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Survivor Philippines -- Don't Oversell Your Case

Updated on October 4, 2012

It's Russell Vs. Angie

In this episode at the Masting/Blue tribe, it’ll come down to a choice between Angie and Russell. At the Tandang/Yellow tribe Lisa will get a chance to finally turn things around for herself. And at the Kalabaw/Red tribe, Jonathan will try to make an alliance with one of his biggest enemies in the tribe.

We’ll start with the Yellow team. RC and Abi are still having trust issues, but RC has no clue just how bad they are. As soon as RC is off swimming with Mike complaining about Abi’s paranoia, she’s off backstabbing RC with Peter. She tells Peter about the clue RC found to find the immunity idol and wants him to help her find it before RC does. Peter, in turn, approaches Lisa about giving Mike the boot, revealing she’s the one who everyone has targeted to be the first to go. Lisa would rather get rid of RC, but she’s for anything that will save herself. The irony in this is Abi-normal was the biggest voice for giving Lisa the boot.

While the rest of Tandang is out in the water looking for clams, Peter and Abi find the immunity idol. Now they just have to wait for the chance to enact their plan to get rid of Mike.

During the immunity challenge Mike makes another enemy in Artis. Mike wouldn’t let Artis dive with the face mask, but used it himself and ended up breaking it. He feels it’s Mike’s fault they didn’t come in first and wants him gone.

Truth is Mike is a walking wound. I’m surprised the guy doesn’t get a wound just breathing. During the immunity challenge he managed to cut his face. Sending him on his way might be for his own good.

Over at the Red Team, Dana notices the top from the rice box is missing and Jeff figures it was the immunity idol and that Jonathan has it. He’s kicking himself for not checking out something so obvious. He decides not to confront Jonathan about having the idol in hopes they can blindside him. However, things take a sudden turn when Jonathan decides to try and make an alliance with Jeff by admitting he has the idol. They even shake on it, but Jeff says it doesn’t count because he only used four fingers. Kind of like crossing your fingers behind your back. Unless you use all five, Jeff doesn’t consider it a true promise. He says he’ll ultimately do what’s best for Jeff.

Meanwhile, at the dwindling Matsing tribe, Russell feels Roxy was right. However, he realized Denise had hitched her wagon to Malcolm, so he felt he had no choice but to vote the way she was going to vote. Denise also feel threatened by the Malcolm/Angie bond, but is going to try and trust Malcolm was telling the truth that it isn’t a romance. As for Malcolm, he ceases cuddling with Angie poste haste.

This week’s Immunity Challenge is another puzzle. It’s really getting ridiculous having three puzzles in a row. A member of the team has to dive under water and retrieve a puzzle wheel. There are 8 wheels to retrieve. Malcolm and Denise do most of the work. Angie will only do it once and Russell comes back on his second attempt without a piece. Russell will have no cause to call anyone out when he’s part of the reason the Blue Team loses again and has to go to tribal.

The minute they get back to camp, while Russell goes off by himself praying, Angie goes to work on Malcolm and Denise, proclaiming she would have gone for another puzzle piece. Then she keeps pointing out Russell’s poor performance at the challenge. Ultimately, it may be not knowing when to shut up that is her ultimate undoing, because she keeps going on and on and on about it.

At tribal council Russell and Angie throw each other under the bus; only Russell is better at it than Angie, who me makes cry. Ultimately, Denise and Malcolm decide they have a better chance to win with Russell and send Angie on her way.

So this week's lesson on what not to do on Survivor is don't oversell your case. Put forth your case and let it lay, don't continue to beat your tribe mates over the head with it, because it'll become overkill.


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