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'Survivor: One World' Season Overview

Updated on May 14, 2012

Did Kim Deserve It?

The 24th season of the hit TV show, Survivor, Survivor: One World ended last night during a very intense and, amazing if I may say so, season finale, and there are PLENTY of things to talk about. During the finale, (and GOD I wish I could have been there with her) I was reading former Survivor, Eliza Orlins' (who was in NYC at the finale) tweets about the past season. Upon ending the show, I think we both agreed that it was, and I quote, a "very predictable ending". Of course Kim was going to win! She played the game!

For those who may have missed it, or am not sure what I'm talking about, the final five contestants were Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Christina and Alicia. When Kim won the second to last immunity, they took out Alicia, and then she, Kim, won the final immunity and chose to take out Christina, leaving her in with Chelsea and Sabrina in the final 3. Now that's the first thing I'd like to chat about...Christina. I suppose just rolling over and giving up is just the normal thing to do? Did anybody else get that vibe? She just GAVE UP! Didn't talk to Chelsea OR Sabrina, but upon hearing Kim's word, she took it and accepted her fate... I don't know about any of you, but I'd give almost ANYTHING to be on this show and if I worked that hard to get to the final four, you'd have to kill me to get me to shut up and stop playing the game. Not quite sure what was going through her head... Anybody else have ideas???

Also - how is it that every season, someone is running the show? All-Stars (season 8) it was Boston Rob. Palau (10) it was Tom, Samoa (19) it was Russell Hantz and NOW it's Kim! I just don't understand how people can be so trusting in a game that's specifically designed on lying and deception! How many people in the jury did Kim stab in the back... ummm, ALL of them?

Personally, I'd have liked Chelsea to win. She was my personal favorite, and normally I don't enjoy rooting for people who ride coattails the entire game. But there was just something about Kim's personality that really made me dislike her. Sabrina - yeah, she played the "I teach for kids in the slums" card, and I guess she was more deserving than Chelsea was as far as game antics go, but I ended up falling in love with Chelsea with her gorgeous figure, and cute southern accent, and I think that I was personally a little biased towards her. Anyways - Kim played the game very well. She outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted her way to the final three and she really ended up deserving the money. A lot of the times what happens is that people's emotions get in the way and the people that deserve to win the game because of the way they played don't because they anger people in the jury and lose votes. People like Russell Hantz. I don't care what anybody says he DESERVED to win. Yeah he was a jerk and an ass, but Russell did what NOBODY had ever done before multiple times, he found immunity idols without clues, and used them to his advantage MULTIPLE times to get other people out of the game and get himself into the final 3 two separate seasons. Unfortunately he screwed people over, like he's supposed to, and people get mad and voted against him, thusly costing him the million dollars.

But that's the game of Survivor. Outwitting, Outlasting, and Outplaying isn't everything...and as Probst said himself during the live show last night, social antics play a HUGE part in securing you that spot, and Kim had that in the bag too. She got to know the people, didn't view them as pawns as Russell did, but took the time to know them, and befriend them, make them trust her, before screwing them over and stabbing them in the back. She'd be the last person anybody expected to do that, and that's what makes her so perfect. Like I said before, I didn't necessarily want her to win, but I wouldn't be caught dead saying that she didn't deserve it.

Any extra thoughts - Let me know in the comments section! Also tell me who your favorite Survivor is, or your favorite season in the comments section as well! I'd love to know! I have a bunch.
Favorite Survivor - Stephenie Lagrossa (Palau, Guatemala, Heroes VS. Villains)
Favorite Season - Survivor All-Stars (Season 8)
Favorite 'Cutie' - Monica Padilla (Samoa - Season 19)
Favorite Tribe - Chapera (Survivor All-Stars, Season 8)

Anything else? Favorite blindside? Favorite couple? Favorite challenge? Let me know!

-LJD 2012


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