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Survivor Philippines -- A Good Alliance Vs. A Bad One

Updated on October 11, 2012

Week #4

While an alliance can help you make it to the end in this game, it needs to be a good alliance. RC thought she had picked a good alliance for herself with Abi when they hit it off the first day. Unfortunately, she’s turned a blind eye to all the warning signs that she’s actually gotten herself into a bad alliance. While crying she’s being betrayed, Abi actually betrayed RC. She showed Pete the clue to the immunity idol RC shared with her and they even formed an alliance together.

Meanwhile over at Masting Denise and Malcolm also formed an alliance. Denise began to worry Malcolm might throw him over for his cuddling mate Angie, but unlike Abi she didn’t go all paranoia and played it cool. She stayed true to her alliance, and Malcolm ultimately voted Angie out.

Like a marriage, a good alliance takes two partners both giving and trusting each other when things may come up that may make you start to doubt your partner. RC did her part, but Abi is an irrational ding-a-ling who is crying betrayal and acting the victim when she’s both the betrayer and the villain.

This week Russell is going to need to fish or cut bait. He’s been given one last chance to save himself and stay in the game, but his performance in this week’s challenge will need to be a lot better than in last week’s immunity challenge. As a tribe, they need to at least come in second or they’re going to be down to two tribe members. It’s time for one of the other tribes to start losing some tribe members.

Over at Tandang, will RC realize that despite Abi crying betrayal, she’s the real betrayer? She went behind RC’s back and found the immunity idol and teamed up with Pete. She had plenty of warning signs that Abi is a loose cannon, but she just keeps ignoring them to stick with this alliance that’s sinking faster than the Titanic.

And over at Kalabaw, will Jonathan’s tribe mates succeed in blindsiding him, even though he has the immunity idol or will his attempt to form an alliance with Jeff save his hide?

Masting greets another rainy day. Malcolm has no Angie to keep warm with by cuddling. The tribe of three looks like they’re ready to call it a day as they attempt to start a fire. Malcolm says one win could turn everything around for them. They’re trying to keep their spirits up, but it’s not easy. Russell wants to mount the greatest come back ever seen.

Tandang wants to figure out some way to fix the roof. Trying to build a fire with the incessant rain isn’t easy. Pete says he plans to create a lot of chaos. Abi thinks RC went and got the clue from her bag when it’s found among her things. Abi says she doesn’t feel bad because the clue proves RC wasn’t one hundred percent true. Pete was actually the one who got the clue to set RC up. He wants to get rid of RC. Abi is now in the alliance she deserves. Pete’s as big of a backstabber as Abi is. Psycho Abi cuddling with Pete, yapping about being betrayed. Someone needs to explain the concept of betrayal to her, since she’s the betrayer not the betrayee.

Jeff says Jonathan’s trying. Jeff says he may have to adapt and stop his anti-vet stance. Jeff tells Jonathan he can control some people and make Jonathan’s position better with the tribe. They form an alliance. No four-finger handshake this time. Jonathan also makes an alliance with Carter. Jeff, Jonathan and Carter have an alliance they think will help to get them to the end.

Dawson and Dana realize the guys being out in the ocean together is bad for them. They figure they’ve formed an alliance The girls decide to stick together and form their own alliance.

Russell going on about how their tribe was 50% worthless. Malcolm says Russell lives up to his own low expectations of him. That he’s totally un-self-aware. Mal says Russell only there because they need muscle. Russell still hasn’t found the idol. Denise catches Russell looking for the idol, but he lies about it. She goes and tells Malcolm about Russell and thinks he has the idol. They search his stuff looking for it but find nothing.

Pete says he’d love to send RC home and thrilled he’s caused trouble between Abi and RC. The betrayer is still accusing RC of betraying her and won’t even speak to her. RC says Abi’s irrational. RC is now worrying about her place in the tribe. RC actually talks to Lisa about Abi, while Abi is talking to Lisa about RC. This is just so freaking hilarious and ironic. These two have been out to get Lisa from day one.

The Immunity Challenge –

One at a time, carrying two pots of rice on a bamboo pole through an obstacle course, until you’ve transported all six pots. The first tribe to retrieve all six pots and smash them wins immunity. All I can say is thank God it’s not another puzzle this week. The puzzles were really starting to get old.

Tandang wins 1st place

Kalabaw wins 2nd place

Masting loses again.

Russell throws a fit for losing and starts talking to God. Jeff calls him on acting like he’s a super hero. Russell says he’s a perfect creature. He should always win. Jeff tries to talk sense to him.

Malcolm feels like crying after losing the challenge, and feels a good bit of guilt since he volunteered to break the pots and missed the last one. Russell approaches Malcolm about voting Denise out. Will Malcolm betray his alliance with Denise? Malcolm says he’s not sure who to vote out. He tells Denise it’ll be Russell. Denise says they need to make Russell feel safe in case he has the immunity idol. Russell tells Denise how he punched one of the kids who bullied him when he was a kid. Denise may have screwed herself by telling Russell that Malcolm could be a threat and that alliances have to end when they merge. Malcolm appears to have heard what she said. Malcolm says with everyone telling each other it’s someone else going home it could be any one of them.

Russell votes out Malcolm

Malcolm votes out Russell

Denise is the deciding vote…she votes out Russell.

Buh-bye, Russell. Denise and Malcolm stayed true to their alliance. But what happens if they lose another Immunity Challenge. Since it’s just the two of them left, they’ll have to vote each other out.

Of course, maybe Jeff will mix up the tribes or split Malcolm and Denise up and put them on opposing tribes. Whatever the case, next week may be a game changer.


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