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Survivor Philippines -- Denise Targets Artis

Updated on November 16, 2012

Lisa, this is how you make a plan work

I guess the big question as we start this episode is can the Tandang remain strong and pick off Kalabaw one-by-one or will Kalabaw be able to get Lisa and Mike to break from the terrible trio of Pete, Artis and Abi-Normal.

Not helping the Terrible Trio is Abi-Normal, who immediately accuses Mike of voting for her. Jonathan is more than happy to tell her it was him who voted for her. After that she’s even more determined than ever that Jonathan must go. It’s nothing personal, of course, even though everything is personal with this chick. She also makes Lisa feel bad for trying to make a move, while both Jonathan and Malcolm tell her she has nothing to feel bad about because she was just playing the game.

Reward Challenge –

The tribe is divided into 2 teams, again. Apparently, the teams picked who they wanted on their team, and no one picks Abi-Normal. Once again she gets to sit out of a challenge. One team consists of: Jonathan, Denise, Malcolm and Carter. The other team consists of: Artis, Pete, Lisa and Mike.

One person from each team will crawl through the mud looking for a bag of balls. There’s four bags of balls, meaning each team member will take a turn at finding a bag. When all four bags have been retrieved, the team needs to throw balls into a basket. First team that gets all 12 balls into the basket wins the reward.

The reward is to bring toys to a village for the children and they’ll be cooking dinner for them in thanks.

Jonathan gives his team a leg up by finding all four bags in the mud before moving on to the finish, so the other team mates will have no trouble finding them. The other team doesn’t follow suit and lags behind.

Jonathan, Denise, Malcolm and Carter ultimately win the reward. The reward makes Malcolm recall how much he’s always enjoyed working with kids. It may have helped to put him on a new career path.

Artis and Pete pissed they lost challenge. Pete wants to keep Mike and Lisa on their side, but dumb Abi-Normal may screw it up. Artis thinks Abi-Normal is a loose cannon and is going to ruin everything. Lisa not sure if she should stick with Tandang after how horrible Abi-Normal was to her after tribal council.

Immunity Challenge –

Each player balances an over-sized paddle on a stand. First person to get 6 balls on their paddle wins immunity. It comes down to Mike vs. Pete. Mike wins immunity when he gets all his balls on his paddle while all of Pete’s fall off.

Artis is hopeful that now they can get Jonathan out. Abi-Normal says she wishes she could be voting off Mike because he’s annoying. Has she looked in the mirror? Now that’s annoying.

Denise comes up with the plan to vote off Artis. Denise says the plan hinges on Lisa and Mike flipping on Tandang. But will Lisa? Lisa wants to be loyal to Tandang. Jonathan says we viewers won’t be happy if Lisa helps the three bullies win [Artis, Abi-Normal and Pete]. Mike won’t commit to turning on Tandang. He wants to know what Lisa’s going to do, but she doesn’t know.

At tribal council, Abi-Normal not happy that Lisa didn’t feel she showed grace to her. Abi-Normal questions Lisa’s loyalty. And with that, big mouth may have caused a shift in the game.

Artis voted out. Lisa, even after what Abi-Normal said to her, remains loyal to Tandang. However, Mike decides to jump ship and vote with Kalabaw. Denise is thrilled that the balance has shifted. Of course, the question remains, what is it going to take for Lisa to jump ship so Kalabaw can pick-off Abi-Normal and Pete next?


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