it's how the show will end. Supernatural is all about the family business, which involves saving people and hunting things. There might or might not be a big bad in season 12 or future seasons, but there will always be something to hunt. As Dean said, "it's never going to be over." For that reason, the brother will continue to fight, and we'll be happy to watch them.


It has been an amazing journey with the Winchester brothers, and there is no doubt that it will be like losing a family member when Supernatural does end, whether that's episode 300 or episode 3000 (don't know if I'll be around for an episode 3000). Still, I look forward to what the future does hold and know this show will not disappoint in coming seasons.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like to see in Supernatural's future.

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