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Survivor Philippines -- Another Tribe Member Seals Their Fate

Updated on September 27, 2012

Week 2

I feel like these tribe members are demonstrating a how to not play this game. This week a tribe mate targets another when everything they're saying about their target could equally be applied to themselves. So this week's lesson is don't target someone for being the weak link if you're actually a weaker link.

Russell believes that by being so bossy and trying to be leader caused him to nearly get booted from the game. So he decides to step back and let someone else step-up to the leader role and thus let them be the new target.

Russell need not fear, as two of his own tribe mates will paint larger targets on their back. I don't know if the Philippines has a rainy season or if it just rains a lot in the part of the country they're living in, but the rain seems to be almost constant and the temperatures are chilly. Angie and Malcolm have taken to cuddling to stay warm and this is an affront to Roxy. She feels they're becoming a couple and she sees that as a threat, so she paints a big target on Angie's back hoping to get rid of her.

Russell's all for it and tries to get Denise on board. Of course, Denise has an alliance with Malcolm so she's torn. She also doesn't trust Roxy. Russell basically says Roxy is his mole who tells him everything and feels if she goes he'll be in trouble, so getting rid of Angie works for him. It also doesn't help that Angie called him out at the last tribal council. So all seems to be going well on Roxy's Get Angie campaign. That is until Roxy starts acting about the rain like I do when the power goes off.

When the electricity goes off I take to my bed and just lay their waiting for it to come back on. It totally immobilizes me and the same thing happens to Roxy about the rain. She doesn't want to do anything, while everyone else is working. To make matters worse, she starts praying to God for sunshine since she just can't cope with the rain, that kind of ticks Denise off, thinking it's ridiculous to pray to God to help you win the game. She thinks you can only rely on yourself to win or lose the game, not rely on divine intervention to help you out.

Making matters worse is Roxy starts praying in a foreign tongue, which strikes her fellow tribe mates as odd. She continues to dig a hole for herself she can't get out of at the Immunity Challenge when she announces not to expect much from her because she hasn't drunk enough water.

It's another puzzle challenge this week. The physical part calls for dragging a wooden sled to retrieve puzzle pieces in teams of two. One team will have to do it twice and since Roxy's announcement puts her out of having to do it twice, the duty falls on Angie, since she declared last week she sucks at puzzles. Angie can barely make it through the second leg and pretty much collapses in a useless heap when she and Russell return with the last set of puzzle pieces.

When the Blue Team loses the challenge again and has to go to Tribal Council the second week running, Russell loses it and says he's sick of people claiming they can't do this or that when it comes to the Immunity Challenge. Which seems to be directed at Angie and Roxy both.

Of course, the minute they get back to camp Roxy starts on her Get Angie campaign going on about how ridiculous it was that someone as young as her just wasn't physically able to do the challenge, forgetting all about the fact that Angie did more than she did, after she declared she couldn't do two legs because she hadn't drunk enough water.

At Tribal Council Jeff, per usual, is trying to stir up some tribal trouble. Roxy is still going on about Malcolm and Angie being a couple, and acts grossed out when Malcolm says he just thinks of Angie as a little sister. That there's nothing romantic going on. She also complains that when they get back from tribal their expected to do some work at camp and basically thinks if they don't do any work they'll win at tribal council. Denise doesn't agree with that. Apparently, it doesn't occur to Roxy if they don't do any work they won't have a fire to try and keep them warm or food to feed themselves. Jeff also makes a lot over Angie giving a silly answer to one of his questions. When Jeff asked what she could change at her tribe she said she'd like cookies. Not exactly a very game-worthy comment.

Anyway, much to Roxy's chagrin, she's voted out and her torch is snuffed out. Even Russell voted against her. Which is odd since he said he thought he was sunk without her. Although, maybe Denise told him she was voting Roxy out, so he went along with the way Denise was voting.

Over at the Red Team's camp, Jonathan was chomping at the bit to go searching for the Immunity Idol, but because of the rain everyone was staying in camp and he couldn't search it. Suddenly, they all decide to go to a cave. From a comment made, I think they were just giving Jonathan enough rope to hang themselves, since when the rest of the tribe sans Jonathan were at the cave, one of them said something like they should have given him enough time. Then Dawson comes back and asks what Jonathan is looking for and he lies he's looking for his lens.

Jonathan ultimately figures out the Immunity Idol is the ornament on top of the rice container and he uses his knife to pry it off, thrilled he know has an Immunity Idol to protect him. And judging by the way his tribe feels about him it looks like he's going to need it.

Over at the Yellow Team Lisa is still persona non grata. When she goes off into the jungle to have a cry because she feels like an outsider and she knows she's not fitting in, RC and Abi tell the others she's obviously off looking for the Immunity Idol.

RC and Abi also have some problems in their alliance of two. RC finds the clue to the location of the Immunity Idol and she shares it with Abi to show she trusts her, however Abi thinks RC had no choice because she found her looking at something. Abi also doesn't like how close RC is with Michael. She even confronts RC and threatens her. She basically says if she screws her over she's dead to her.

During the Immunity Challenge Lisa is instrumental in helping the Yellow Team take first place. The question is will it win her any points with her tribe who see her as enemy number one?


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