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There Can Be A Movie Quote For Every Situation

Updated on April 19, 2016

When I was young we had very little to entertain us. I had an older brother and sister, and we pretty much found ways to entertain ourselves with the little technology that we had. Of course, I grew up in the eighties as technology was just getting started. Little things like a VCR, a cassette player, or even the infamous "boom box" were the items we were limited to. We were poor, so things like cable was considered a novelty and very much coveted in our generation.

While my mom was at work we would enjoy the freedoms of cable and pretend as if we were in another world of prosperity. HBO was a favorite channel of ours and we quickly learned that the world of movies and television could be the perfect escape. From Conan the Destroyer to Sixteen Candles, we were covered for every type of adventure we wanted. We watched these and many other movies over and over again. We began to memorize the one liners from the scenes and reenact them religiously.

Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders became a common scene reenactment that we enjoyed. I liked The Outsiders quotes because the intensity of the drama could relate to a lot of personal situations. If we thought something was gross we would suddenly break into character by saying "I am going to be sick Johnny!" That would be a cue to other individual to retort "Go ahead...I ain't going to look at ya. I ain't going to look at ya."

We did this all the time, and it developed into a part of our lifestyle that most people would find "eccentric". However, most people felt entertained at all times whenever we were in full mode. It got to the point where I could even imitate the voices from the scenes. I used to imitate Jodie Foster's voice quite well from the movie The Silence of the Lambs. I memorized a couple of the scenes, and my brother would just start laughing every time I did the Jodie Foster scene. "You sound just like her", he would laugh out loud.

It was fun though and it still is. Another one of my favorites to quote is the Breakfast Club. That one has several "fundamental" quotes you can relate to. Of course the whole point of the movie was to teach people to relate to different types of people and their different problems. One of my favorites for some reason is the Mr. Vernon bragging about making $31,000 a year, as if that is a major accomplishment. The funny thing is in todays world that barely isn't even minimum wage. Back then that was considered a lot for the above average tenured teacher, so he had that brag in his voice that kind of shows the age of the movie. I think his salary today would be the equivalent of a $50,000 a year salary.

I think it is fun and creative to be able to combine real life and make believe into your venue. It can take the edge off of a tense situation, or create a conversation in a moment of silence. The point is having fun with it doesn't hurt anyone, so you have that going for you....which is nice.


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